Unlucky In Love: Our Advice for Tony DiNozzo

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Some of our favorite TV characters have it all. Impressive careers, nice homes, cool cars, even great hair... but the one part of life they frequently get wrong is love.

So we here at TV Fanatic have decided to take the time to steer them in the right direction. Will they listen? Doubtful, but at least we can say we tried. Isn't that right, Olivia Pope?

Who needs our help this week? NCIS' Tony DiNozzo. Read on for our open letter to the beloved CBS character...

Tony Being Tony
Dear Tony,

In a word, your history with love has been horrendous. It can probably all be linked to the death of your mother at a young age and your somewhat absentee con man of a father.

Yes, being left at the altar by ex-fiance Wendy was a tough break and since then you'll have to admit that most of your affairs have been superficial at best. 

Your friendship and flirtation with fellow Agent Caitlin Todd certainly had potential... if a bullet hadn't ended her life much too soon.

And despite your protestations to the contrary, it appears your most emotionally open relationship was with Dr. Jeanne Benoit. You even told her you loved her and I'd bet money you meant it. Too bad you were undercover trying to bring down her notorious arms dealer Daddy. That would kill anyone's romance.

That leads us to fellow Special Agent Ziva David. Even a blind man could see the chemistry between you two. You never fail to challenge one another. You always have one another's backs and you've both been known to get more than a hint of the green eyed monster when the other's love interests come around.

To say your relationship is complicated is an understatement, but that doesn't mean you couldn't be much more than colleagues. More than friends. After all of these years, doesn't that unresolved sexual tension drive you to distraction? 

Way back in "Truth and Consequences" you were under the influence of truth serum and you warned Ziva not to ask questions she didn't really want the answers to. Perhaps it's time to man up and volunteer the information.

As much as you may bristle at your father's somewhat dishonest and promiscuous nature, it appears your own love life has begun to resemble the man's more than you'd probably like. Isn't it time to make a change?

Tony, if you truly have feelings for Ziva, it's time to put it out there. If she's not interested, she can say so and then you can figure out how to move on. If she is, then you two can work together to balance your personal and working relationship.

If working for NCIS should have taught you anything it's that life is too short. Tell people how you feel while you have the chance.

What do you think? Should Tony take a chance on love with Ziva?

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One thing can be said for the Tiva relationship: it really has people talking, and passionately too. I started watching for the crime solving, but became interested in the Tony/Ziva relationship. I can't wait to see what's going to happen with those two. I hope they end up together, but if they don't, I'll still enjoy the show.


@bob - shallow much?


@ guest - I never once "name called" a poster, so please quote me to show me where I did this, since your claim is that "you can't state your view without name calling". You, on the other hand say extremely demeaning things like "you crack me up" and smugly advise me that "Ziva is not real" Really? I guess anyone who doesn't see eye to eye with you about a fictional character MUST be delusional. That seems to be what your off topic personal attack implies. Please take your own rather self congratulatory advise.


They could always do what House did and fire either Tony Or Ziva and then Hook them up like House did with Chase and that Woman


@MCAL Yea, I know it was long and wordy. I was trying to be as thorough as possible but I knew I would still get negative backlash no matter what I stated. I just said what I thought needed to be said. I need to move one now because I just don't understand how people can be this upset about a fictional character. I always appreciate your comments and you seem to be on the same page as I am in our views of how important this actually is to our real lives, so I guess I will reserve my comments for you and gatorgal and other reasonable people who aren't going to jump down my throat whenever I express myself! : )


state your view without resorting to name calling, character bashing and negativity. It's not real and you will be ok if TIVA does happen, I promise.


I stated my opinion. I was very calm in my opinion. It's you people who take this so seriously and so personally that crack me up. It is not real. Ziva is not real. Tony is not real. It is a fictional world. You visit it, you leave it, and your life goes on. The passion that all you hate Ziva with is ridiculous. I don't understand where that deep seated hatred for a fictional character comes from. And if you want to blame someone, blame the writers. They are actually real and have created Ziva. And just because you grow up privileged does not mean that your life is perfect and that your parents are wonderful people. You can take piano and dance lessons and if your parent's don't show up for your recitals, it still hurts whether you are poor or rich, privileged or not privileged. I stated my view and did not attack your views but you sure do want to sling the mud at me and anyone else who likes Ziva and a Tony and Ziva pairing. This is what irritates me. You can't state your view without resorting to name calling, character bashing and negativity. It's not real and you will be ok if TIVA does happen, I promise.


Holy cow! That is one long explanation!


she's right. she could do a lot better than a old frat boy livin in the past. kinda sad really. he's even got the middle age spread goin on. ever wonder why they changed his clothes? he couldn't fit in the old silk suits if he tried.


Oh c'mon - Ziva is "protecting Tony" with her dead weight comment? Really? I guess for some, anything she does will have a sad excuse and a ready defense. By the way - Ziva also mentioned having dancing and piano lessons as a child. Hardly prerequisites for assassin school. With her father a high ranking diplomat, she was likely raised in privilege and she stated that she chose to become a Mossad agent. Her mother's absence has never been addressed. Ziva was told by her immediate supervisor - Ben Giddon?? In think was his name, not to go to Somalia because he could not go with her, but she made the choice to go and single handedly take down the operation. For someone who seems to think she is the cream of the agenting world crop - she sure has made some disastrous calls. I don't mind a character who makes mistakes. I'm just tired of the Tony isn't good enough for her comments and the pity party that she is thrown when she has to deal with the repercussions of her actions.

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