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I'm sorry Oliver went with Laurel, and so soon. He had just told Tommy that Tommy and Laurel should be together, then he goes around and sleeps with Laurel, and Tommy sees? Not good. Not good at all. Plus I can't believe Laurel is still so forgiving. I don't think I could be if my boyfriend slept with my sister and got her killed. I was surprised at Laurel, and she had recently broken off with Tommy too. It just shows that Tommy was right, and that once she knew something different about Oliver she would go running back to him. Tommy sure called it. I'm kind of disappointed.


don't you dare compare the writing of this show,too the far superior Nikita


Does anyone here have any thoughts about the Legs - as in whose legs ordered the downing of the commercial flight when Oliver was on the island, and evidently has Edward Fyers at her beck & call? I know everyone's first thought must have been "Moira!" But, if not her, who else would we recognize at this late juncture? There aren't very many other female characters with influence & gravitas on this show who fit the timeline (as in, they weren't in college at the time) except...Dinah Lance. Speculation is most welcome!


Favorite line: "Hi, Roy. I'm the disapproving older brother."

If anything will kill Thea's love life, it's Roy finding out the Vigilante is Oliver. LOL!


@ Tom
@ Grimmfan#10
..... I agree with both of you on the Oliver/Laurel pairing. The 2 together are okay but they just don't have the chemistry that Oliver/Felicity have. I put this down to the Actresses though.... it's unfortunate that we couldn't switch them so that they are playing the others part.....

Poor Tommy....his end scene last night was sooo well acted

I hope we get to see Shado and Slade in Sterling City next season...(didn't see the Yao Fei death

Diggle does a great Hood!

Moria/Walter....Moria got what she deserved

WOW I could go on and on ...... this show just keeps getting better and better and BETTER!!!!!


This show never disappoints. My burning question is about the writing staff. How is it that some shows get the gift of fantastic writing and other shows like The Following, Revolution, Body of Proof and Nikita (at times) to name a few get the half baked idiots in the writers pool?

Lots of surprises. RIP Yao Fei. FINALLY Laurel and Oliver finally together. However, that being said, I'd really like to see Oliver and Felicity hook up. She's smokin hot! Now each hood knows who the other is ... hmmmm .... me thinks that this will prove to be vehreeeee Interesting.


To everyone asking the question about why Oliver went to Laurel, refer to his prior scene with Diggle. Oliver, in another episode, had made it clear that as long as he was "The Hood", he and Laurel could not be together for her own protection. In this episode, just before he went to Laurel, he came to the realization that his father's mission was not to take down the names on the list one by one, but to stop the Undertaking itself. He implied to Diggle (which Diggle picked up on) that he was finished with his alter ego. To affirm that inference that he was done with the 'Arrow' part of his plan, he felt free to be with Laurel so he went over to her apartment to seal the deal.


Felicity and Ollie have way more chemistry than Ollie and Laurel. They where so cute in the elevator together. Love Digs he looks just as good in the leather as Ollie! Arrow and POI have the best fight scenes on tv by far. Malcolm and Ollie are great together. I would rather see more of them than the island stuff. Ollie needs to train more! Next week looks really good.


@TMT - It would take a looong time, and possibly some chemical alterations, for Tommy Merlyn to become the Dark Archer even within 2 years IMO. The guy has NO fighting skills. Laurel Lance is more lethal than he is. You would have thought his father would have insisted he train in martial arts to defend himself because of what happened to his mother. But, he has shown zero ability in that area.

This brings me to a slight nitpick: Malcolm Merlyn should not be able to take down the Vigilante. I don't care how long he's trained. Oliver is younger than him by 20+ years, has quicker reflexes, & 20% less body fat. Oliver brought down Merlyn's entire security force by himself to free Walter last week mostly in hand-to-hand combat. Does not compute. But, I understand the need to make it seem like he could for dramatic purposes.


One hour is not enough for this show! I always come to the end of an episode, and think, "NO! I want more!" EXCELLENT episode! The only part that was unclear to me was why Oliver even went to Laurel mere hours after he encouraged Tommy to not end his relationship with her. What changed? Still, I don't feel that sorry for Tommy. He *did* dump her with the flimsiest of reasons. Agree w/DJ below that Laurel needs better window coverings. You'd think a daughter of a cop with a pump shotgun in her bedroom would know better.

To the reviewer: Shado is too young to have trained Malcolm Merlyn. He went overseas after his wife was murdered, when Oliver & Tommy were kids. It's possible Yao Fei might have trained him, which would be ironic. But, did you catch the possibility that Roy might be the son of Oliver's island companion, Slade Wilson? That's the impression I got.

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