Grimm Review: Dropping Toad

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"One Angry Fuchsbau" was a rather modest episode for Grimm Season 2.

The callbacks, small moments and humor made for a fun, but mostly lighthearted installment. But that's about it.

On The Jury

The references to “La Llorona’s” spiritual grandma reminded us Juliette’s upcoming choice and further shed a little bit more on the type of decisions and world’s she’s about to enter: one filled with light or one filled with darkness.

Juliette isn’t sure what is real and what isn’t and the choice she’s going to make is going to lead her to a world with light or a world covered in darkness. I have a difficult time buying that Juliette’s dilemma has anything to do with the traditional good and evil archetypes because Grimm is never anything close to traditional and Juliette, for all her annoyances and faults, is a genuinely good character.

Juliette’s choice could end up being far simpler: a world filled with light is a world where she knows the truth, and a dark world is a world where she’s oblivious to what’s going on. The Grandma again reminds her that she has a choice to make, but, hypothetically, Juliette has already experienced a world filled with darkness. She’s currently living in it. She’s haunted by her reemerging memories of Nick; it’s literally a world where there’s a dark spot in her life.

If Juliette chooses to embrace those memories of Nick and to believe what he told her about the trailer and him, she’s in a world of light or enlightenment. She just needs to find the mental courage and fortitude to take the leap.

The longer arcs for the season didn’t get much play time with Renard getting a whopping single scene to clue Nick and Hank in on who went after him and to remind us of the Verrat. I guess he was such a badass last week he needs to be relegated to a few sentences to make up for it.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • Mama Burkhardt is dropping Nick an email to check in. I hope this means we’ll get a return visit from her before the season is out.
  • Adalind already has the pregnancy glow and Eric is planning a trip to see Renard.
  • “Dropping toad” and Monroe’s entire scene trying to inject that frog is probably the most humorous Grimm has ever gone. I hope we can see Grimm’s sense of humor more often.

One Angry Fuchsbau Review

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Grimm Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Monroe: Oh, I get it, so if I'm crazy no big deal.
Nick: Hey, we can't both be crazy.

Why put all of this stuff in a trailer and haul it around?