Defiance Review: Ghost of The Past

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It’s become clearer each week that the relationship Nolan and Irisa possess is deeper and more complex than what you get at first glance. 

"Brothers In Arms" added another layer to this as we learned that Nolan had help saving Irisa and that it was luck that landed Eddie in prison and Nolan with a daughter instead of the other way around. 

As for Irisa, as I suspected last week, things are awkward with her and Tommy. Okay, just with Tommy at least, as he attempted to continue their relationship and she shut him down pretty hard. I doubt we've heard the last of it, but for now things are mostly cooling off.

Nolan's Buddy

This is true for Nolan and Kenya too, which surprises me. Given that he helped save her life, I would have guessed she would have latched on to him more not pushing him away. But this is Kenya we are talking about. I’m assuming she has grown up keeping everyone (even Amanda) at arm’s length, which would explain why the idea of falling in love would revolt her so much. 

As for Amanda, it appears we got a glimpse into her romantic past; the new E-Rep office certainly seemed to know her pretty well when he came in. I only wish we could have gotten a little more info on their history. It was like smelling chocolate and only finding empty cupcake wrappers in the kitchen - so frustrating! 

Paul Madus was a great catalyst for a lot of characters. After his conversation with Dr. Yewll, I not only wanted to learn more about the events that he mentioned, but I honestly thought she had slipped him the powder to get out. Imagine my shock when Eddie slipped another packet out of his boot at the end after being arrested. 

Eddie was an interesting "Yin" to Paul Madus' "Yang." Just when I thought he was going to turn Nolan into the crime-boss in the Bay Area for the reward, he stepped up and went to jail for him so he could stay with Irisa. For the second time he’s heading to prison to keep Irisa and Nolan safe. He's a bit of a conundrum wrapped in an enigma and I doubt we've seen the last of him. 

Beyond that, though he also showed us where Nolan might have ended up had Irisa not been in his life. Apparently having children (even adopted Irathient ones) changes your life. I’m glad to see that “No-man” Nolan has tempered his ways. Now I just wonder if Irisa will ever learn the true meaning behind the nickname. 

Finally, we have Quentin McCawley strangling a man with his bare hands while the image of his brother Luke supports and encourages him. Anyone else see a pattern of a McCawley owning the artifact and then going bat-crap crazy? Here's hoping that Rafe can step in before he loses another son. 

Overall, it was another very enjoyable episode, as we got just a little bit of Datak Tarr, who tipped off Nolan by being nice to him. I’m giving the episode 4.6 shots of whiskey for Uncle Eddie. What did you think? Do you like the way the show is going? 

Brothers In Arms Review

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