The Good Wife Review: Everyone's Been Served

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The Good Wife was all over the place in "Going for the Gold" with bits of serious business, fun and creepiness.

The case against Eli may have been weak, but Josh pulled out every option he had in order to bring down the campaign manager. It was a trip down The Good Wife season 4 memory lane, going back to Jackie's unfortunate campaign speech at the retirement home, the straw poll, the firm's bankruptcy and the tenuous relationship between Peter, Eli and Frank. 

Josh should have cut out of the case after the wiretap was ruled inadmissible, but he couldn't bring himself to give up. I couldn't help but think it was waste of government resources to go after a case when the result was a landslide victory in the straw poll over a 25% legal fee discount. Even if Eli was guilty, there were no damages since Peter won the straw poll by over 95%.

Jackie on the Stand

The showdown between Elsbeth and Josh was both the best and worst part of the episode. The back and forth between the criminal and civil courts highlighted Elsbeth's ability to manipulate the law to her advantage. She was a formidable force in court ready with a counter-move for anything that Josh did. It was entertaining to see what Elsbeth would come up with next. Musical co-conspirators, anyone?

Outside of the courtroom, Josh's fixation on Elsbeth was creepy. The awkward lunch started off with the potential to be funny, but instead turned ugly. Because they were facing off in court, it's not like she could avoid him. She did use his affection to her advantage, but it was uncomfortable to watch.

Elsbeth wasn't the only one dealing with an awkward romantic situation, so were Alicia and Will. Their conversation in the elevator didn't resolve anything. Will's proclamation that it wouldn't happen again didn't address their underlying feelings for each other.

After he left, Alicia was standing there disappointed. And what did she do? She ended up in Peter's campaign bus. Getting dressed again. If you know what I mean!

After all the debate from fans this season about Alicia and Peter's relationship, their encounter this time proved that their sexcapades have not been about a reconciliation.

When Peter suggested that he and Alicia go out on a date, she was taken by surprise. She hasn't been dropping by for visits to rekindle their marriage, but to have some fun and to have control over an aspect of her life.

Alicia needs to make up her mind what she wants and go for it. If it's Peter, then stop playing games and recommit to him. If not, stop with the visits. She's a partner now, so if she wants to be with Will, they should be in the clear with the firm. Whatever it is that she wants, she should go for it. Once the election is over, there's nothing keeping her with Peter.

If she waits too long to go after Will, he may no longer be an option again. Laura was all over him. There was no mistaking her interest in him during the pitch or later. And after the elevator talk with Alicia, he started to flirt back, which isn't good for any of them.

The strongest relationship on The Good Wife is probably between Peter and Eli. Their separation due to the criminal case wasn't good for either of them. Jordan's guidance was so off the mark that it threatened Peter's campaign.

Given Peter's predisposition for cheating, it was strong of him to stick by Jordan and not give in to calling Eli initially. If he had that kind of control earlier in his life, he may not have lost Alicia to begin with. 

But Peter isn't married to Jordan and with Alicia's urging did give in and seek advance from Eli and it saved the debate. Their reunion at the end was a beautiful thing. They missed each other and closed it with a hug. Aww. Now, they just have to bring down the insufferable Maddie! And then on to Washington?

I'll be glad when the election is finally over; the debate finally added a bit of a punch to an otherwise boring story. Though, now that Eli's troubles are over (please!), perhaps it will get a much needed jump start.

Odds and Ends

  • I'm going to miss the friendly relationship between Alicia and Cary. I hope that she decides to buck the traditional partner attitude and decides to be a friendly, but authoritative boss. It is possible to be both.
  • Diane's turn at playing Maddie during debate prep was fun to see. She showed that she could be a strong political candidate.
  • Lamond Bishop may not have shown up in person during the episode, but his presence was heavily felt. The firm lost the State's business because he was their client. And, Diane was all over Alicia about the number of billable hours he was being charged. It can't be long before he's back, right?
  • I can't remember a single time I've been a fan of Jackie, but she was actually rather brilliant with her testimony. She told a truth and one that ultimately saved Eli. Nice play, Jackie!

Should Alicia make a decision about Peter? Or, just keep up this casual, uncommitted relationship with her husband? Are Will and Alicia really over? Do you miss the friendly relationship between Alicia and Cary? 


