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Fox has already renewed The Following for another 15 episodes next year... And is it really falling much???? I watch every week at least on DVR ( my old Dallas habit dies hard)..


Poke in the eye with a sharp stick or watch "The Following". Unfortunately, I went against conventional wisdom last night and watched "The Following" or perhaps it should be re-titled to "The Insulting".

So far, Ryan has made no headway into finding the cult leader, Joe. Claire is dumber than the proverbial "sack of rocks" by allowing herself to return to Joe's world in expectations that she will somehow convince him to allow her to take their son back to the "real" world. Totally ridiculous.

It really is time for the plug to be pulled before the viewership, which is already dropping like a lead weight to fall into the "cancellation" category. When Ryan doesn't follow the agreement with the S&M lady when she used the code word "red" and allows her to be taken to an old army ammunition bunker and the unfortunate result is that two FBI guys are killed in the process, how can viewers ever have any sympathy for his character? Or is this the new normal for flawed characters?

Writers, move on or move out. Time for a different direction.


hi following followers
i must report that alas i've given up on this program. i didn't watch last night's episode. i don't care about any of the characters. kevin bacon and annie parisi are excellent actors and i find their talent is wasted on this show. annie was great in person of interest (my favorite program)and kevin is a fine film actor. that being said, i give up on 'The Following'. just my humble opinion.


5. If Joe is really an evil genius with deep insight into human psychology, he can't believe that Claire will ever love him again. He can believe, however, that he can torture her into pretending that she does. And, being a sadist, he can have a lot of fun. And there's always the Stockholm Syndrome ... On the other hand, Joe seems to believe quite a few things that make no sense, like that Poe's stories are a guide to living a happy life.

6. More and more, the Killin' Hilton seems like a vampire nest. What kind of "surprise" would a vampire nest be planning to spring on the world? Maybe they're thinking about descending on a small town and draining (killing) every single resident?

7. Alternatively, maybe they're founding the Serial Killer Liberation Movement, and the reason they're preparing for an assault is that they're going to rescue minor Ted Bundy's from assorted Death Rows. I really hope the plan is nothing more mundane than that.


1. No, Molly does not get to kill Ryan. She's not going to last out the season, and Ryan's going to be around for quite a while.

2. I'm confused about when her affair with Ryan took place. It appears to be between Joe's capture and Ryan's affair with Claire ... but I got the impression they got together as soon as Joe was convicted.

3. Re. Roderick: I was disappointed to see him lose it (cliche), especially over a (cliche) bad childhood. Psychopaths aren't (necessarily) crazy; they have a personality disorder.

4. Re. Jacob: I partly agree. I think he became an instant hardcore meanie because that's the best way to make him a foil for Emma and a hostile keeper for Claire. With Emma pleading for Jacob to believe her and be nice to her -- more because she wants to have power over SOMEBODY than because she has any real feelings for Jacob -- she's even less sympathetic than she would be otherwise.

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