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Well, let’s talk about that tension.

Castle aired "The Squab and the Quail" this week, an episode that centered on the attempted murder of a billionaire of whom Castle is jealous and who has quite the interest in a certain beautiful detective.

ABC made the right decision by rearranging “The Squab and the Quail” with “Still,” the installment originally intended to air this week. “Still” features an explosive situation, and in light of the recent tragic events in Boston, ABC flip-flopped the episodes. So there is a slight chance that background pieces between our favorite writer/detective duo could be out of order. We'll find out next Monday.

Ryan and Castle Scene

Watch What You Eat. The weekly murder mystery involved billionaire Eric Vaughn. There was an attempt to both poison and shoot him. Good thing the gorgeous Kate Beckett was on the scene to protect him.

This brought out the jealous side in Castle and I can’t say that I blame him. First, he hit on Kate, then he tried to kiss her. Boy better back up! I don’t really care about his accent or his stunning smile, he is no Richard Castle and Beckett knows that.

Although...there was a slight hesitation from Beckett when Vaughn questioned her relationship, as well as during the kiss. Beckett tried to ask the serious question to her man at the end of the hour. Where is this going? Doesn’t look like she got the answer she wanted. 

Where is this relationship going? Things are serious. They spend the night with each other all the time. Is marriage in the cards for Caskett? Should it be?

Another theme that went throughout this installment was the idea that Castle takes advantage of Beckett. Does he? Sure, the man likes his video games, but I still wouldn't make such a classification. I mean, really, didn’t Beckett take advantage of his feelings for quite some time before they got together? Just saying. 

Side Notes:

  • So did we know that Beckett is the youngest female detective in NYPD history? That’s what I’m talking about girl!
  • It’s always nice to see TV Veteran Ioan Gruffudd on our screen, especially since Ringer has gone off the air.
  • This episode was the first in a while where we saw all of the cast! What a welcome change!
  • How much fun are the boys when they are together?

Overall, a fun episode to lead us into the last few of the season. There were some great Castle quotes - especially from Espo. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you enjoy “The Squab and the Quail?"

Sound off in the comments and don’t forget to check back for the Castle Round Table later in the week.


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Castle has stayed with Beckett,made it clear that he is attracted to her.Saved her life on by putting his own in danger.He helped her solve her mother's murder.After all this,a douchebag like Demming can march in,and just pick up Beckett as if she's a call girl. And the most surprising thing of all is that,they even made it look romantic and real.It seemed so artificial.Can a woman as intelligent as Beckett overlook someone who's really been there for her and go for an infatuation Then she also becomes angry with him because he goes to the Hamptons with Gina.You burn the guy's heart(who has been making a play for you for 2 years) by dating a co worker whom he bitterly hates,not once but on several occasions, then pretending not to notice anything, you become upset that he's leaving. After breaking up with Demming, you don't even tell him. His ex-wife comes,so what? She didn't tell him because she was more concerned about protecting herself, than telling him she loved him.The poor guy spent the entire summer assuming Kate to be with Demming even though he loved her. Season 3 was hateful.She was dating Josh inspite of seeing how Castle cared for her throughout the year.Season 4,she lies to him about one of the most important things of his life.He's so crazy about her that he's willing to gamble with his life everyday,to wait for her, but she lies. It's because she doesn't love him,all she wants is to have a friendly co-worker type relationship. After almost falling off a roof, she realises that Castle's gone for good after she openly rejected him the night before. She goes to his apartment because she wants to be with someone she 'likes'. Note the word LIKE. It isn't love.Throughout Season 5 she keeps harbouring doubts( 5x02, 5x08, 5x10, 5x22 5x23), until it finally implodes in the finale.As for the 'Squab And The Quail', she allows Vaughn to make her doubt Castle's intentions and then closes her eyes as she WANTS to be kissed by the playboy billionare.She initially lies to Castle about kissing Vaughn,it's only when he presses her,does she admit to kissing him.Even after admitting it,she's not at all apologetic,instead gives a pathetic line for an excuse-'He kissed me,but it didn't mean anything to me.'So why did you let him kiss you in the first placeThe worst part is that the writers allow Eric Vaughn to get away with his playboy attitude and emotionally influence Beckett to such an extent that she starts questioning a realistic relationship with Castle. The guy was ready to be bombed for her.Did she forget all these years he'd been waiting for her inspite of being rejected thrice Candidly speaking, right from season 1, the writers just go with the flow of the characters for about 20 episodes in a season and then when the importance of an ABC New Season Renewal dawns upon them,coupled with the urge to increase viewership heading into the finale,they meddle with the carefully conditioned story and it's characters.They create these artificial problems and repeatedly make it look like it's always castle's fault.Marlowe claims that 'CASTLE' is unique because of the reality, but he himself compromises the natural progression of the story in an opportunistic attempt to garner more thrill suspense for the finale.This is one thing I haven't been able to understand, do season finales always have to end on cliffhangers?The fact that 'Squab And The Quail' is a frantic effort to manufacture Caskett problems was clear to me when I saw Beckett's behaviour at the beginning of the episode. Yes, Castle made a mistake,she was trying to get him to value her more. But that doesn't mean you start doubting the very foundations of your relationship and the commitment of your partner.That too because of the insinuations of an internet billionaire who claims he knows EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU JUST BY KNOWING YOU FOR TWO DAYSIf Castle had said the same thing 5 years ago,would she have reacted in the same way.No! Why didn't she realise that he was just trying to win her over and get into her pants? Infact,it's all the more disturbing to find that Beckett wasn't frustrated and angry with this guy. He knew she was in a relationship with Castle,inspite of that he crossed the line with her and kissed herThat should have given her a fair idea about his I GET WHAT I WANT POLICYBy the end of the episode,Kate had built such a doubt in her mind that she ending up hating Castle for it.I admit there was a small problem with Caskett, but it was misused by the writers for their own benefit.They compounded it beyond limits,thus ultimately using it to plant organic doubts into Beckett's mind which would have never crept up,had they stuck with the original nature.I don't want to sound too presumptuous,but I think this will continue till the end of this series,and unless the writers come up with constructive comedy about Caskett,I am sure as hell going to stop watching the show which according to me has turned into a petty romantic TV SOAP SERIES


