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The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Cheers to Feeding!

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Drink up, Vampire Diaries Fanatics! The CW has released a second sneak peek at this Thursday's "Because the Night."

In this clip, Damon, Rebekah and Elena are enjoying life as blood suckers free to feed and run amok in New York City. There's no Stefan to slow them down, but there are a few shots to get them going.

Watch the trio throw one back and listen to Damon as he explains how this routine relates to his time with Lexi in the 1970s:

As always, visit our Vampire Diaries forum to comment on this scene... or anything at all about the series!

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Let's all remember that this is a show about vampires. I think it's great that they are finally just being real vamps! Drink from people! I hope Elena has her humanity off for the rest of the season!


Ok, I'm done. Do the writers even remember their own storylines or do they simply forget them after 2 seconds? Lexie and Damon HATED each other. Damon even killed her just for fun! I'm so sick of the writers completely re-writing the story to make Damon seem likeable. The same thing as that horrible out of character flashback with him in the season 3 finale. And I completely agree with Mary! Why are the writers doing their best to make it seem like killing people and being jerks to everyone is cool? At this point I actually wish John & Isobel succeeded in killing all the vampires in season 1 because as the show is so clearly showing they were right in the assertion that all vampires (save Caroline and Stefan) are arrogant jerks by nature that will kill everyone for a little fun.


Rebekah should get out while she can. So glad she and Klaus are leaving for NO soon.


Now I hate Damon even more. They've even rectoned Lexi for him and not in a good way I might add. If Lexi was so helpful to him in turning his emotions back on why the fuck did he have to kill her in season 1? Lest we forget his emotions where on at that time. Mister "be bad with a purpose" could have turned ANY new vamp to kill in front of Car's mom. So why did it have to be the girl that has been helping out the 2 asshole brothers for the past century. Fucking ridiculous! Isobel was right, if you stick with those 2 fuckers you're bound to be doomed.


When did it become a bad thing to try and be good and moral. I get bad can be fun but still chill with the stefan bashing.. You gotta balance the good with the bad, otherwise but extrems suck.