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Two and a Half Men Review: BAZINGA!

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Two and A Half Men returned this week, with a bang, as Jake brought both trouble and a great many laughs home with him.

The head chef came back after a split with Tammy. First off, how awesome is it that Jake is in charge of actual human beings?!? That is a huge step, although he is not handling the job well, instructing his subordinates to do nasty things with food. Typical Jake, of course. He even gave a shout out to the The Big Bang Theory by dropping a "rad" on "Bazinga! That's From a TV Show."

Tammy Is Furious

That aside, let us get to the main event: Jake cheated on Tammy with her daughter, Ashley. Yes, you read that right.

Jake got that "elusive mother-daughter combo," as Walden eloquently put it in the way only he can.

However, that was not even the most screwed up part of the evening. Ashley’s older, creepy car salesman boyfriend (Scott Bakula) proposed to her and even added a new Mercedes to boot. Oh, and Walden hooked up with Tammy. All this seems like it took place on an episode of Jerry Springer, but I like said before, it provided a lot of laughs. Isn't that all that matters?

It is no coincidence that the best episodes this season are those that have featured a Jake-centric storyline. Let's just hope that he sticks around for a long time and let's hope the gang from Malibu sticks around as well.


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