If we are to believe the plot Kate would not have the experience of being with a ladies man.
(Castle is no ladies man as he waited 4 years and he has shown his sincerity.)
She has had few relationships since she was 19 because of her Mother's murder. Castle therefore had every right to be nervous. We should remember neither can express their feelings well. It took Kate being shot for Castle and then Beckett nearly dying for her. How could Horatio Hornblower turn out to be such a cad!


completely agree.


Pete, so agree with your comments that this episode was just so stupid. Beckett displays some really odd behavior. These writers love the jealousy themes. So pathetic. This kind of episode hurts the credibility of entire season 5 storyline. The scene at the start with Gates forcing Beckett to guard the playboy was so unrealistic. Kate lying to Castle about the kiss so disheartening to watch after all the times Castle has kept her from danger. The 100th episode with Kate being so domestic and loving towards Castle and then the writers putting together such an absurd storyline at this point in the season. Viewers have become so tired of these fake tension scenarios after almost five seasons.


after last ep time for some new unrealistic this last ep was!A city detective being a body guard @kate being a stickler to rules is drinking on the job,an she seems to fall for the wealthy play boy-castle doesn't appreciate her,please,was she seeking a upgrade from a wealthy renowned writer for a billonaire play boy,she's out of her league with castle,does a cop really think she will snag the rich play boy,how long before he would drop the cop?yet,she ate the attention up!one things continues through the yrs.kate reels him in @than pushes castle a way,@on @on she goes, same last week.common decency doesn't apply to kate,plus when rick found out about the kiss,any apology,no rather she defends her self.Its unrealistic after all they been through not for kate to tell castle she loves him,my wife says the same-time for new writers,its getting old


Courtney, you said you don't care how about his accent or stunning smile and that he's no Castle? Who you're really biased and love Castle, cause I certainly could fall for Ionn Griffiold (spelling might be wrong) any day, even if he wasn't a billionaire in the show. That man could have given Castle a run for his money. And you could see at the end that even though Castle tried at the end, she seemed to have doubts. So put your bias away and recognize the man for how fine he was in that episode, accent included.


the billionaire episode was disheartening, does beckett really love castle and is castle really committed to beckett. After 5 years the writers seemed to present them both a immature as teenagers. Castle junior is more together than beckett or castle. I had really loved the love story of two adults so fearful of committment they wouldn't admit to themselves any actual heartfelt feelings. But at some point they need to man-up and be adults.


First I think mixing up the shows kind of screw thing up!!Now I don't think Kate sleeped with the Limey she is not a one night stand !!
Now they have only been dating six months remember when she was going back to work she said if Gates finds out we are Dating you will be out so we have to play it cool. Now their romance has moved along nicely a few bump but not bad. This rich playboy who get what he want says I want beckett and only Beckett for my Bodyguard now they go up to this super suite and Kate is in awe of it as a safe house now mr. smooth operator goes to work first he get her to have some of the bubbly which is against her rules of drinking on the job and he get her to question her relationship with Castle now for the big move he moves into kiss her and I'm not sure if they did kiss but she closed her eyes and tilt her head but then pushed him away.And then BANG,BANG,BANG. End of his big move. O.K. they get the killer and the guy who Payed for it Let go to Castles Loft. She comfortable and Castle want to make up for being a ass and he light all the candles and has it all ready to give her a rubdown they Kiss nice and he turns to take her in the bedroom and she says where are we going? not very clear to Castle he says to the bedroom and she has that look on her face that she gets when she is not happy. Now if she wanted to get her point a cross she should have said Castle (loud) where is our relationship going? I think the doubt that Eric put in her head was still there. I think she was happy the way thing were going with them But the Playboy open up doubt. And i think is still hung up on her Mothers death. And that is why she does not say I love you because then Castle will want to take it to the next Level move in together? a Ring? etc.


ew has some castle spoilers and I tend to agree with most of the comments, IE we're all over this will they, won't they, breakup thing. I say keep em together.
As to their honeymoon period..?? Whats Honeymoon period??
To the best of my recollection they only acted like friends in most of the eps and only recently we saw Kate in Ricks bed.. I saw no honeymoon period.
In fact that was a major complaint that they weren't acting like lovers.
Should be a interesting round table ;)
It would be a MASSIVE mistake to break them judging by comments..


@ drsimnal
Well I could be wrong, as I mentioned I hated that episode so much I've purposely avoided watching that re-run. That was my impression though. Next time TNT replays it I'll give it another shot & see if my 1st impression was just off. Thanks for your opinion though!!

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