Defiance Review: Girls and Guns

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"The Serpent's Egg" continued the trend of excellent Defiance episodes. We got to learn more about Irisa’s background and see more of her and Tommy – a lot more!

Let start this it out with a bang, just like how Irisa and Tommy ended the episode. I know that was a horrible, but someone had to do it, (just like Tommy and Irisa). Zing! (Okay, I’m really done now.)

Going to Prison

Honestly, it was really cute to see Tommy and Irisa ravaging each other. Well, it was mostly Irisa doing the ravaging at the beginning. Apparently Irathient women have no problem making the first move. Who knew? 

Tommy, I hope you know what you’re getting into. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Irisa, but she is 10 pounds  of crazy in a five pound sack and if I have one rule in life its: “never sleep with crazy." It never ends well. 

Then again, Tommy did mention that she wasn’t the only one with nightmares, so maybe he has his own crazy under the surface that will make them the cutest couple ever. I’m not betting on it, I’m guessing there will be some awkward avoidance of each other as Irisa tries to figure out how to handle the feelings she has for Tommy. 

Speaking of feelings, it was awesome to see Nolan and Irisa’s first meeting where he saved her. The girl playing young Irisa did a great job of mimicking the mannerism that Stephanie Leonidas has put into the character; I completely believed it was the same Irisa when she leaped into Nolan’s arms.

This episode also featured my other favorite Irathient, Rynn. I had a feeling that we had not seen the last of Rynn and, given that the Mayor has released her "with time served," I’m hopeful she will turn up again. 

I was impressed that when she let herself go the second time, she simply ran from the bus. But then came back to help Nolan because she still has her honor. I wonder if Ziggy, the husband that caught a ride with her, will end up staying.

It would be a very ironic twist of fate for her to end up with a human companion given how much she hated humanity early on. Either way, here's hoping that we see Rynn again as an ally. 

As with Rynn, I have strong feeling that Ambassador Tennety from Earth Alliance will be back. Okay, her getting the handcuffs off and heading back to work made it obvious; I’m just saying she’s going to be Amanda and Nolan’s personal thorn in their side. 

In conclusion, I’m giving this episode 4.6 strong Irathient women in honor of Irisa and Rynn. What did you think of the episode? Do you like the format of not showing all the characters, but focusing on a few? Did you miss Datak Tarr this week?

The Serpent's Egg Review

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Defiance Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Nolan: Now, can trust you to be good girl and behave yourself while I'm gone?
Irisa: Probably not.
Nolan: There's my girl.

Nolan: You want me to go after the Irath?
Amanda: I'm letting her off with time served.
Nolan: Can you do that?
Amanda: I just did. So let's assume "yes".