Supernatural Round Table: "Freaks and Geeks"

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Supernatural let its geek flag fly very high last Wednesday, as we were introduced to an X-Men like school for potential hunters.

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff members Sean McKenna and Carissa Pavlica are joined by Alice Jester from The Winchester Family Business to breakdown "Freaks and Geeks."


What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?
Carissa: I loved Sam and Dean's exchange at the beginning when they both hemmed and hawed about who felt okay and alright and making sure they were good to go a huntin'. And Dean thought they needed herbal tea and some Cowboy Junkies.

Alice: Hmm, this one was quite underwhelming all around. All I got is Dean offering advice to the young hunter Aiden about pursuing Krissy. He thought Dean would say he’ll kill him if he hurts her, but no, Dean was warning that she’ll kill him.  “Good luck.”

Sean: I agree with Alice about that last scene. I was expecting Dean to say he would kill him if he hurts her, but liked the switch up to say Krissy would do it herself.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of the young hunters?
Carissa: Honestly, they were a little over the top. Given their circumstances and the ass who was raising them afterkilling their families it wasn't surprising, but it was kind of sad and not what I would have wished for them. Sarcastic know it alls are NOT the future of hunting, and Victor thinking it was showed how little he really knew about the craft.

Alice: They were okay. I like how much they cared for each other, like they were family now. I think they blended well. I just didn’t like the whole concept that they were the new generation of “superhunters” that they were made out to be. The story came across as contrived. Then again, I’ve never been one to like anything that showed kids pretending to be grown-ups.

Sean: I really liked the concept, not necessarily super hunters, but the idea of a new generation. It would be interesting if there actually was a school for hunters, not just a crazy guy training three of them.

Were you surprised how Krissy handled learning that Victor manipulated them?
Carissa: Didn't she learn by Dean taking them to the baby vamp and him telling her? If not, then I missed something. I felt badly that she was taken in by such a jerk, that they all were, but now that they have the good hunters looking after them like Sam and Dean did while John was always on the road, they'll be okay.

Alice: Not surprised, no. Krissy seemed to be mature for her age in “Adventures In Babysitting.” I’m just surprised she fell for Victor’s lies to begin with. She seemed a lot more street smart than that. She certainly didn’t trust Dean when she first met him. I was hoping the kids would have figured it out instead of Dean. 

Sean: No, but the fact that they could be manipulated reiterated the fact that even if they are hunters, they are still kids with a lot to learn. It was good that Sam and Dean were there to help. That said, the way Krissy handled Victor and didn't kill him was definitely a step in the right direction.

Was Dean right to be concerned about hunting too young?
Carissa: He lived it. His opinion counts probably more than anyone else's. Even more than Sam's, because Sam got away for a while and almost lived a normal life by going to university. He only got sucked back in when John went missing and Dean needed his brother and finally got over his himself long enough to ask for his help.

Alice: Sure, only because he was raised in the life and knows. He had every right. What I didn’t like is Sam supported their lifestyle, using of all things the defense that he and Dean hunted when they were young, so these kids can too. He believed these kids could hunt and have a real life. You know, Sam Winchester, the guy who’s resented the fact that he has been forced into hunting his entire life, especially when he was a kid. The man that’s tried to leave the hunting life multiple times. That guy. The one that forgot to show up in this episode.

Sean: It's true that Dean definitely experienced that life and he's always been concerned about the after effects, especially where his brother was involved. And while I like that Sam was advocating for a possible hope for that normal life, I was a bit surprised that he seemed pretty on board with the combo lifestyle. I guess he's holding out hope and through these kids he sees a possible one, but I expected more resistance from him.

Could Sam and Dean have a combo of a normal life and be hunters, or is it really only one or the other?
Carissa: I think they'd need to court fellow hunters or something similar. They could never hide their hunting side from their normal life, and unless the supernatural side of the world goes away completely they're never leaving hunting, so they have no choice but to incorporate the two.

Alice: I don’t think Dean can. For him, it’s one or another. He’s already tried that and it didn’t sit right. He’s a hunter, always and forever. As for Sam, he doesn’t want the combo either. He wants out completely. I think if circumstances forced him though, Sam would try both. Of course if he did it would completely backfire on him, especially since he’d lie about his double life. Which is why his belief that these kids can hunt and have a life seems quite a bit out of character. Didn’t he just go through this with Amelia? You can’t have both and he knows that.  

