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"Right Turn or Left for Dead?"

Great question, and a necessary one after Juliet discovered Shawn's secret during "Deez Nups." Did Shawn make a mistake he could be regretting for the rest of his life? Or did the revelation break down the final wall preventing Shawn and Juliet from really knowing each other?

Psych in the Wild

I really loved the structure of this episode. Setting up the reality in tandem with Shawn's imagined outcome was brilliant and almost had us guessing if Shules had really managed to work things out.

Life is messy, and therefore Shules and their relationship has to be messy too. More importantly, each world gave us a glimpse into the real growth that Shawn has undertaken as a result of his relationship with Juliet, which it necessarily took both realities to see.

Let's start with the reality he'd created in which he hadn't given Juliet the jacket.

In this reality several negative things take place. Elin dies, the Chief gets sick, Gus suffers an allergic reaction to the biscotti. But then there are also good things that happen, too. Like Shawn making it to the shelter to get Lassiter his dog. But perhaps the most important thing about that world is how he paints the picture of his and Juliet's relationship.

In this reality, he and Juliet are overly affectionate to the point you almost want to throw up because they are too adorable to handle. There's also the repeated references to Shawn and Juliet getting married. Juliet asks Shawn what a "Spencer-O'Hara" wedding would look like - "Rob-A-Bye-Baby," anyone?

Then Juliet makes the off-hand comment about how that little park bench by the stream would be a perfect place for a girl to get proposed to. Realize this is all taking place in Shawn's head, which means he is more or less making these things come out of Juliet's mouth. This means he's thinking about those possibilities - those commitments - which is a tremendous thing for Shawn to be considering. This is definitely worth keeping in mind.

In the real world there is one less body because Elin lives. Similarly awesome, Henry and Lloyd are hanging out. But there are just as many valuable Shawn takeaways. Shawn is clearly devastated at the rift that his deception has caused between himself and Juliet. He even goes as far as to confide in his father, which is clearly an indication of how evolved their relationship is. This is essential. It was also important that Shawn actually took Lassiter and Juliet to the crime scene. Clearly this reveal will cause Shawn to rethink what he's divining from now on.

What dumbfounded me, but was completely necessary, was how inarticulate and just plan stupid Shawn was in a lot of his dialogue with Juliet. In the hospital one of the first things out of his mouth was asking Juliet whether or not she would keep his secret. Then in the final scene of the episode, he tells Juliet openly that he was just thinking about what would have happened if he had not given Juliet his jacket at the wedding. That sentence should have started with something about how he wished he'd told her the truth sooner so she wouldn't have had to find out from a piece of paper in his jacket.

This highlights the severe problem Shawn was having at the end of "Deez Nups." Shawn framed his statement of the truth very selfishly. He left out the details that Lassiter was about to throw him in jail and so he "divined" a few things that forced Lassiter to let him go. He told Juliet that falling in love with her "wasn't part of the plan." It was supposed to be so much more heartfelt, but instead it just seemed callous.

The same logic applies here. He should have qualified what he said. Shawn did better in his concussion-induced nap where Juliet came in and asked to be let to finish before Shawn chimed in. I loved that speech. I wish it would have been real. Maggie Lawson really knocked that moment out of the park. Shawn's response was right on target. Then he woke up and blew it. I almost fell off my chair. He had said everything in the dream that he needed to say out loud. It was so frustrating to watch him let the moment slip through his fingers like that!

If I was Juliet, I would have broken it off with him, too. I just simply have the luxury of observing and analyzing their relationship to the point that Shawn's actions make sense. The way Shawn keeps sticking his foot in his's just embarrassing.

The best part about these two realities is that while one comes true and the other doesn't, one is reflecting Shawn's psychological state, which demonstrates his willingness to commit and consider moving forward, while dealing outwardly with the consequences at hand in the other.

It's just a shame he can't manage to get his mess together. Now we'll be forced to watch him move out of the house Shules shared. That's going to be so rough!

