The Vampire Diaries Review: Bites in The Big Apple

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Hey, Damon, do you like The Big Apple?

Well, Elena and Rebekah just totally broke your neck and foiled your plan to track down Katherine and force feed the cure to your quasi girlfriend.

How do you like them Big Apples?!?

1970s Damon

"Because the Night" took Damon, Elena and Rebekah to New York City and if Frank Sinatra was correct, then the rest of world is in serious trouble. These two most definitely made it there. Can they make it... wherever the heck Katherine is located?

It was a fun twist to see this blonde bombshell and this newly pink-streaked siren team up for a change. We've grown so accustomed to Elena doing something with Stefan and defying Damon. Or hanging out with Damon and irritating Stefan.

Or just always being mixed up in some way with the brothers - getting in between them, deciding between them, prompting peace between them - that it's refreshing to have her basically show them both the back of her hand. Girlfriend now has herself her very own girlfriend and the two of them have a plan:

Find Katherine. Get the cure. Feed it to Rebekah. Be done with this game.

Elena told Damon to face the facts last week: he likes her better this way. But while that may not be the case - he still wants to make her human, after all - I like her better this way, at least temporarily. The character has so often been hated on by fans for being the typical damsel in constant distress. But no one can make that assertion right now, can they?

(As for that pink hair, vote on it now, TVD Fanatics.)

The action in modern day New York was far more intriguing than the flashbacks, even if they did involve everyone's favorite fixer, Lexi. Not a great deal of insight was offered by this visit to 1977. Damon turned his humanity off for a bit. Lexi tried to save him. They drank a lot. He fooled her into having sex with him on a rooftop and then left her to burn a little.

Eh, whatever. What woman out there would not trade some scars for rooftop sex with Damon Salvatore?!?

As for the action in modern day Mystic Falls, it was more of a mess than anything else.

We were simply dropped into a rather important conversation between Shane and Bonnie, in which she casually mentioned that he was really Silas in Shane's body. So okay. That secret was revealed. And yet even after all she's witnessed, after all the ways in which Shane deceived her, Bonnie got really angry at her dad and simply agreed to help with the Expression Triangle?!?

Come on, Bon Bon. There was talk later on about how Bonnie was "brainwashed" by Silas, but she only went over the witchy deep end after she was tied up and the cleansing process failed so miserably. She appeared to be very much in control of her decision-making before that.

And finally we come to Klaus and Caroline. Or "terrible" Klaus and "killer" Caroline, I should say. Some pointed words were expressed between these two, as the show is doing a solid job of evolving their relationship. What once seemed like a random pairing makes more and more sense as the weeks go on and as Caroline perhaps learns that one can't simply be defined by one's actions. Circumstances are always a factor. She learned that the hard way tonight.

Other thoughts:

  • One is FEWER than 12, Klaus. Fewer. Not less than. You may win the geometry game, but check yourself because your grammar wrecks yourself.
  • So Silas wants the cure to destroy The Other Side and live forever. Stefan and Damon wants the cure to feed it to Elena. Rebekah wants the cure to start a family. Katherine wants the cure to kill Klaus. And Matt is pulling a double at The Grill.
  • Right? Just want to make sure everyone's motivations and plans are clear.
  • We've posted the PROMO for next week's "American Gothic."
  • And we've posted PHOTOS from that episode as well.

Browse, click, enjoy and sound off on "Because the Night" now!


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@m esther never said that turning them into humans will kill them, she linked them, was gonna turn them into humans and then fin was gonna kill himself,


At least they acted like vampires but coming from Elena, it felt very contrived and forced. I couldn't believe I was more interested in the Bonnie/Silas plot and I don't care for Bonnie anymore. Stefan was a bit of a nag this episode but I just don't approve of him and Caroline always left with the responsiblity while Elena gets to go off and do as she pleases. Whether she's killing people or crying its wrong. I was felt empty after this episode.


I'm probably in the minority but I didn't enjoy this episode as much as I thought I would. The 70's flashbacks were horribly done (yes, worse then Gossip Girls). Nothing of it said 1970s! If I didn't know the year, I would have thought it was the present day- except for Lexie being alive. The flashback felt pointless as well for me. I was interested about the trip to New York but they made the place appear so boring! Its New York for christs sake!
Elena doesn't seem to be very different from Katherine other then appearing "cute" instead of "sexy". I don't recognize her at all. Evil Elena bares no resemblance to Old (boring) Elena and if she was well written, there should be something connecting the two but there isn't any. Rebekah bored me. Lexie was destoryed for me. One of the reasons I admired her was that she wasn't guilable for Damons flirtings but knowing that she actually slept with him now leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth. At least they acted like vampires but coming from Elena, it felt very forced.

Sarah silva

I really enjoyed this episode. It was nice to see Rebekah and Elena working together, even if it is to get Rebekah the cure.
Yes I do not know any woman that would pass up roof top sex with Damon or even Stefan for that matter!
I never thought I would say this, but I felt bad for Klaus when Silas stabbed him in the back, eventhough a couple minutes earlier I was mad at him because he was mean to Caroline. I still see her giving in and hooking up with him before the season ends.
I have always liked Elena and am warming up to Vampire Elena.


Go bitches ! I was disappointed when I didn't hear Plasticine's "Bitch" playing when Bekah broke D's neck and then she and E stole his car. Lady fang power ! And loved loved LOVED Klaroline !


@IIk_vomit I agree with you. It was refreshing to watch them behave like vampires because at the end of the day that's what they are. It wouldn't be a show about vampires if all they did was drink blood bags and behave 24-7.


Caroline killing the 12 witches wasn't intentional, she was simply trying to save Bonnie and didn't realize that what she did until after the fact. AND when she realized she killed 12 people she was devasted and Klaus mocked her. The difference between Klaus and Caroline is that he does terrible things and tries to rationalize it and Caroline tries to do the right thing often at great cost to herself. The irony is that when Bonnie talked about masacering 12 people to bring Jeremy back Caroline was the only one who said that "We are not killing 12 people". She didn't want to kill anybody. Bonnie and Elena have gone dark this season and have no qualms about killing people, but Caroline the one person who does accidently killed 12 people and finished Silas' triangle for him. I guess it's true that the road to Hell is really paved with good intentions.


So Silas wants the cure to destroy The Other Side and live forever. No Silas wants the cure so after the Other side is gone he can take the cure and die.


@Samid oh and you say Katherine doesn't want the cure to "kill" Klaus - My first response was to what Matt Richenthal wrote at the end of the article stating: "Katherine wants the cure to kill Klaus." Everyone on the show has been saying it as well so I'm not sure why you're asking if I'm even watching the show.


on the other hand it was quite refreshing to see Vampires actually do vampire things. the scene inside the club with Damon,Becca and Elena feeding off that girl was pretty damm cool, and it was a nice reminder that they are vampires after all.

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