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I thought it was amazing, and I am usually not a fan of gore/homicide laced narratives. It was extremely compelling, and I was on the edge of my seat until the end. I thought the quality of the story/acting was almost good enough to have released this as a movie (with a little more footage and pacing of course).

That being said, I have been burned before by shows like "Flash Forward" cancelled after a compelling first season, or as mentioned above, "the event", but hopefully this will not fall prey to that same fate as it is based on an almost universally recognized IP.


This show is a winner. Hannibal is so daggone creepy. Lord Iwas disgusted, fascinated, and horrified all by one character, in one hour. Its excellent. I'm so intrigued by will. I want to know the story bhind him so bad. I'm engrossed


I am always so fearful of liking a show on NBC. The Event. Awake. Two shows that were promoted like CRAZY that I was afraid to love, and then figured heck, they promoted it so much, no WAY they'd cancel it right away. I love Deception and now have no idea how it would end. They're so stupid - fans don't want to bother investing in a show that they know NBC will yank.

So, even with that intense trepidation, we really did enjoy the show and I liked this reviewer's review - hate to say it but most of the ones I've read lately are more unnecessarily (read: being caustic to feign intelligence) critical than they need to be.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes!


1 and done ..... POI and Elementary are enough to watch on Thurs night , during baseball season ....


I loved this. It was captivating, the acting was superb, and the characters are compelling. I agree with this review; it's GORY, but the gore is an integral part of the story, rather than something superfluous just for show. That being said - was anyone else screaming "don't eat that!!" when Lecter brought Graham breakfast?!

One of the things that makes this show so interesting is the spoiler that every viewer is privy to; we know who/what Hannibal Lecter is. That makes the dynamic between Lecter and Graham even more fascinating - we know so much that Graham doesn't and the anticipation of him finding out is thrilling.

It's too bad NBC's flailing so much - they could have put Grimm and Hannibal together and marketed it as "Freaky Friday" or something.

On a personal note, it was very hard to get over Quantico being the University of Toronto Scarborough campus. I had many lectures in that very hall that Graham was teaching in.


Whew this episode was intense and slightly nauseating.I loved the set up and the great quality of acting though.Unlike the Following this show is realistic and the violence not made to be a rootable factor.I think it has the potential to be great and one of the best shows out there if you can get past the cannibalistic nature of each episode.

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