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Wow this episode was fantastic!The chemistry between the Doctor and Clara was explosive and the interactions they had were riveting.Matt Smith has never had this much chemistry with anyone.From the way he kissed her hand to the tight sweet hug he gave her when he realized she wasn't going to die.The way he called her beautiful and the towel spanking at the very end.It was amazing and just cemented that they are perfect for each other. The guest companions were great and I loved the way they set up that story and the end they provided for them.I too am excited to see what Clara remembers and who she really is.Whoever she is she is certainly very special and very loved by the Doctor.


I loved the episode. My love for the episodes these days has mostly to do with the human aspect than plot. I understand the impracticality of revealling the Doctor's name (for the show/fans etc), but I do miss seeing some personal development and history for the character of the Doctor, so I'm always pretty happy when these big revelations come about.

I also understand the companions are surrogates for the audience, but at times this bothered me a bit, like the need for the ocmpanions (recently) to always be humans, from our time, etc. It was exciting to think Clara might be from the Victorian age, or that a future companion might not be human. Like it or not they are characters. So I'm happy with Clara having a mystery of her own. I just hope it has a nice resolution to it.


I absolutely loved this episode. Are there holes? Yes. Name one television show that doesn't have them. But after this episode, I think I'm more excited than ever before for the 50th Anniversary episode.

AND I want to know what Clara remembers after the reset!

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