The Mentalist Season Finale to "Change Hunt for Red John"

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Tom Szentgyorgyi has offered fans an intriguing clue into how The Mentalist Season 5 will conclude.

Following last week's major reveal by Lorelei - that Jane has shaken hands in the past with Red John - the producer tells TV Guide that recent episodes have been "about Jane digging into the notion that it's not that Red John could be anyone; it's that Red John is one of a very specific set of people that Jane is uniquely qualified to investigate."

So, where is all this going?

"The finale is going to pay that off in a way that will completely change the hunt for Red John," says Szentgyorgyi. "We are going to know some very specific things about who he might be."

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Who ever he is, he must revealed by the end of the season or this series is done for.


I am red john!!! Lol I have no clue who RJ is.


OK, this is probably old news since I'm a recent convert, but whatever happened to Rigsby's baby?


I think series creator has already stated in an interview that Patrick Jane is not Red John. Clue wise, Red john saved Patrick when he was tied to a chair and about to be killed in the episode Red Sky in the Morning. With regards to the show as a whole, I think the writers have done an excellent job of creating characters and a mythology as compelling and intense as the Arthur Conan Doyle did with Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty. While it is the characters in the show and their relationships to one another that make for a pleasurable viewing experience, I think anyone would agree that eventually, that would be tedious and stale. By having the over-arching presence of Red John, it enables the show to inject something dark and intriguing on a regular basis. For those people who say that they are getting bored with the "Who is Red John" question, I would remind them that without Red John, the show would probably end sooner; there's only so many times people would tune in to see the "crime of the week" format, and even then they wouldn't necessarily mind if they missed an episode as it wouldn't be building towards something. Once the show eventually ends, i think it will stand the test of time as a compelling show with a great premise. For all his cleverness and intuitiveness, Patrick Jane would probably be lost once Red John is revealed. His driving force, his whole reason for joining the CBI was to track down and kill Red John The 100th episode showing how the gang got together highlighted how broken and lost Patrick was before he found purpose. I think an interesting end for season 5 would be Patrick finally discovering the identity of Red John. Season 6 could be him going rogue and do his lone wolf thing, leave the CBI and pursue Red John on his own. The CBI, FBI and even Visualise all give chase to try and stop him. No matter how it plays out, I love the premise of Red John and think the show is all the better for it


yeah the question here,do people still care who the !!! Red john is after 5 seasons?
a common serial killer has been turned in to a cult leader.where ever you look at you see his followers.4-5 episode about red john others are all filler episodes.
so end of season we will know that red john is not only shake hands of patrick but he also spoke to him :))))


The never-ending battle between Jane and RJ is what is teasing our minds and making us to watch and comment and enjoy the show. To the writers: reveal us something in the finale of Season 5, but do not kill RJ, nor end the show. Let us see the "Revenge of the Sith" ups "Revenge of Red John" throughout Season 6. BTW, in the "Revenge of the Sith" - a positive character is turned into a negative character and a servant to the dark side. ...


I am with DOF. ENOUGH of the Red John!!! It's -- that entire storyline -- getting out of hand. Just end it. Please? It's boring.


Ok so here's my thoughts on Jane being Red John, not possible, because he was stood in a room with two people who knew red john intimately and neither called him red john, plus in an earlier season red john saves jane, when jane is clearly tied up, and he has apparently shaken hands with red john. But hey apart from those small issues, its a solid theory.


"when you have "dual personality" as you want to call it, your current "self" disappears and another personality takes over, when this happens you will not remember what the other personality has been doing.
Dont you think if Patrick had "dual personality" then he would have not noticed that he has been having blackouts or he cannot remember stuff from a certain time of a day". @princessD the guy with the problem would be Red John. He may notice that he has blackouts, etc. Since we only see Patrick's side we don't know how Red John functions. To be sincere, I love the series and Patrick Janes's character. I hope for the best ending centering on his redemption and Red John's demise. Knowing that Simon Baker is such a supurb actor and could easily portray two roles,and that Bruno Heller has stated that Patrick Jane was not Red John,led me to imagine this theory. It is far too creepy for tv I know. @idiotsRus Did Lorelei actually say she had seen the two shake hands? I know she inferred it. Or, did she at some time talk to RJ and gotten the comparison from him? At any rate I am for the ending that pleases us all. I wouldn1t want to see
the character that I love and have empathy for be a serial killer.


If Jane were Red John, how could he have shaken hands with RJ?

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