Sean: It is true that this season sort of further established that once a hunter, always a hunter. The normal life just doesn't work out. Like Carissa said, the only way I think they could ever have some type of relationship would be with female hunters, others who as invested into the supernatural world as they are. I'm curious as to where the whole concept is going to go, especially with season nine.


This episode made NO sense. Why would a vampire "aid" a hunting school? Victor made no sense - why would he "recruit" a vampire? Also, Krissy was obnoxious (and unwatchable like in S7). Agree - stop ruining Sam's character. He has been made into a sulky wuss. He was not "in love" with Amelia, so they should stop forcing this storyline onto us. Amelia was unlikeable - she was married, "ran away" because her husband was in Afghanistan,and kept putting Sam down. Writers, please drop this story unless it has something to do with Naomi brainwashing Sam. Sam SHOULD have looked for Dean. Jared is the star of the show, so should be a hero.


I thought the ep was weak. While I like the idea of training the orphaned children of hunters, this setup seemed weird and off. These kids were way too ready to trust and obey Victor after seemingly only a few months--esp Krissy. I do think a double life could work--if everyone involved knew what was going on. More like Lisa and Dean than Sam and Amelia, if Dean had continued hunting. Overall, not the best ep, especially since we had so little of Sam and Dean onscreen together, but far, far, far from the worst this season.


Sam HAS NOT wanted a normal life since way back in Season 1. Where on earth has this come from, out of the blue? Season 8 is a disgrace. None of the writers, including Carver, have followed canon this season but are making it up as they go along.
Sam acknowledged that a normal life and hunting do not mix - he said that flat out in Season 5. Stop it, writers, just stop it. You've ruined Sam beyond all hope. You've made him into a drip. Jared P. deserves better. I'm hanging onto Supernatural by a thread here. I want to stay a fan of this show but it's becoming increasingly hard. Krissy was an obnoxious, smarmy, know-it-all. Sam and Dean are supposed to be the stars, not a bunch of bratty kids. Yet another dud episode.


What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode? The scene in the car at the beginning when they were essentially questioning each other. Their antagonistic, but caring relationship is always a hoot. What did you think of the young hunters? I liked seeing Crissy again, she and Dean have great rapport. The others just weren't very well developed. This was an opportunity to bring in another child from the Winchester's past. Victor didn't have to have killed all their parents. His reasoning was always strained for me and it seemed like such a waste and pointless when there are already so many hurting children already out there who have suffered at the hands of the evil that goes bump in the night. Heck, the apocalypse left lots of orphans. There have been others in Supernatural's history that would have been interesting to see pop up again, even ones that have already lost their parents. There were others ways to have him working with the vamp and incur the kids wrath. I was also frustrated that in the end the two just stood there while Crissy is the one who faced Victor. Were you surprised how Krissy handled learning that Victor manipulated them? No. I was more surprised by the lack of reaction from the other two. Was Dean right to be concerned about hunting too young? YES! Let's look at this logically. Do we sent 14, 15, and 16 year olds off to war? Hunting is just a supernatural war. I'm not saying that they couldn't be trained. We do have military schools and the like, but those kids don't actually see combat until they are old enough to make a decision about their future. Could Sam and Dean have a combo of a normal life and be hunters, or is it really only one or the other? Yes, I think they can, but as was pointed out that it would have to be with someone who was also a hunter or at least understood hunters. I think of the Campbell's, specifically Samuel and Deeanna, and how they had a house, jobs, paid taxes, etc. If Sam and Dean thought it important enough to make having some semblance of normalcy a priority, they would find a way to do it.


I enjoyed the concept of a little hunting school however I think the kids in general didn't seem realistic. The acting wasn't tight or completely believable. I have to say though, I was not surprised to see Sam try to embrace this lifestyle. He has always wanted out yes, but he knows how it always drags him back in. If he could somehow try to balance the two, he'd be the first to try. I think seeing the possibility that it could happen gives him hope. That is why he was open to it.
I do agree that the only way they can have a normal relationship with someone even if they did know about it would be if they were involved too. Otherwise they'd probably never get to see anyone.

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