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Wait, so they were filming all the time even when we didn't know it?

Yes, Phyllis. The documentarians were filming all the time and their parabolic mics picked up all the audio. While completely ridiculous, at least this fact explained why it felt like there wasn't a documentary being filmed at so many times during the series' run.

I understand the filmmakers' need to be thorough, but now that the "Promos" are out - and they seem to be close to airing the finished product - does it make much sense that the cameramen are still following these characters around? Probably not, but we wouldn't have an end to The Office without them.

Watching the Promos

Seeing the bits and pieces of the eponymous YouTube clips was a perfect way to not only make the characters nostalgic of the past, but the viewers as well. Who didn't smile seeing Michael goofing around, Pam and Jim falling in love or Dwight smacking Angela on the butt?

But again, they took something so innately interesting and forced the Pam/Jim/Boom Mic Brian situation into it, ruining it for me. Watching the folks at Dunder Mifflin go from the joy of being on television to just being scared of all the footage they actually got was funny. Oscar and Angela's freak out phone call to the Senator was my favorite.

When Pam paid her visit to Boom Mic Brian's to see how much the crew actually caught, it became frustrating once again. If The Office wanted to create an issue for Jim and Pam, their time apart was enough. Jim can be awkward and feel like he's changing to Pam without the introduction of this third piece of the triangle.

While the B Story with Dwight and Clark surprisingly left a lot to be desired, it was the C Story that stepped up to add some laughs to the pot. Unlike in Cougar Town's Sea Story, where nothing ever happens, this one was shockingly carried by Ryan, not that one.

As far as professional athletes go, I thought Ryan was fantastic. His timing and delivery were great. From "eat fresh" to his reading of the biopic/super hero movie script, he did a great job at acting ridiculous. My favorite moment had to be when he subtly asked Jim and Daryl to get the rights to Darth Vader.

So as the people at Dunder Mifflin wait for the finished product to get released, we wait to see how the rest of The Office plays out. There are only five episodes left, so enjoy it while you can.

Check out some of our other favorite moments from "Promos" below, hit up our The Office quotes section, and then let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments.

  • The highs and lows of Andy reading the YouTube comments was some of Ed Helms' best work in a while.
  • Kevin: I go to the bathroom for 45 minutes and everything changes.
  • Dwight thinks the place where the sun don't shine is a shady grove.
  • Kevin: This is a documentary?  Ohhhh. I always thought we were like specimens in a human zoo.
  • Clark is surprised that Pam fell for Jim and his hair on the early days of The Office.
  • Angela: I bet she'll eat them right out of your hand with those big strong teeth.
    Dwight: Did I tell you about her teeth?
  • Ryan Howard: They kiss. It is super emotional, like in Toy Story.

Promos Review

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The Office Season 9 Episode 18 Quotes

I go to the bathroom for 45 minutes and everything changes.


Dwight: Long term tractor releases can put pressure on a relationship.
Clark: Yeah, a lot of my buddies are going through the same thing right now.