The Mentalist Review: The Alien Lizard Vibe

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That nurse wasn't kidding. Agent Kirkland definitely has an alien lizard vibe to him. It's as if we spent "Behind the Red Curtain" waiting for him to rip off his mask and show what he was hiding underneath. 

Rigsby is Thrilled

Though Jane has obviously had his suspicions of Kirkland, does he now know he's an agent of Red John? And, if so, can he convince Lisbon?

Kirkland injecting the IV almost made me feel sorry for Jason. The poor guy just woke up from a coma to remember being shot by Lorelei and then had his life snuffed out a moment later. He was still so weak and helpless from his injuries there was nothing he could have done to stop it. 

Lisbon was the one who confused me in all of this. She seemed more than happy to hand their one link to Red John over to Kirkland. Was she that worried about her career? Was she actually not suspicious of the creepy federal agent? I was at a loss to the reasoning behind her apparent naivete. 

But the best part of the entire episode was Jane enlisting LaRoche to help uncover the scheme of the nonexistent investor. It was awesome watching these two complex, quirky characters work together as Jane cajoled him in this The Mentalist quote

Jane: You spend your days chasing paperclip thieves. When do you ever get the chance to nail a killer? | permalink

If LaRoche isn't Red John (and I hope he's not), I'd love to see him help Patrick take him down and I beg the writers to give us more of these two in the future.

Jane seemed right at home at the theater. I'd guess that actors are a bit similar to carnie folk. They're all putting on some sort of a show. 

Jane sitting in the back of the theater listening to Deandra sing was just so him. Lisbon walked right by him and never saw him there. 

Deandra's story was downright heartbreaking. That her colleagues gossiped about her drinking while she was really suffering with multiple sclerosis was depressing. That she was reunited with her biological daughter only to have her permanently torn away over a silly financial scheme was tragic. 

Lastly, the beautiful Grace Van Pelt was back at the CBI and it's been far too long. Now the question becomes: will Rigsby find the guts to make a play for her?

Were you surprised Kirkland took out Jason? Is Lisbon being naive and do you think Jane now knows that Kirkland works for Red John?


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@huisclothes, -It is possible for Lisbon's character to believe she was helping him by not immediately dropping everything and getting to Vegas to bail him out. We can't forget Jane's previous responses to being jailed, he was okay with it. Nor can we ignore that Lisbon has been on the bad end of someone who broke down and turned to substance abuse. It is possible that her experience of her father helped guide her to the choice of immediately running off, especially as we have no evidence that he used his phone call to reach her.
Sorry, but saying that Lisbon did not jump quickly enough to Jane's aid, sounds a tad like blaming her.


I suspect some of the "sibling love" crowd is not necessarily saying that they are like siblings, but that it is just not a romantic feeling. You can like somebody, even love a close friend, without wanting to be romantically involved with them. You can even flirt without it meaning anything. And Jane flirts with lots of people. And I have checked out a few attractive male friends on was just a natural reaction when I saw a set of well defined arms or some other physical attribute that appealed...not a real interest in sleeping with them, just appreciation of an attractive man. Besides, we have even debated whether or not he was truly checking out her ass on occasion. If we're not 100% sure, I can understand how somebody who doesn't want them together could just not see it.


@huisclothes i dont agree. I think it was incredibly strong and sane of her to let him come to her for once, eventhough it probably killed her in the process. I think thats why she was in the church, to find some answers and pray that he figures a way out of this mess. Thats who she is, she does whats right. I also feel that she felt he would use his 1 phone call to call her.


agree that jane got teresa's help when he asked for it but she should have done what she could without his asking for it. i'd expect that from my friends and it would be important to me to extend it even to someone who acted weird and disappeared. that's why i think it's odd for teresa to act like that. i think she has a standard for her own behavior and i believe bailing out people she deeply cares for while they're being assholes is something she'd do. not the time for a teaching moment. and maybe jane was fine with it and would have handled it on his own. but she should have acted like a woman who loves him if only for her own sense of self. imho.


thanks km. what a great promo. great re-cap for occasional viewers and even non-viewers. seven people. wonder who they are. that would be a good game for us to play. just to say "yay" for my team -- patrick didn't know lorelei was a red john plant. look at his beautiful happy face when they joke together about whether they'll see each other again. there's real confusion and pain when the truth sinks in. also, it's a way better story if mr. jane was fooled. much better if he's been manipulated by red john in this way than being the mastermind coolly screwing rj's emissary. his being on to her from the start doesn't add a new layer to the character and doesn't set up his confused feelings about her later.


I agree @neha. There is just too much evidence to the contrary, for those who think Jane and Lisbon have "sibling" love.


also, i really hate it when people say they are like siblings, of course because of everything KM just mentioned and why cant they be friends, why do they have to be either lovers or siblings


@watcher anyone who has watched the show for more that one season has to know that jane is not just using lisbon. he helped her with volker, he got her cleared in red badge, he got her job back in season4, etc. and if he was using her, i really dont think his mind would tell him that lisbon knows him best(devil's cherry). i know you are not saying that, but just cannot see how people would think that.


@ Watcher,
I don't disagree. Still we do have evidence that when Jane decided to ask for help, then he had help. And, far as the sibling argument goes, one has to make that in the face of actual filmed contravening facts. Or submit that it is incestuous sibling hood, because non-incestuous siblings don't discuss seducing each other over dinner or check out each others asses or need to feel each others faces when they smile...


@KM - So much of what happens on this show is not verbalized. We really have no evidence for 90% of what we speculate about. We have very little firm evidence that Jane really cares about Lisbon at all...he could just be using her. There are some people who believe that. I don't believe it, but I can't prove otherwise. There are many people who still think they are like siblings. I can't disprove that either. Rational people watch the same thing I do and come up with a completely different conclusion. Everything is deliberately written in a very ambiguous fashion, precisely so that the viewers can read into it what they like.

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Lisbon: If you must break the rules, break them on your own time.
Jane: When am I not on my own time?

Lisbon: You're playing with fire.
Jane: There are worse things to play with.