Revenge Round Table: "Identity"

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Sunday's episode of Revenge saw Emily and Nolan make one takedown and position themselves for the ultimate face-off, while Jack grew more disgusted and Conrad's campaign took a hit.

Below, TV Fanatic's Kate Brooks, Christine Orlando, Miranda Wicker and Steve Marsi break down all things "Identity" and look ahead to next week's episode in our Round Table Q&A.

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1. What was your favorite quote or scene from "Identity"?

Kate: Either when Nolan got put on "X" through the Fa1c0n or when Aiden put the ring on Emily's future! Both scenes pulled on the heart strings!

Miranda: Nolan and the Fa1c0n in the arcade. Her "what happens when I win" and his "you won't" were just perfect!

Christine: I just love Nolan... "Truth be told, you throw me a token and jump me in front of Street Fighter and I turn into Bruce Frickin' Lee."

Steve: Victoria confirming the story is true, taking off the mic and walking off. I was on the edge of my seat awaiting her reaction to being called out on live TV.

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2. How does the demise of the Fa1c0n rank from 1-10 on the Emily Sharpie Takedown Index (ESTI)?

Kate: 10 because it was a Nolan takedown!

Miranda: I won't lie, it felt a little anti-climactic. For 2-3 episodes we heard how hard the Fa1c0n was to find and how smart and then Nolan seemed to best her pretty easily. I'm giving it a 7.

Christine: Eh. Maybe a 4. It was fun to see Nolan take someone down but for all of the Fa1c0n buildup it didn't seem to be that big of a deal.

Steve: Loved that Nolan got to do the honors, as Kate says, but I'm with Miranda and Christine in that she went down pretty easily for such a notorious, dangerous, lethal figure. 5.

3. Rate this week from 1-10 on the Charlotte/Declan Uselessness Index (CDUI).

Kate: 10. Like, why didn't they even need to exist in this episode or this season? I'm grateful they're both going to college next season and won't be in it much or at least a girl can dream.

Miranda: WHY are they still here??? 100+.

Christine: Beyond useless. Now that Ashlee can babysit Carl, is there really any need for either of them?

Steve: This episode pretty much epitomized why our Round Table has the CDUI. So 10.

4. Biggest shocker: Takeda showing up, Victoria confessing to Nightline, the Fa1c0n being female or Nolan's middle name being Leslie?

Kate: Nolan Leslie Ross. And I'm glad the Fa1c0n was female - chick hackers for the win, which reminds me of the film Hackers. Moving on ...

Miranda: The Fa1c0n being female, and a young female at that. I didn't see that coming at all, probably because Emily and Nolan assumed her to be a him.

Christine: I didn't think Victoria would confess like that, so I was pretty surprised. And of course Nolan's middle name is Leslie. What else would it be? ;)

Steve: All surprising in their own way, but I go with Takeda. And not just because I still picture Revenge Season 1 Takeda. The show has been so all over the place this season, I forgot he existed!

5. Is Conrad's bid for governor finished or can he get up off the mat?

Kate: With Ashley back in, he's getting off the mat to be thrown back down.

Miranda: Conrad is a cat and still has at least 7 lives left. And the governor's own wife seems to be helping Conrad win. I wonder what her husband did to get on her bad side. Don't these men know the saying about a woman scorned?

Christine: There really isn't much that can keep a politician from coming back these days and since Conrad has absolutely no shame, I have little doubt he'll be back up and fighting in no time.

Steve: By even getting in the race in the first place, Conrad showed more gumption and fewer scruples than even the seediest public officials out there. What would have been a political death knell for most is just a blip on the radar to the smooth-talking Grayson patriarch.

6. Who will Emily ride off into the sunset with: Aiden, Daniel, Jack, or none of the above?

Kate: The road to revenge is a lonely one, sadly, I'm going to say none of the above.

Miranda: This is a tough one. In my deepest heart parts, I'm Team Jack, but right now, I really, really want her to be with Aiden. Daniel views her as a prize and it grosses me out since she's smarter and stronger than he is.

Christine: I'm really not a fan of her with any of the three. Perhaps someday she and Nolan will realize that can be more than friends.

Steve: Perhaps if the show lasts many seasons, she and Jack will finally get together. Not looking promising now, however. Same goes for Aiden, who despite his genuine feelings for her, may not be able to keep it together through her elaborate sham engagement to Daniel.

7. Will Emily take down Victoria or crack under the pressure and given the emotional toll her quest continues to take?

Kate: Emily is going to take down Victoria and its going to be a bloody, emotional, treacherous road ahead.

Miranda: Oh, I think she'll definitely take Victoria down. And probably crack under the pressure of doing so. Poor Ems.

Christine: This could be a bloodbath until the bitter end because I can't see either woman giving up or giving in. There will undoubtedly be a high cost to pay on both sides.

Steve: I don't know, but I'm excited for the inevitable confrontations and thrilled that the show has rediscovered its focus on the central clash of titans that started it all.

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