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My impression is that the season ending cliffhanger is going to be about an investigation of team Gibbs. If I got that right(???), then it seems the Mossad, Bodner, Orli, car accident will get resolved before this season ends -- but that how will lead to the investigation.


Before we see Tony and Ziva get their groove on,you KNOW,YOU KNOW,there's GOT to be a Smackdown DIVA match with Ziva David and Orli Elbaz.This has GOT to happen in the season finale,and hopefully it will end in an explosion of some sort,where we'll have to wait till next season to find out if Ziva survived.

Also,let's have Tony wake up in a sweat wondering of Ziva is dead,and he and Gibbs go to Israel to find her.


All the Ziva arcs contain a kick butt Ziva scene, a wobbly lipped daddy Gibbs scene, and an explosion, so we're not done yet with this year's Ziva arc.


I'm impressed by this season, love the episode, I think ziva will be fine but not tony. Cote said she had filmed one fighting scene that lasted until 6 am.
My only problem with this episode was the end, whenever ziva and tony are coming too close, BAM something happens, they play the "Will they, won't they" scenario too much, they need to make a decision, put them together or let them be just friends.
I love the show, love the team, best show on tv.


@Julia64 I saw extended promo McGee does look like hes praying right before he looks up.


Contd: ...... Tony wouldn't have been running anywhere, except maybe the bathroom!

And I've been watching the extended promo - is McGee praying?


One of my favourite moments was on the dance floor - when Tony says "you realise you're going to have to be the girl, right?" It was great to see him literally taking the lead for once. Sadly a disadvantage of his playing the perpetual clown (which has this season reached the point of annoying) is that at times he comes across as weak. And whilst the writers have concentrated on Tiva they've forgotten that he used to have a great relationship with Gibbs. Now for the most part Gibbs just snaps at him. Gone are the basement chats and fireside steaks and beer - a real shame. And on the subject of beer, what was Tony doing launching into a tankard of Belgium beer?! He was on duty, anything could have happened and indeed it did. Ziva was drinking bottled water. I was either expecting Tony to say it was non alcoholic (as he did in Flesh & Blood when having a drink with his father) or not to drink it. Just as well Bodnar contacted them when he did or Tony wouldn't have been running anywhere, except maybe the bathroom! And I've been watching next week's extended promo - just dawned on me, is McGee praying?


The magic and chemistry of Tiva was beautifully evident in Berlin. Then the HORRIBLE ! SHOCKING ! car crash happened. PLEASE keep Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) on the series because these characters are needed to continue making NCIS a success. IF MW/TONY LEAVES, THEN YOU HAVE LOST ANOTHER VIEWER! Thank you1


This has turned into a fantasy drama - not as in earlier seasons a federal police show with some humor.


@ Michelle Israel already had a female prime minister, decades ago. Ever hear of Golda Meir? She was the prime minister of Israel from 1969--1974. A LOT of countries have had female presidents and prime ministers. Some do now. Sadly, the USA is not one of them. In terms of gender equality, there is nothing "forward thinking" at all about the USA.

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