Archer Season Finale Review: TEOTWAWKI in Sealab 2021

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After Frisky Dingo's brief Mr. Ford cameo, Adam Reed finally got to do his big crossover episode with Sealab 2021 during tonight's "Sea Tunt: Part 2."

So how did Jon Hamm do in filling the shoes as the voice of Captain Murphy?

SEA LABoratory

Murphy, like many villains in the Archer-universe, was hardly the most dangerous man of the night. Even as the captain threatened to unload nerve gas missiles against the eastern seaboard, it was Randy Magnum and his 3.5 gallons of booze that really got in the way. That, and Krieger's cocaine-induced gun mods.

Hamm's Murphy, despite holding a knife to Lana's neck, certainly redeemed himself when it was revealed he merely had a psychotic breakdown, lacked any actual missiles... and even helped the ISIS plan their escape Sea Lab.

But, honestly, Hamm never quite captured the ridiculousness that was the real Captain Murphy. Nor did he really sound like himself. Luckily, there was some good entertainment back on board the biodiesel floating hotel room, where Malory raided Pam's TEOTWAWKI bug out bag.

Back down in Sealab, the big reveal of the season, of course, was that Ray looked gayer without a mustache Lana was pregnant. Even bigger? The fact that Archer was selfless enough to give up his SCUBA gear to the obvious weakest swimmer.

Maybe I just wasn't a big enough Sealab 2021 fan, but I definitely prefer last season's space to this season's sea. Though I gotta tell you, poor Ray probably equally hates both.  

Until next season, I'll leave you with my favorite Archer quotes as I enjoy the rest of my Kentucky Moon Bellini:

  • Something, something danger zone.
  • Great, the world's first DSVUI.
  • Who are you, Earl Butz?  You say that like it's a bad thing...
  • Crushed by an offbrand drink machine like that old gypst woman said...

Sea Tunt: Part 2 Review

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Great, the world's first DSVUI.


Something something danger zone. I know. I'm not even trying anymore.