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So I'm assuming Community isn't a full season and it's another 13-episode pickup if they haven't scheduled it? I see that is a good/bad. I was hoping the new staff would be allowed the opportunity to go at it knowing it got picked up. I guess the good is, if it's just 13-episodes, it would be cheaper for NBC and for the die-hard fans, we might get "six seasons".


Jay and JasonR,
Parenthood at Thursdays at 10 is probably the best place for the show. Every. single. show. since ER has crashed and burned there. Parenthood is incredibly stable, and if it can pull around the same numbers it did on Tuesdays. It'll be absolutely golden.

If there's more interest I'll for sure write up an armchair schedule analysis when all the schedules are released.


*puts on scheduling hat*

@joyeful - Hannibal is still being decided upon. Grimm was sent to Tuesdays this season to shore up May sweeps after the spectacular failure of Ready for Love; Community is merely a known quantity with a cult fanbase, and NBC is going to use it to plug the unavoidable failures.

Hey girl


you're absolutely right.


Parenthood will not make it another season in that time slot. It's like NBC wants it to fail.


ChristinA, I bet abc moves scandal to 9.


Parenthood will be up against Scandal now. That's not cool.


So they are moving Revolution, which is one of the better shows NBC has, wednesdays opposite Arrow on CW, which is a HUGE success same with the follow up Supernatural (which still is AWESOME). Smart.


Where's Chicago PD? They didn't pick it up? I'm confused.


Okay, so NBC...

1)...decided it was a great idea to move Grimm - which was holding its own on Friday - to Tuesdays for THREE FREAKIN' EPISODES and then park it back on Friday, when they had other shows *cough*Hannibal*cough* that actually could have used a better lead-in.

2)...renewed Community but left it off the schedule. Again.

3)...still can't make up its mind about Hannibal, which is arguably their best drama, and left that off the schedule too.

So either they're expecting some of their pickups to fail miserably and replace them with their omissions, or they have no idea what they're doing. Oh NBC. What a hot, freakin mess.

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