Blue Bloods Review: A Life Without Hope

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"The Bitter End"was just that. Bitter, as we had to watch a good Officer who had escaped the projects be gunned down in them anyway.  

But it started with a suicide. How horrifying that a mother could be that hopeless for her son's future that she'd rather jump off a rooftop with him than try to find a way to escape. Noni's parents had been killed. Her baby's father was a drug dealer who would never leave the gang and would drag her son down the same path.  

Attempted Suicide Call

Noni's despair was so great that she saw no other way out than death.

But how do you fight generations of hatred and fear.  No one had that answer but Frank was right, that doesn't mean you stop trying. 

I understood the DA's unofficial policy just as Erin did. Without a victim's testimony the odds of a conviction were weak and as usual, funds are always limited.

But Frank was equally right. That policy meant that poor people who lived in unsafe neighborhoods would have to risk their lives and those of their families to have their day in court. The policy's intent may not have been discriminatory but its reality certainly was.

As Frank was quick to point out in this Blue Bloods quote...

Frank: Doing the right thing may be hard but it sure as hell isn't complicated. | permalink

I appreciated that Frank tried to take Erin's advice and use a little more honey than vinegar to persuade the mayor to see his point of view.  I was extremely disappointed when Grace didn't come through for him.  There's could have been a beautiful friendship.

In the end it took the death of a good cop to bring about change. I had really grown to like Vinny Cruz and he made a good partner for Jamie. They were different enough to keep things interesting but respected one another to where they worked well together.  He will be missed.

At the end of this episode were the words To Be Continued, which can only mean this story is far from over.  

As we head into the Blue Bloods season 3 finale, I think we need to be ready for just about anything.

The Bitter End Review

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Doing the right thing may be hard but it sure as hell isn't complicated.