Guillermo Diaz Speaks on Return of Scandal: What Does 752 Mean?

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The excruciating wait is over: Scandal Season 2 returns tomorrow night with a new episode!

When we last saw Huck, he was a blubbering mess on the floor and the Gladiators were looking over him. How did he get that way? Who put him in this state? And, of course, what happens next?

Guillermo Diaz, who has made Huck a major TV Fanatic favorite, therefore seemed to be the perfect choice to grill about what’s on tap for his character. Read through the following Q&A for a few good teases regarding "Seven Fifty-Two."


TV Fanatic: One of the high points of the season has been the Huck/Quinn relationship. How has it been working so closely with Katie Lowes?
Guillermo Diaz: I love that they’re kind of going the way they’re going with Quinn and with Huck. I love that he’s kind of like a big brother to her and kind of showing her the ropes and teaching her the things that Huck knows and she’s catching on very quickly and very easily and I think Huck is really proud of her but at the same time, kind of like taken aback a bit that she’s so good at what he’s teaching her.

And working with Katie is just amazing. We just crack up all the time. We were shooting inside Huck’s car and we were just sitting in there singing Rent songs and just cracking up and making jokes. She’s the best. We feel so comfortable with each other and we just love working with each other.

Different Side of Huck

TVF: Huck’s usually so guarded yet he’s slowly letting Quinn in? What do you think that’s about?
GD: I think he sees that she is a lot like him. I think he feels bad for her. He sees himself in Quinn, I think. There was that scene where he walks in on her, is listening to her leaving a message on her dad’s machine and she can’t get a hold of him. He sees that her family is kind of done with her after the whole Lindsay Dwyer thing and the Quinn stuff. I think he just feels like he wants to be there for her and take care of her because he sees what she’s going through…I think from the beginning, he’s kind of felt just a little connection with her.

TVF: The next episode is called "Seven-Fifty Two." What is the significance of that?
GD: Yes. There is significance in it. I can’t talk about what it is. But we come into the next episode with Huck just sitting on the floor and just constantly saying ‘752, 752, 752’ and the team is trying to figure out what that means and one by one they go in and try to talk to Huck. You kind of get a glimpse into each Gladiator’s relationship with Huck and how they feel about him and how much they care to kind of snap him out of this crazy, mental state that he’s in.

TVF: We’ve seen Huck go through water boarding and other things but he’s seriously broken from whatever happened in that storage locker. Will we find out in this episode what exactly happened or is that going to be played out for a while?
GD: Yeah, you’ll go into Huck’s past and you’ll see pre-Huck, pre-CIA and pre-all that stuff…those questions are going to be answered. I think pretty much all those questions are going to be answered. As far as who Huck really is and why he is the way he is now. All that stuff is going to be answered…it’s going to be a really satisfying episode. A lot of stuff is going to be revealed.

TVF: Were you personally surprised when you read the script and found out more about Huck’s past?
GD: I was completely blown away and surprised. We haven’t been getting our scripts until we sit down to do the table read so we read it cold for the writers and for Shonda and for the director and stuff. I remember most of us were just sitting at the table read and reading and crying. Everybody was really emotional and it’s a piece of television that I think we haven’t seen before [and] it’s one of the best episodes I’ve filmed so far I think.

TVF: Whatever we find out, will it make us look at Huck differently?
GD: You’ll definitely look at Huck differently. Absolutely. Even we, the actors, when we started shooting the episode after that episode, we were all standing around looking at each other saying ‘we feel different’  like things are different now because we had just shot that episode so even we were changed by the things that happened in ‘752.’ The way we’re relating to each other. The way the characters related to each other is just different. There’s something different about all of us.

TVF: Jasika Nicole from Fringe is in the episode. Is she part of Huck’s story or some of the back story?
GD: She’s part of the whole flashback thing. I can’t say exactly who she plays but she does show up in the flashbacks and she is amazing. I’m a huge fan of Fringe as well. When I found out she was going to be on Scandal, I was really psyched.

TVF: Who on the show would you like to see Huck interact with more?
GD: Yeah, I would love to see Huck interact with Mellie, with Bellamy Young. It would be interesting and fun to see them have some really intense scenes together.

TVF: I think you could have a scene of them just looking at each other, sizing each other up.
GD: Yeah, absolutely.

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