The Mentalist Review: The Broken Memory Palace

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"Red, White, and Blue" was a standard filler episode for The Mentalist. But an enjoyable one nevertheless. 

Jane's Memory Game

The murder investigation highlighted some serious issues facing today's military. The first was sexual harassment against its female members. The ability to file an anonymous claim certainly seemed to have as many drawbacks as advantages. In the end, if no one is willing to officially come forward, then the claim goes nowhere.

I really appreciated that Cho took the lead in this part of the investigation because he's the person on the team with a military background. As he was quick to remind Hawkins in this The Mentalist quote

The next time you ask someone in this unit to watch your back you might want to remember how you watched hers. | permalink

Considering one woman under Hawkins command was killed and another was sexually harassed, it appeared he needed to take a little more responsibility for what was going on in his unit. 

The other issue was the number of soldiers coming back with traumatic brain injuries and PTSD. I was amazed by Pete's battle to get through every day. 

Of course Jane was the perfect person to go to for anything concerning memory.  I was relieved when Jane finally got around to telling Pete about his memory palace. I felt like I'd waited the entire episode for him to get to that moment.

But Jane was great in several scenes, my favorite of which was when he thanked the soldiers for their service in his own very Patrick Jane way.

The other was when he hypnotized Pete so he could sleep. I loved it when Jane uses his skills for good instead of evil and, even though he tricked Pete, in the end it was for the greater good. Not to mention the poor man finally got some decent sleep.

The killer was such a selfish, arrogant, jackass. He thought slashing some innocent woman's throat was the appropriate response to having to pay alimony to his ex-wife.  Well, that and covering up his illegal prescription drug side business but off course that was his ex's fault too.

The best line of the night went to Rigsby who told the good doctor…

Look on the bright side. In prison you won't have to pay for dates. | permalink

After the drama of losing Lorelei last Sunday, what do you think of this week's The Mentalist? Sound off now and then take a look ahead to next Sunday:


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@KM - thank you for the italian interview, I really enjoyed it.


@huisclothes now I've got an inkling why you want your face in his hair lol. the guy just has it going on everywhere you look!


@ huisclothes,
I'm guessing anecdotally, as I'm originally a California beach baby, Malibu to Balboa was my stomping grounds, that those gorgeous golden glints are gifts of the mighty Pacific and the sunshine. Living now with such a rain drizzle climate, my waves are less golden and more copper. The warmth of the Pacific to the south and the smell of citrus blossoms are two things I miss most. But, the PNW makes up for it with its stunning rugged beauty along the coast.


@ huisclothes, They started filming 5*21 "Red Velvet Cupcake" on Monday. Likely an 8 day. Then they will be onto "Red John's Rules".


entwife the hair, the hair. he has curly hair with not an ounce of frizz. and the color? how many true golden blondes does one meet? especially with skin that gets a tan. one of the things that makes him so beautiful and sculptural is that the hair and skin blend. golden hair, golden skin. the thick eyebrows don't dominate as they would with any other coloring. so you're looking at the david in florence, the marble is all one color. that's where blond can be wonderful. not when it's pukey and neurasthenic or aging baby face.
also interesting to read about simon's favorite films and the elle stylist's comments about his looks. his idols are mentioned: steve mcqueen and belmondo. talk about men who had it goin' on.


Not elegant -- graceful more like.


@huisclothes I don't like that overworked muscle pop-out look either. I like good condition and elegant. And those blond curls go a long way.


just remembering that early in the first season, before i knew anything about him, i was thinking about the curly blond hair - he had this eton school boy look - then it came to me, he's a surfer. i looked him up and found out he was australian and a surfer. very gratifying.


i also like that he's not a super buff. six-pack guy. they always look kind of effeminate to me. guys who are that concerned with their looks have never appealed. he's nicely muscular. a sleek seal of a surfer.


I read the article. Thanks for the link! I love reading about Simon Baker. He seems to be a genuinely decent person.

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