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Next week on NCIS, we pick up in the aftermath of last night's shocking conclusion.

In retaliation for the deaths of Eli David and Jackie Vance, and the apparent attack on Tony and Ziva, the team feverishly searches for Bodnar despite orders from Homeland Security to give up the case.

Was that Bodnar trying to do away with Ziva, or is there more to it? Was his claim that she's seeing this in the wrong light surprisingly true? And what is the true story of new Mossad Director Elbaz?

Finally, what will happen to Tony and Ziva after that terrifying-looking accident?

Read our NCIS review for TV Fanatic's take on the events of "Berlin," then share with us how you think things will play out next Tuesday, and over the next three weeks as Season 10 comes to an end.

Check out the promo below for "Revenge" and share your comments ...

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I have watched past seasons. Which is why I don't understand. If anything Tony is a much better person than he was in the beginning.


Just watch the past season Joe you see


@Joe Clam down buddy I am making sense just watch the season and you will see don't how different the pacst of the show is @MCAL
Shut the hell up your becoming worse then Janet making personal attack and adding nothing to these fourms why don't you just act like a adult and grow up already I am allowed to speak my mind it does not make me stuipd or a hater just because you shipper got the writer of these show and these website drinking your kool-aid does not mean we all are.


Although there are rare occasions.


Hi. You must be new here. Don't worry about Michael. He's not someone who you should take seriously.


Okay... Now you aren't making sense. Every member of the team has always been shown in equal measure. And what did Tony do to bring himself down? Well I mean besides a car...


@Cote There are many that believe Trent Kort is behdie these because in season 8 The CIA sent him there @Joe
what I meant by NCIS losing it way the fact that in season 1 and 2 each team interact together now we barly see Tony and Abby it always gibbs with abby Tony with Ziva and Mcgee with his computer and Ducky with plamer. They also have not let tony grow as a character and when they do they do something like last tuesday to bring him down


Here's how I predict it. Ziva will be framed for the death of Bodnar who it turns out is innocent. She will have to face a trial in Isreal for the death of a Mossad agent. Tony will go with her for support. Gibbs will take the fall to protect Vance. This will leave Tim as the senior field agent and he is going to investigate with the help of Abby, Ducky and Jimmy in order to get his NCIS family back. However, I could be wrong.


I forgot to bring this up but those that have mentioned someone else besides Bodnar being behind Eli and Mrs. Vance's death, does that mean you think he is completely innocent? Or the fact that you mention other names to say they are the leader behind these murders but Bodnar was just part of it? Also to the rest, do you agree there is even a chance Bdnar is innocent? Or was he saying that to mess with Ziva?


Remember where it all started. Jag. Jag ran for ten years, then they started replacing characters and the show fell apart. It was, however great to see Harm and Mac finally get together. I can see Ziva and Tony getting together, but I don't think the relationship will last if they do.

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NCIS Season 10 Episode 22 Quotes

There's something you and NCIS must know. As much as I didn't like or trust Arash Kazmi, I did not kill him. There are others who are responsible for the assassination of your father's Iranian friend.


Gibbs: So do we? Lay off?
Vance: The man killed my wife, Gibbs.