Grey's Anatomy Episode Preview: Brace Yourselves

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After the events of last night's episode (see our Grey's Anatomy review for a full discussion of "Do You Believe in Magic?") it's all come down to this. Two stormy episodes to wrap up Season 9.

Clearly, this storm isn't going to miss Grey-Sloan MH at the last minute, either.

As you've likely read in our Grey's Anatomy spoilers section, and you can see in the preview below, the hospital staff must prepare for a massive weather disaster in Seattle. Meanwhile:

  • Owen yearns to be a dad as he bonds with Ethan
  • Meredith and her unborn baby are put in peril
  • Jo turns to Alex during a crisis

Check out the first promo for "Readiness is All" below ...

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Maybe I'm getting old , but is the background music way too loud? Writers need a break? Hate it.


If I had one wish for Grey's Anatomy, it would be to tone down the music so I can hear the conversations! During every great moment, the music comes blaring, the voices drop and I am let wondering what the heck just happened. Music should be in the background not blasting out the actors dialog. The series is about the doctors, not the music.

Spindae 2o

This looks really good and intense! I hope some Major things happen! And Shonda let Our Dreamy baby alone! It needs to be save and blessed!


Can they please kill this Owen and need to be a father? It's literally a repeat of Mark and Lexie back in seasons 6 and 7 when he wanted a baby and she didn't. Yeah, she didn't want one because she was too young at the time, but Cristina doesn't want one full stop.
Though I’ve warmed up to Jo, I feel as though the reason Shonda's pulled this is so people will pity the character and find a way to sympathize and like her. Classic strategy when a fan favorite is getting with a not-so fan favorite. Still, they could have allowed Alex to just win Jo's heart instead of beat a guy to a pulp and just make Alex look even worse than him. Explains why a cop will be showing up at Grey-Sloan Memorial.
As for Meredith, really? She falls flat on her stomach on stairs and rolls down them? OF COURSE she's got to injure herself and the baby. It only EVER happens to Meredith and ANYONE else who's ever been pregnant in a Shonda show.


It's going to be awesome!

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