Jim's Notebook: Arrow, NCIS, Scandal and More!

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Too many of our favorite shows remain in reruns... but next week we’ve got new episodes of Arrow, NCIS and Scandal - and I have some scoop for TV Fanatic about each of these hit programs.

Before they air, though, take some time this weekend to watch the phenomenal Call Me Crazy on Lifetime, executive produced by Jennifer Aniston. Alright? Now let’s empty out the Notebook…

Jim's Notebook

ARROW Felicity is about to leave her desk and hit the streets. Make sure to watch in “The Undertaking” (airing 5/1), where the quick-witted Miss Smoak actually gets to go out in the field. And while we normally see her with Ollie and Diggle, with whom would Emily Bett Rickards like to share more scenes?

“I haven’t had any scenes with Susanna [Thompson] and she’s a phenomenal actor,” she told me of the actress that plays Ollie’s mother, Moira. “Even at the table reads – I feel like such a dork but she knows I love her - I look up to her a lot and I would just love to have some really meaty scenes with her.”

And while Rickards is admittedly “green to the industry,” she’s quickly gotten into social media. “Oh, I like Twitter,” she said with a huge grin. (Make sure to follow her @EmilyBett.)

NCIS Ready for Ziva and Tony to finally take that next step in their relationship? I talked to Executive Producer Gary Glasberg about it and he told me that more is coming with Tuesday’s “Berlin."

“We went into season 10 with the idea that we would certainly move their relationship forward, and I think we will have, certainly by the end of the finale, succeeded in doing that," he said.

Is Felicity a Target?
Past Huck

And while Glasberg and the writers have carefully drawn it out over the years, the creator teased that “Ziva fans will not only be satisfied with a lot of what they get, but there are also things that they’ll have to wait on as well, so…I think about Moonlighting, and I think about Northern Exposure, and I think about other shows that had relationships built into the structure of the storytelling that they did, and it was very smart, even back then, of giving it to people in little bits and pieces.”

SCANDAL One of my favorite things about my job is talking to people on TV who are TV fans themselves. For example, Scandal is back next Thursday and I spoke to Guillermo Diaz about his great scenes with Katie Lowes (as Quinn) and whether he thinks the characters would ever go horizontal in the sack.

While he sees #HuckleberryQuinn as more brother/sister, he did say “a lot of people keep asking if we’re going to get together and hook up romantically and I honestly have no idea. I would rather just see them as friends, but who knows what could happen in the future. I mean, you know, remember when Chandler and Monica got together on Friends? I never expected that to happen either, but it happened and they ended up getting married. You never know what could go on in eight seasons, you know?” 

And guess who Diaz is traveling with during his hiatus? None other than Lowes! They are heading to Israel with America's Voices and the actor said he’s beyond excited since it’s his first trip there. We’ll keep an eye on your Twitter account for pics, Guillermo!

CALL ME CRAZY Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending the Los Angeles premiere of the new Lifetime movie, Call Me Crazy, which depicts women dealing with mental illness and airs tomorrow (April 20) on Lifetime. 

Starring Jennifer Hudson, Brittany Snow, Parenthood’s Jason Ritter, Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland, Octavia Spencer and Melissa Leo, the five short films were directed by Laura Dern, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sharon Maguire, Lea Thompson and Bonnie Hunt. While the subject matter is heavy, the writing, acting and directing are top notch, giving you a unique window into mental illness, both in those who are afflicted with it or those who are close to someone who is.

The anthology, part of the Five Film franchise on the network (last year’s film dealt with breast cancer), also had help from Marta Kaufman (co-creator, Friends) and Jennifer Aniston, who were among the executive producers on the project.

That’s a wrap for this week! Anything else you’re dying to know about your favorite show? Leave a comment here or you email me directly at jim@jimhalterman.com. And remember: follow @TVFanatic for all your TV scoop!

Jim Halterman is the West Coast Editor of TV Fanatic and the owner of JimHalterman.com. Follow him on Twitter.


Michael, you're just going to have to accept that you're in the minority on this one. The sooner you accept that, the easier you'll make things on yourself and others. You don't like Ziva and Tiva? Fine. But apparently enough people like both because they keep featuring it and are working hard at signing Cote to another contract. If it isn't helping the show average 20 million viewers, it isn't stopping it from averaging it either. So express your opinion, but remember -- it's a minority viewpoint.


So no... Why should I stop arguing if you're insulting my intelligence?


Oh so you are a hypocrite as well?!


@MCAL You need to clam down and relax let go and move on like I have


You know what... You are right. To call you insane would be an insult to insane people.


part 2 @ Michael
being entitled Tiva fans. I have never once said you had to like Tiva or Ziva. I call you out for the things you say that cross the line of common decency. If you can't see the difference in that then maybe you do need professional help.


@Michael If you are the same Michael who has been posting insane comments, then you have not been called insane for making comments about Season 1 and Kate. You have been called insane by some people because of the inappropriate comments you make on these pages. These range from saying that Tiva fans want to see Tony and Ziva having sex on dead bodies, or that Tony being with Ziva would be like rape, or that Tony is treated worse than black people, or that Twitter leads to rape. These are all things that you have said on these pages. You have also called people liars when you do not agree with the proof they provide to back up any claim they are making. These are the comments that we are expressing concern over. You having an opinion about the show or liking or not liking certain characters is not the issue. Pay attention to all the inappropriate things you have been saying and then you will realize why we have stated that you are mentally unbalanced. It has nothing to do with being entitled Tiva fans. I have never once said you had to like Tiva or Ziva. I call you out for the things you say that cross the line of common decency. If you can't see the difference in that then maybe you do need professional help.


For the one who call us insane for talking about kate and season 1 and 2 how we like the past character and not Tiva, at leat we dont go around saying we are ENTITLED to TIVA and the Tony and Ziva should SEAL THE DEAL!!! Well, not everyone sees, nor wants, TIVA or any onscreen romance between the field team members yet we get told to GO AWAY because NCIS is all about TIVA. Can we please have our quirky procedural drama back?


1.In a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill.
2.(of an action or quality) Characterized or caused by madness.


I believe that the writers have given us wonderful characters. Tony hides who he is behind a veil of humor. Him and Ziva make sense when you look at their whole relationship. They have made it through tough times and have gotten closer for it. NCIS will keep giving us wonderful episodes, with answers as well as questions. It's a perfect balance.

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NCIS Quotes

Tony: One other question, I know you're an expert in English history. And I was just wondering, have you ever heard of Archibald Drummond, the 17th Earl of Trent?
Ducky: The Earl of Trent. No, I can't say I have. Why?
Tony: I was just wondering. Thanks.

McGee: All right. Well you should probably know that Abby and I used to date?
Bishop: Ew. Like, each other?
McGee: Yeah.
Bishop: Wait - isn't that a violation of rule 12, never date a....
McGee: It was a long time ago. After we'd broken up, one night I went to her lab. Found a scribbled piece paper; a list. Potential boyfriends had to fulfill certain conditions by a pre-arranged date or else, goodbye.
Bishop: Such as.
McGee: Things started off relatively normal: opening the door for her, flowers, putting the seat down. Then around number 8, it gets uh...
Bishop: What?
McGee: Does she know you have these?
Bishop: Does she know you have these?
McGee: Yeah she wasn't happy when she found out.
Bishop: These are all very specific.
McGee: Yeah.
Bishop: These ideas apply to you?
McGee: No those rules weren't in place when we were together. At least I don't think so.
Bishop: What's with the two month cutoff? Abby's sabotaging herself. I've seen stuff like this before. We have to talk to her.