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Oh, for goodness' sake! Why does Alicia need to commit to anyone? Why can't she be like Diane, and be single when the election is done? I think the series title, "The Good Wife", subconsciously makes people pigeonhole Alicia into someone who *has* to make a choice between two men. The lady is an adult. If she doesn't want a committed relationship, and enjoys sex without strings, there is nothing wrong with that. Men do it all the time. Diane does it and no one debates about whether it's right or wrong, if she's "committed" or "in love", or describes her as a horny teenager.


Kim, I disagreed with you on what you think is love, Will only has one thing on his mind words don't mean a thing when you keep looking. Alicia relationship with Peter is far from over, her mother has nothing to do with it other than make a comment to Peter which she overheard and had to prove to him mom is wrong I still love you.
Plus the kids might be older but they are still hers and have a lot of say and yes Zack knows about dad but sees what has been going on since also Grace. What would happen now if they found out about the affair I don't think they would let that fly. This is why she keeps it a deep secret from them.


last word.....
Between Peter and Will, Will wins hands down. Peter broke his commitment of fidelity more than once and while I understand people who think that Alicia should just get over it, that doesn't happen in the real world.
And yes, I truly believe that Alicia loves Will. If she wanted to get back at Peter, Alicia would have had sex with Will midway through season 1. And her genuine sadness at having to break off their relationship is still palpable.
But even more telling, Will loves Alicia. He is her defender, protector, friend, lover (well former lover right now). Alicia is Will's lodestar. And every woman he has been with is compared to her. That's love. And I firmly believe that true love eventually wins out in the end.


@Tina-I've enjoyed our disagreement. Thank you for the conversation. Here's my (almost) last word......
Alicia's children are almost grown (Zach goes to college next year). If, when all this is over, Alicia chooses Will, she will not lose her children; especially since Zach knows that Peter cheated more than once [remember that conversation?] and Grace recognizes that things are never going to be the way they were when she was younger. At some point Alicia needs to go after what will make her happy and not stay in a relationship that doesn't feed her soul.


This will be my final comment on everything from soup to nuts from the beginning.
First off she doesn't love WILL she used him to get back at Peter making her the same as. As for WILL as a women I would not trust him personally or professionally his character is so low along with partner Dianne they come from the same tree distrustful.
If in the end she takes Will over Peter I foresee the kids going with Dad and leaving her without a family, that will make for the perfect ending.


Now...about Will....
He's a single man who has never made a promise to any woman. He hasn't lied to any woman he's been with. So he can have fun with any woman he wants as long as he's honest with them. And, as far as we know, he has never said "I love you" to any woman other than Alicia. Peter and Alicia will always have feelings for each other because they are the parents of their children. But if Sunday's episode was any indication, Alicia took out her frustration, over not being able to have sex with Will, with Peter. Alicia doesn't love Peter, she loves Will and is fighting it.


Never have been accused of being someone else before, so this is kinda cool.
Anyway...granted, I haven't watched season 2 in about 5 minutes, but unless my memory fails me--Kalinda acknowledges one night with Peter in episode 22 of that season. It's mentioned again in season 3 and Kalinda talked about it earlier this season during all of the Nick stuff.
Let's not forget though, Kalinda and Peter aren't the only people who know about it; Cary found out about it before Alicia did (remember it was his friend who did the investigating). And Eli has always worried that the information from the investigation would come out.
Alicia has forgiven Peter, but she'd be stupid to forget what he did.


PS....Will is a single man. And every woman he has been with has been compared to an easy piece, his kind of action.


Hi John its been awhile since we locked words, I knew this would bring you out.
. 'Cause it's obvious you didn't see the episode where Alicia gives Peter the keys to the apartment she got for him and, when Peter asks why says "you slept with my best friend." Or the episode where Alicia and Kalinda are sitting in the conference room and Alica asks "so how was my husband?"
Did she get an answer from either of them regarding her remarks ??? "NO"
Yes I did see the episode where she let the investigater mention a name but had no proof to back it up.
Later John.


You say, "I still say he didn't have sex with her but helped her with a felony charge that led to a name change and disappeared from her job." Then you and I are watching different shows. 'Cause it's obvious you didn't see the episode where Alicia gives Peter the keys to the apartment she got for him and, when Peter asks why says "you slept with my best friend." Or the episode where Alicia and Kalinda are sitting in the conference room and Alica asks "so how was my husband?" Peter has always been selfish and there is no reason to believe that will change.
Will is a single man. And every woman he has been with has been compared to Alicia and found wanting. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

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