The Vampire Diaries Return Trailer: Is She Gone?

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The Vampire Diaries is on hiatus until April 18.

But, man, did "American Gothic" leave viewers with a number of questions until then:

  • Can Katherine be trusted?
  • How will The Originals deal with the cure?
  • Will Klaus and Caroline take their new friendship to a new level?
  • What will Silas do next?
  • And is Elena really gone?

That appears to be the case in the following CW promo, as the Mystic Falls prom is upon us, but Elena isn't exactly in the mood to celebrate with Damon. Watch now and try to figure out what you'll do over the next few Thursday nights:

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I think it sucks, I've been watching in hopes of Elena & Damon hook-up, then the whole sire bond, stefan & caroline crap, and having Elena turn of her humanity, even though I get it, but her to do a 360, her becoming this mega bitch, who actually seems worse the katherine, I just think, it sucks that Damon & Elena, only got 2 sec., then thats it. Sucks!


Everyone is fed up with the back and forth crap of Elana...Julie you are just making elana a hoe being with steph ...then damon then kissing stephen WOW i think alot of fans just lost interest...damon and elana fit she is older and why would everyone do this to damon? first katherine then elana you know....even damon father liked stfan better
Just quit already


I am sick of Caroline acting like she better then everyone . Whining about Tylier. Then,flurting with Claus. Judgeing,Elaine cause,she wants Damon.
I hope we see more of Damon and Elaine like them make love again. Or Elaine and Elijha having sex


Oh my, EOnline has just posted a spoiler saying 'one of the lady vamps will be pregnant and (quote) more that one could be the father' - a story from breaking dawn :/

David and sabrina 2014

If Elena is really gone or just disappeared,then that would suck for Damon and the Delena fans. Who knows if Katherine is still meant to be trusted,besides still knowing of being Elena's doppelganger but I still keep wondering if the show will ever get better again. ;P =|


um am i the only one wondering why the originals cannot compel her to turn her humanity back on? shes not on vervain like katherine? so whats the deal?


@Stevie Yeah, when he appeared as Caroline and not just Shane and started talking about being whoever he wanted I was like hey look, its The First! But way less scary. Also, Shane has died and Caroline has also technically died so until he starts appearing as Matt its like a total copy. Not that I really mind that much if I'm honest. There's a whole bunch of stuff that can be compared to Buffy but if I start doing that someone will get really annoyed probably!


It has been fun all dis while watching all dis in vampiree diaries.


Oh please, Elijah will compell Elena to switch her emotions back on, case closed!


Jaaaaa finally Stefan and Elena together again! I hope that it's now clear for her that Stefan will always be better for her!

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