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On a slightly different note does anyone find recent silly unnecessary mistakes annoying? In "Revenge" Tony said that Le Grenouille blew up his car. Not sure if he ever actually admitted it, but wasn't it assumed that Trent Kort was responsible, in any case it certainly wasn't Le Grenouille. Last week in "Double Blind" Tony says that he dropped Ziva at the airport, he didn't - he saw her off at the airport, bringing her gum and magazines. I'm probably just being pedantic but I just find it a little irritating particularly when made by the character who knows better - takes me out of the moment. Just saying…..


@Doug Wolfe: Good points; however, wasn't Gibbs and Co. specifically told to back off the investigation, that DOJ would take over, or am not remembering things correctly? If I'm right, everyone is accountable, especially Ziva, primarily for going rogue.


@gatorgal: Vance gave Ziva the unofficial "glance of approval" but never stated anything in so many words. So he has plausible deniability.

@MCAL: I think you're right. Once Bodnar attacked, Ziva was legally in defence mode. TBTB can guess and extrapolate motives 'till the cows come home (he attacked first because he felt threatened by Ziva holding the gun to him without stating he was under arrest; or she didn't have time to state her business before he physically attacked her, etc. etc.) At any rate, there's nothing there for DHS or anyone else hang their hat on. Ziva seems free and clear despite the fact she has a motive for killing him.


Well, Ziva did learn from Gibbs. He killed a man in cold blood (Pedro Hernandez) and has never paid for that crime. Nor has Vance, who hid the report. Nor has Abby, who has knowledge of the report and never told anyone higher up about it (i.e. Sec Nav) I for one am glad that this is coming back around to Gibbs. I love Gibbs, but if you all want Ziva punished then the higher ups (Gibbs, Vance) should be punished first.



you are missing the point

“We continue to step it out the way we do because it is fun to tease people. The dynamic of will they–won’t they is the fun of the BEGINNING OF A RELATIONSHIP."

Beginning of a Relationship:
you talk, flirt, go out and kiss.


It should matter, MCAL, if you like your heroes to uphold the law, and not set up "give me a reason" scenarios to exact selfish revenge and become judge, jury, and executioner. Ziva shouldn't even have been working the case, let alone sneaking around, just looking for a chance to kill Bodnar and get her revenge.


Rule 12 will not be broken in the season ender. First, because the episode will be focused on Gibbs as he and, perhaps, the entire team will be fighting for their careers. Tiva seems awfully trivial to me considering what's at stake. Second, as gatorgal pointed out, it's Glasberg's intent to continue to tease Tiva. He thinks it's fun to do so. I don't. I'm sick of it. I was done wanting Tiva a few years back. It's gotten old and tiring and I'm not amused by the trick, especially knowing that Glasberg has no intention of doing more than a few Tiva moments here and there (some which don't even make any sense) while showing no inclination to go into Rule 12 territory.


You all are forgetting that Vance gave Ziva the go-ahead to take Bodnar on her own, with that one look. She was following orders as much as she was seeking revenge. And Gibbs knew about it and was on board. Did you not notice how quickly he said "no" when Tony asked him if he had seen the new bruises on Ziva's hands? Homeland said stay away, so Vance (and Gibbs) decided they would only use Ziva and keep Tony and McGee out of it. That's how I saw it anyway.


It doesn't really matter anymore though. As soon as Bodner attacked first, his death was an act of self-defense on Ziva's part.


Actually, SAM, Ziva did not identify herself as a federal agent. She did not tell Bodnar he was under arrest. She did yell "stop" when Bodnar ran, but did not do so under the authority of an NCIS agent. She was there for revenge, and she wasn't protecting anybody, unless you think Ziva thought going by herself was safer than at least 4 NCIS agents going together (which would say more about Ziva's faulty thought process than anything else because as federal agents they willingly place themselves in harms way all the time), but, hey, if Ziva feels like her team members can't handle an arrest, maybe she should become a special team of one and save everyone every week (Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman anyone?)

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