The Mentalist Review: The Alien Lizard Vibe

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That nurse wasn't kidding. Agent Kirkland definitely has an alien lizard vibe to him. It's as if we spent "Behind the Red Curtain" waiting for him to rip off his mask and show what he was hiding underneath. 

Rigsby is Thrilled

Though Jane has obviously had his suspicions of Kirkland, does he now know he's an agent of Red John? And, if so, can he convince Lisbon?

Kirkland injecting the IV almost made me feel sorry for Jason. The poor guy just woke up from a coma to remember being shot by Lorelei and then had his life snuffed out a moment later. He was still so weak and helpless from his injuries there was nothing he could have done to stop it. 

Lisbon was the one who confused me in all of this. She seemed more than happy to hand their one link to Red John over to Kirkland. Was she that worried about her career? Was she actually not suspicious of the creepy federal agent? I was at a loss to the reasoning behind her apparent naivete. 

But the best part of the entire episode was Jane enlisting LaRoche to help uncover the scheme of the nonexistent investor. It was awesome watching these two complex, quirky characters work together as Jane cajoled him in this The Mentalist quote

Jane: You spend your days chasing paperclip thieves. When do you ever get the chance to nail a killer? | permalink

If LaRoche isn't Red John (and I hope he's not), I'd love to see him help Patrick take him down and I beg the writers to give us more of these two in the future.

Jane seemed right at home at the theater. I'd guess that actors are a bit similar to carnie folk. They're all putting on some sort of a show. 

Jane sitting in the back of the theater listening to Deandra sing was just so him. Lisbon walked right by him and never saw him there. 

Deandra's story was downright heartbreaking. That her colleagues gossiped about her drinking while she was really suffering with multiple sclerosis was depressing. That she was reunited with her biological daughter only to have her permanently torn away over a silly financial scheme was tragic. 

Lastly, the beautiful Grace Van Pelt was back at the CBI and it's been far too long. Now the question becomes: will Rigsby find the guts to make a play for her?

Were you surprised Kirkland took out Jason? Is Lisbon being naive and do you think Jane now knows that Kirkland works for Red John?


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@huisclothes although I try not to delve much into the sex bit in this story with Lorelei, why would his night with Lorelei accurately represent his preferences in bed? If information was exchanged, the most Red John learned about Jane was how he behaved when he was feeling down and barely responsive. He was exhausted and had that homeless vibe about him that made the whole thing pitiable and not at all representative of his true self. At least not representative of his character, compared to the last time he had been with a woman (his wife) and compared to the next time he will be with another (Lisbon).


hi mimi hope we get some good kirkland scenes. can't wait.


@estatica i would assume, in lisbon's place, that i might be dealing with a real breakdown. the guy's been institutionalized. she didn't know it was a ruse. when she said the thing about recovery 101, i was surprised. since when is there a twelve-step program to curing mental illness? hardly what you'd say about major depression. even cho, mr stoic, said, "that's pretty low boss." so she was struggling with anger and alienation and feelings of abandonment and was punitive to jane. let him sit in jail until he...what? the capable, cavalier jane of black gold and red blood or scarlet ribbons waltzes out of there whenever he wants. or he's genuinely ill, stays there and gets butt-f*cked by guys who like blonds. they bent her character for the plot. her "he made his bed" attitude would never happen. there'd be no walking in the night. she'd have gotten him released. but where would that leave lorelei and her big beautiful boobs?


@Mimi I guess tonight's episode has some RJ in it because Kirkland is supposed to try and get Jane to tell what he knows.


Hi mimi! Kirkland will be in that episode, so at least there's a reference to it.


hi all! ready for the upcming epi? do we know if it's a rj epi? I forgot..


@katempw thanks for the heads up. we will try to keep a lid on it. @entwife on the other hand, i have to keep in mind about our mr jane is that he was perfectly calm and unflustered when he owned up to sex with lorelei. the fbi and a judge couldn't rattle him. he spun it his way. they seemed like sniggering babies and he, the adult. i love that about him. so he might have felt, fine, let him know what i like in the sack. from lorelei's techniques and behaviors, i can figure out what he's into.


I think in that episode, we learned in the beginning the reasons why Lisbon didn't come to his rescue. When the team asks her if she will bail him out, she says she offered him all the help in the world many times and he had turned her down. She adds that he has to "want to change, he has to hit bottom and know it. That's recovery 101. When he needs help, he'll ask us." So she was, in fact, still doing what was best for him. She didn't stop trying to help him, but she couldn't enable his crap, as it would hurt him more than it would help him, so she waited for him to reach out.


I also can't see Jane feeling abandoned. Perhaps a bit disappointed/surprised that she didn't come to his rescue again, even if he has no right to feel that way. The scene at the church is perfect, though, and shows he feels no resentment, he's just happy and relieved to see her. When he first sees her, he drinks her in and says: "I had to crawl on my hands and knees from that door, but it was worth it (just to see your face)!" This to me, represents Jane's journey. He's been through hell, but in the end, she will make it worth it. Not his wife and kid (as his subconscious told him already they no longer care about what happens to Red John), but Lisbon.


In a way, they both abandoned each other at a point in time they needed each other the most. Unspeakable sad.

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The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Lisbon: If you must break the rules, break them on your own time.
Jane: When am I not on my own time?

Lisbon: You're playing with fire.
Jane: There are worse things to play with.