The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 154

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We have a winner!

Faced with a great photo of Lexi staring down at Damon with a bottle of alcohol in her hand - and dirty thoughts likely in her head - TV Fanatics delivered a number of witty entries for this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest.

But the winner was "Dee," who referenced a classic Ke$ha lyric, despite taking slight liberty with the type of drink in Lexi's hand.

Scroll down for the top entry and remember to return every week and take part in this popular feature. Best of luck to all!

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Lexi: Brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack? Please, Ke$ha, we were doing this ten years before you were even born.


Lexi: daman i love you, i always have and i always will, but you need to understand that i can help you flip your switch, i helped stefan. We care about you.
Daman:your saying it like i'm actually gonna care.
lexi: just trust me please, we need to do this


lexi thinking: uhh should i say something to him, he looks just so darn cute, i should tell him that his eyes could be misjugded as stars and his smile could light up the night... No wait that's way to chessey this isnt like giving out carnations and candy grams.
Daman:what are you staring at
Lexi: ohh just you..I mean you look wasted, let's just go home mabey it will take your mind of off things and you'll realize that you should flip that switch before i spazz on you (they both grin)


lEXI: Tell me about her
Damon: no
Lexi:what did she look like,what did she sound like, tell me everything you remember about her.
Damon:every night we get wasted, and the second i bottom out you have to bring up Katherine!
Lexi:because you loved her and love is the most powerful emotion, if i can just get you to remember how you felt about her
Damon:i dont want to remember, uh why do you care so much!
Lexi:do you remember how we first met, it was 1864, stefan had just killed your father, made you turn into a vampire and he was killing his way through Mystic Falls. You hated him! rightfully so... but before you left you asked me to help him because no matter what happened he was still your brother and you care about you need help and he cares about you...we both do, let me help you, tell me about katherine.
Daman:Talking about kathrine is not going to help
lexi:why not
daman: because she's not the person i care about (staring into lexi's eyes pretending to enchant her with his charm, like always)
lexi:Flipped, the switch... why didint you tell me
daman:because i barley felt it at first, but every night it's got in stronger, it worked, you worked.
Daman was able to pretend that he cared about Lexi and she fell for it, not knowing he just wanted her to leave him alone. The switch hadn't flipped yet daman was pretending, he still didint care about anyone at that time but after a few decades lexi came to wish stefan a happy birthday and daman started to feel guilty about what he did in his past so he had to kill her.


Lexi: Damm, you look fine with those dimples and eventhough u puked on your shirt at least three times, i'm still into you, just dont tell stephan, he's still dreaming about me Daman: I wish we could be together to, but here's the thing, I DONT LIKE YOU


Enough with the booze. Don´t they have some TrueBlood in this joint?


Lexi: Brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack? Please, Kesha, we were doing this ten years before you were even born.


Lexi: This isnt your house, its a bar. Get up before I poor this all over you.


Damon: You really think alcohol is going to bring back my humanity?
Lexi: Hello - this is Jack we’re talking about.


So this is your idea of a "good time"?



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