Castle Season 5 Report Card: A-

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With a long, hot summer looming ahead, TV Fanatic is going back and grading the best - and worst - of the 2012-2013 season. 

Having submitted our report cards for The Mentalist Season 5 and Once Upon a Time Season 2, we're taking out our proverbial red pen and moving on. It's time to grade this season of Castle.

Did Kate and Rick's romance work for you? Did the season finale leave you yelling at your TV? Check out our report and then tell us what you thought about Castle Season 5.

Caskett Sighting

Best Episode:  "Still"  Yes, it was a clip show but is was the best damn clip show ever! Watching all of the love, laughs, and drama from all five seasons was a treat. Having Castle stand by Kate even as a the bomb ticked down was a bonus. Finally hearing Beckett tell him she loved him and that they were just beginning…sigh. I'll be rewatching this episode all summer long.

Worst Episode:  "Swan Song" While there were some fans that enjoyed this episode's unique mockumentary style, I felt the entire concept fell flat. Watching Castle and Esposito mugging for the cameras while Beckett and Ryan shyly tried to avoid them worked…for about the first ten minutes. Then it quickly became an annoying gimmick and I found myself wishing it would all be over.

Biggest Improvement:  Caskett. After four long seasons of its audience wishing, hoping, and begging, the show finally made our dynamic duo an official couple.  Nothing was better than watching these two smile at one another over their coffees…while in bed. It's about damn time.

Most Frustrating Moment:  Plenty, I'm afraid. The most annoying thing about this show is that these two incredibly intelligent, likable characters rarely talk to one another.  At times it feels as though every important conversation gets interrupted never to be finished. Like in "After Hours" when Castle begins to address Kate's concerns about them being so different only to be cut off.  And did anyone else have their fingers crossed during "Significant Others" hoping that Kate would find out that Meredith cheated on Castle during their marriage?  It's the missed opportunities on Castle that make me crazy.

Character We Saw in a Whole New Light:  Detective Kevin Ryan. Yes, Ryan has always been adorable and good at his job. We love his bromance with Esposito and his relationship with Jenny, but "The Wild Rover" was a revelation.  Who knew Kevin Ryan could be such a bad ass? In one episode he went from sweet sidekick to an undercover cop with a dangerous streak. Seriously hot!

Character We Need to See More Of:  Dr. Lanie Parsh. It's been five seasons. Why don't we know more about this sassy, sexy lady besides she's Kate's best friend and Esposito's on again/off again booty call?  Lanie Parish is far too dynamic to be kept in the background.

Hopes for 2013:

  • Less Fear:  Or at least have them deal with their fears together. I have loved Kate Beckett since Castle's season one premiere but even I found her frustrating over the last few episodes. Deep down, Kate is afraid that the moment she's all in, Castle will get bored and leave. And Castle has kept things status quo all season because he's terrified that if he pushes for more he'll scare her off. I get it…but that doesn't make it fun to watch.  No matter what the answer is to the proposal at the end of "Watershed" I'm hoping it pushes these two to open up and face their fears…together.
  • More Down Time:  Yes, I know Castle is a crime procedural but to be honest, I don't tune in for the murder of the week. It's the characters that keep me coming back for more and the scenes I love the most are the casual scenes outside of the precinct. Let's see the gang hanging out at the Olde Haunt or another poker game at the loft where Martha can flirt with Esposito.  Those type of scenes from season 1 were huge fun and I miss them.
  • More Romance:  There were some episodes where we didn't even see our favorite couple holding hands and more kisses were cut short than completed.  Thankfully things picked up over the last few episodes and I hope that's a trend going forward. I'm not asking for sex scenes (although I honestly wouldn't complain) but it's the small, intimate moments that make this show and this couple such a joy to watch.

Castle Season 5 Report Card:  A-

Now it's YOUR turn Castle fans. Grade the past 24 episodes:

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sniper. AND Stana Katic didn't appear at paley fest *I meant this 5th season is tied with season 2 as my 2nd favorite. Castle unfortunately, aside from the first season where the conflict was most believable. Is a bit overdramatic imo at the end of seasons, and seems to force conflicts a bit too much. They could say the same thing, without trying to stir the pot. But stirring the pot gets ratings, I think.


I loved this season. I still think season 1 is the best. I have it tied with season 2 as the second best. I found the romance amusing. They both have the unnecessary relationship turmoil to end those seasons. I also didn't like the the squab and the quail, and the placement with still was weird. I think the writers were going for the guy was really charming but beckett pushed him away. And have it question her relationship with castle of the "honeymooning" stage revolving around sex. Obviously Castle and Beckett have always had issues communicating or it wouldn't have taken them 4 years to officially become a couple. It wasn't done well thought. I liked the last two episodes finale, but they were weaker episodes. Like a lot of the seasons. They forced a cliffhanger, by making things too dramatic and vague. I mean, season 2. Becket gets a boyfriend despite not having one all season right before realizing she likes castle. Season 3 Becket gets shot in the heart by a short range sniper, looks dead and stana doesn't appear at paleyfest. It probably helps with ratings though...


Danny G Count me in. Though I was going to suggest a torch bearing mob, but maybe later.


The Squab and The Quail HATERS ANONYMOUS membership roster. Sign on now while membership is still free (just copy and paste and add your name): 1) Tonya
2) karkar
3) castlefan
4) mrrz
5) Danny G


Im back, Tonya , make me #2 on your "Squab and the Quail Haters anonymous membership"


I've said it before,Beckett is more confused then ever! She needs to see her therapist, and move past all her insecurities and fears. I agree with Tonya,that Nathan is holding back. He kisses Stana like a brother and sister would kiss. The chemistry is gone! What is going on with him and Stana?
Hopes for season 6: passionate kissing and more communication between Caskett! But to quote Marlowe last year:"relationships are tricky things and they don't always go the way you want them to."


This could be really funny to see how well our support group does. Lets try this. Anyone who wants to join, please add your list number and your "handle" on this site and post it as a comment. Don' forget the header: The Squab and The Quail HATERS ANONYMOUS membership roster 1) Tonya


Support group is a fun idea and I'm in:) I rated it A, for sake of the first 21 episodes. I understand it cannot be only romance, there should be ups and downs in their relationship. But the last 3 episodes were downs for Beckett character only and were out of the blue, cheap drama. That's sad. I feel so sorry for Castle. For both who he has become and for the position he is in. Same for Kate, i feel sorry for her too. But in a different way. A distant sorry for someone who's non-likable.


great support group , I am in!


Danny G, I love the idea of a support group, call it "TSTQ Haters Anonymous." I believe that to be one of the worst episodes in all of television. Like I said before, I have never been upset enough by a stupid TV show to want to write a letter to the writers. It bewilders me why the show has ANY stars on sites that review these episodes. I give it -3 stars. I also wonder sometimes why the writers don't see the obvious trend: the highest rated episodes are the ones with the most/best romance between C&B !!! They don't seem to respond to what the fans want. You know what we want so you give us the 3 most awful episodes in Castle's history back to back?

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Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.


Castle: The fact that you even think that breaks my heart. I would walk into a tornado for you, Kate.
Beckett: And I would die if I lost you.