The Vampire Diaries Season Finale: First Look!

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On May 16, Vampire Diaries fans will be treated to a haunted graduation, as ghosts invade the festivities in Mystic Falls.

What else can fans expect from the season-ender, aside from what's sure to be a crazy cliffhanger?

TV Guide has published the first photo from the episode, which appears to show a highlight-free Elena tending to a wounded Damon. And actually looking concerned!

Does this mean Elena's humanity has returned? Do Stefan and Damon's torturous ways pay off on "She's Come Undone?" And what, exactly, is wrong with Damon?

So many questions, so many answers to (hopefully) come. For now, let your own theories fly and check out the first photo from The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale:

Vampire Diaries Season Finale Photo

[Credit: The CW, TV Guide]

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damon is sooo much better tan stefan he can leave and give delena some real time together


I think that Damon had to give up his love Katherine,so let him win Elena,he is so in love with her.I think Caroline should be with Stephen.Becca with Matt.,and bring Jeremy back for Bonnie! I love this show ,never miss an episode.


I think Elena and Stephan are like the true love couple!! And the love triangle between the Salvatore brothers and Elena is the perfect show drama!! Give Stelena a chance!!


I believe that the reason there was not many Delena scenes was because they wasn't suppose to happen anyway. The relationship was doomed the first day he set his bulging eyes on Elena. He eye fucked his brothers girl, he popped up in her bedroom at night stroking her face while she slept, he got in her face telling her that she dreams about him and wanted to kiss her, he tricked Caroline to get into her house so that he could have access, and I could go on and on with all the little tricks he did to that girl while she and Stefan were falling in love and trying to protect each other & their family & friends. If Damon had not infiltrated himself in Stefans business, I would have a little more respect for Damon & would probably see him with Elena. But I will never, ever feel that he deserves the girl. "Never"!!


Hopefully Elena is back with Stefan by the end of this season! Forget Damon, he's an idiot.


no way of STELENA! i'm DELENA FOREVER.. even in REAL LIFE. so KATHERINE is for STEFAN and ELENA is for DAMON. i love @iansomerhalder and @ninadobrev


If the writers are set on bringing Stelena back together (which I think is a huge mistake) then at least wait until the end of season 6. Everyone knows the best way to do a triangle is by giving each pair a fair shot.


Damon and Elena being together in the show will not ruin it. I can see this being a really good thing, possibly even better than Elena's relationship with Stefan if done right. If you think about it Delena never really got a clean shot together. The writers teased us with Delena countless times to later in throw in a wrench like the sire bond. If in season 5 the writers explore an actual relationship between them, it could make the show much more exciting. The good girl/bad boy relationships are fun to watch on any show, why wouldn't it work on this one. This is one of the reasons people ship Klaroline. Writers please just give the triangle a rest for an entire season. I think the writers have Elena bouncing between the brothers way too much. She's been with stefan for most of the show. It only makes sense with her graduating that she stops going for safe (Stefan) and give in to what she really wants, a relationship with Damon. If the writers are set on bringing stelena back together (which I think is a big mistake), please do it near the end of season 6.


Maybe she's feeling a heartbeat???


Stefan is soooo perfect there is nothing wrong with him so all yall really can back off there is nothing wrong with being in love and he is so cute for it they were so perfect and happy together and I hope that's how the story end I love to see them together it makes me happy I will always love Stefan.... but I'm team Stefan and Elena for life
Cutest couple ever :)

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