The Mentalist Review: The Ghoul at Sea

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"Red Lacquer Nail Polish" wasn't as much fun as I had hoped it would be. Perhaps my expectations were what left me disappointed.

Investigating an Heiress

The creepy, overgrown mansion had so much potential. Even the security guard seemed freaked out just being there. When Jane slyly told Lisbon, "Ladies first" as they entered the house worthy of a horror movie, I found myself hoping the CBI team would be forced to spend a lot more time there. Unfortunately that didn't happen.  

With the entire body burned to ash, the coroner began explaining how a human being can be turned into a fatty wax candle. When he proclaimed, "Isn't that awful" he had a strange but gleeful smile on his face. Jane was right. The guy was a ghoul. 

The investigation quickly turned to Elise's nephew. Although he wasn't actually guilty of anything, I disliked Curtis the moment he referred to the men and women at the Soldier's Home as mentally unstable war veterans. He didn't seem to care much for the place which made his turn around at the end hard to swallow.

Lissie Calhoun was the obvious red herring all along as we never got to see her. That almost never happens. If they kept talking about her, I knew she had to have some significance, although I didn't guess that she was the actual burned body until the end.

Jane was lucky he didn't set the whole darn boat on fire when he threw that lit flare into the cabin. Then out popped Elise Vogelson, who turned out to be even odder than anticipated. How could someone who dedicated her life and her family's fortune to helping veterans kill a woman who was a nurse in Vietnam as though she was doing her a favor?

From there, Elise out and out mocked Casey at how easy it was to gain her trust and manipulate her. No wonder this strange woman ended up alone for so much of her life. 

With all of its twists and turns, this story never really hooked me. It felt like a bunch of aberrant pieces that never quite fit together. 

Cho's attempts to push Rigsby into moving on from Grace were amusing. He certainly knows his partner as he asked Wayne in this The Mentalist quote

 So have you actually made any dates or are you just hesitating and second guessing yourself like you usually do? | permalink

No, Rigsby made the dates. He just didn't show up for any of them. How funny was it that they all looked like Grace?

I'm assuming it won't be long until we see him make another play for VanPelt, but won't that leave them with the same obstacle? CBI rules state that coworkers can't date one another. Unless they're willing to hide the relationship or have one of them transfer, they'll end up right back where they started.

Another favorite revelation was Jane's love of the sea and Lisbon's inability to see the appeal. Lisbon saw nothing romantic about sailing as she told Jane…

 Stuck on that thing in the middle of the ocean. It's like being in a prison cell with a chance of drowning. | permalink

Perhaps these two should stick to the beach.

With a Red John case looming ahead, what did you think of this serial killer-free episode?


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Okay in 1x2, Red Hair and Silver Tape, is the first time we see Jane reach out to Lisbon and she accepts it. In the last scene after the funeral they turn and walk away, a sad (for the victim and family) Lisbon a few steps ahead. Jane catches her up, puts his left hand on her right shoulder as comfort and leaves it there until the scene fades to black. Lisbon allows it, although she doesn't otherwise react to it.


Elastica, I felt the same way about this scene. Also it's odd Jane was not warned about it.. he clearly isn't ok with male's attention on Lisbon, with Hafner and then the stripper. I mean, if he really didn't care, he wouldnt pull such a face, he would laugh and tell Cho, lets let her have some fun, with a wide smile on his face.


Bonaduz I'd never seen it either although I thought I'd seen them all as I often flicj through the shows videos or SB's videos. I love it when he's embarrassed, you can see he just wants to run away, or he tries to change the subject, cute..


I didn't see this interview yet. Thanks. Simon Baker can't sit still on his chair, almost trying to get away from the questions and he wrings his hands constantly - seems to be totally uncomfortable! Poor guy :-))
Yes, I could just see Jane sitting on top of the stairs, grinning from ear to ear! lol


Elastica, good point!


KM when I first watched that episode, I really thought she was getting drunk and depressed.
She's got beautiful legs! Jane clearly must have had a good look and no so pure thoughts


@mimi "but some said he wanted to check if she was dressing and not getting back to bed and others said he was checking her out." Jane knows Lisbon is a professional, she would never go back to bed. He looks guilty when he takes a look around before trying to take a peek. He's definitely checking her out, in my opinion! :D


ahah thanks for your comments! love it.


total delight watching Jane, not only checking Lisbon out at the window, but looking to see if anyone's watching him before he tries to sneak a good peek through the peephole -- surely knowing you can't really see anything that way but he has to go for it. good one :)


@katempw yes! completely forgot to mention his courage/cowardice, which is definitely part of his defining traits. :) @mimi I thought in the beginning Jane is so focused on the case, he is caught off guard when a less decent Lisbon shows up. He checks her out instinctively, but luckily for him, she was so sleepy she didn't catch it. He repeats several times he has an excellent plan in motion, almost as if he was excusing himself for intruding on her privacy. When she closes the curtain, we can see the wheels in his head, his mind no longer on the case but rather on what he just saw, and looking around to see if anyone is watching before he tries to repeat the experience. I think this shows that, at times when no one is looking, Jane likes to check out Lisbon. Considering this episode was directed by SB, I think we can guess what he really thinks about Jane/Lisbon! :D

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