Other (happier) highlights from this episode:

  • Lassie and Lassie junior. I really wish Lassiter would have gotten that dog.
  • Woody having taken all the gift bags.
  • Gus' allergic reaction in Shawn's alternate reality. No wonder no one took him to the hospital. Shawn doesn't think that far ahead!
  • Shawn and Gus' Swedish accents. Priceless.
  • Shawn getting run over by a truck and managing to survive. I'm still trying to figure out what the point of that was, but it was awesome.
  • The whole concept of splitting the realities and letting them both play out, even if one of them was real.
  • Henry and Lloyd.
  • Shawn's repeated use of Siri. Someone has upgraded to an iPhone 5.

So Psych-O's, what do you think will happen when Juliet gets a new roommate that wants her life?


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Shawn is so self-absorbed. I hope Jules dumps him and Gus goes on with Rachel. Then he will realize the consequences of being so self-absorbed and treating those around him like crap. Bet Jules wishes she had not let that millionaire get away. I agree with PsychFan- impossible to believe Shawn as a cop... he can't follow any rules.


I do think that Shawn is pretty focused on himself most of the time. But I also think he has grown a lot since season 1. But I completely disagree with everyone in the world that thinks he should become a cop. Shawn SUCKS at following rules AND laws! And he hasn't improved on that point one tiny little bit since the start. How is he supposed to be a cop? Everything he ever does would get the criminals set free because he did things illegally. The psychic thing is what makes him good. He can work for the cops in his terms but still be a productive member of society. I really, REALLY don't understand how any long time fan of this show could think Shawn would even WANT to become a real cop. C'mon son!


Incredibly creative episode and as usual, well acted. After so many seasons you'd expect a series to run out of ideas, but this episode was a classic. And I agree, the Swedish accents were fantastic, the bar scene was especially funny when Sean seamlessly switches to his "lucky charms" Irish accent. Also +1 for the Erasure/Abba reference.


Why it is true was Shawn did was bad let remember Juilt has broken the law herself


I agree that Shawn is a self absorbed d-bag. I think the end of the show should be Shawn finally becoming a real cop and him and Juliet getting married. I think that is where the show should go to really show his growth and commitment to Juliet and the truth.


IMO, since the end of season 5 Shawn has really shown how self absorbed he is. It seems like as long as he can manipulate a situation to fit his needs he's happy. I really didn't like how he treated Gus when he first started dating Rachel. And for the life of me I don't understand how Shawn could have been such a douche when it came to taking Rachels son to a crime scene. He didn't seem to care if the boy would be put in harms way as long as he got answers. I was feeling bad for Shawn until the end of last nights episode. I'm not sure if he feels bad because he knew that lying to Juliette was wrong or because he got caught. I remeber the season 1 and season 2 finales. He cared about how what he did affected everybody else. I miss that Shawn.


That was a good episode but very sad. Shawn and Jules dated all last season all of this season until now and it still seems like they just got together. I knew the ending was the other reality because Juliet wouldn't be able to just deal with it. The ending was so sad I hated it. I agree in the other reality Shawn was saying all the right things and doing everything right while in the actual reality he said all the wrong things and did everything wrong. I wasn't that excited in the case and more focused on the 2 realities. The one thing I wish we're true from the other reality was the lassie dog he hated it at first but ended up loving it which you knew would happen. I really wish that part were true. In the other reality all of them walking up to the woman's hous and Lassiter holding the dog was really funny and I really wish that was real. Can't wait for the next episode it looks good.


First of all that puppy was adorabe. I vote for the happy ending. I felt so bad for Shawn in the end scene where he said all the wrong things. The turn right, turn left aspic of the episode was great.


@A Shawn cant become a cop because of his record I have to say they hit it out of the park again but it does bring up a point of shawn serct come out to the public can they bad guys they put away sue?


Also, even though it wasn't real, I really loved the idea of Jules bringing up that Shawn might be a great "cop" and better than most. I don't know if anyone else thought this but I definitely could see this statement as an insight into Shawn's future. Maybe if when the show ends, Shawn decides to become an actual cop and fulfill his childhood dream when he said how he used to dream he would become one when he wore Henry's hat. I don't know, its just a thought I had since all of this was said in Shawn's dream and maybe his conscience is telling him that in the distant future (come series finale time maybe) he may actually want to become a real cop.

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