The Big Bang Theory Review: A Real Dinner Party ... No Capes Required

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It's not often that The Big Bang Theory gang is together for most of an episode. "The Closet Reconfiguration" was a pleasant surprise with laughs, but also serious moments when everyone was there to help Howard through an emotional situation.

I doubt there is a single person out there, even the most organized, who hasn't thrown stuff in the closet ahead of having guests over to their house. Howard's method of picking up in preparation for the dinner party was a universal, non-geek exclusive situation. Though, Sheldon's love of organizing was not a punishment for bringing his own food, though at least Bernie got reparation for his wrong.

The Cocktail Party

Anyone who has been watching The Big Bang Theory knows that the group cannot keep secrets. They are horrible gossips and Sheldon is the worst. At least, he didn't just blurt of the letter's contents and even after Penny approached him it took a bit of manipulation for him to squeal.

After years of not opening the letter, Howard was rightfully upset that all his friends knew the contents when he didn't want that out in the world. The resolution was touching to see. Yes, the show is a sitcom, but sometimes in order to enjoy the laughs there needs to be some seriousness too. The gang's decision to tell him truths and lies was the perfect way to give Howard resolution to his troubled relationship with his father.

Sheldon's Goonie's mention was funny at first and even after he changed it, but then became a bit overkill after that. This was Howard's moment, not Sheldon's. We'll never know who was telling the truth, but I wouldn't be surprised if several of his friends shared comments from the letter. The result was that Howard's negative and angry image of his father could be at least somewhat lightened.

Going forward, I'd love to see more dinner or cocktail parties with the group instead of coffee table take-out meals. The guys looked slick in their suits and the ladies looked nice all dressed up. It's always funny to see the contrast between Penny and Amy's idea of "dressed up." It would be kinda fun to see Amy dress up in Penny's clothes or get a makeover sometime. It's been awhile since the show's done something like that.

Even with the serious moments, there were some very funny ones as well. Below are a few of my favorites and click to check out more "The Closet Reconfiguration" quotes. 

Bernadette: You can't just throw everything in the closet.
Howard: Hey, you can tell what to do or you can tell me how to do it, but you can't do both. This isn't sex. | permalink

Leonard: Mmm, you know, we could throw a dinner party too. Maybe even ask everyone to get dressed up.
Penny: Sure. Just when you say "dressed up" you mean nice clothes, right? Not, like, capes and tights and crap
Leonard: Although...
Penny: No. | permalink

Sheldon: Is there any reason you're keeping this dead goldfish?
Penny: Damn, I forgot to feed him and that I had him.
Sheldon: Well, now, did you also have a dog? Because I found what appears to be a battery-operated chew toy.
Penny: Party's over. Party's over. | permalink

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Where you glad to see everyone together? Would you rather see them "dressed up" Penny-style? Or, Leonard-style? What was your favorite letter story?


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A very well-written episode. Just not in the TBBT style. Somehow Bernie's character is evolving in a very creepy way- like Howard's mother. Somehow the idea of my spouse going behind my back on a VERY sensitive issue, then getting everyone to tell him 'their' version- sticks in my throat. Enough over-analysis. This episode belonged to Friends rather that TBBT. Sure the characters to grow, just not into beer-guzzling idiots who're afraid of their wives & will dwindle into old ladies


Good episodes.....Agree with reviewer nice change to see the whole gang at one place. Sheldon again awesome and a little sentiment in Howard's story was refreshing. Cannot wait for the next episode.


"Jumped the Shark"??? What a bunch of crap. This was a good episode. There is nothing wrong with mixing comedy with a bit of sentiment. That comment by Colleen sounds like the same nonsense from the guy who said he would never watch Castle again if they had a serious episode. Fortunately such nonsense is not the majority opinion. Everyone has the right to their view--even when they are WRONG.


I thought it was good fun to see them dressing up and acting like adults. It even made sense to me that there would be such times/moments with the women in their lives for long enough already to be an influence. There might even be some more fun in them acting like adults in certain situations (or trying to)!


When a television show departs from its' format, especially a sitcom, the writers have run out of ideas and signals the end; this episode was not funny and just painful to watch. Big Bang Theory has jumped the shark.


I too enjoy the episode and though to myself this remind me of the home imporvment episode with tim and his dad, Bernadette is truly a amazing character and I am so glad they are adding a serous side to Howard he was becoming as bad as Allen on Two and Half men


i like this one all lot. i love how they mix turth and lies and let howard pick what is real and what is not


This episode made me tear up I gave it a 5! I think what they did for Howard in the end was incredibly loving and supportive. Great friends! You could feel Howard's pain and I think they really helped him feel better.


This was such a sweet episode! I liked the resolution for Howard's letter from his Father. Sheldon didn't bother me because, as someone else said, that was pure Sheldon. It was also a funny episode; I think Penny had some great lines! I hope they will do some more grown up episodes; after all they all should be this side of 30 so it is time to mature (but still in a geeky way)....


i hope we know all the closest relatives of the gang, and lucy i hope she become the 4th girl, although i would prefer Missy or Alex

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The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Bernadette: Sheldon, I've been cooking all day.
Sheldon: Well ... now don't you feel silly.
Bernadette [to Howard]: Show him the closet

Bernadette: You can't just throw everything in the closet.
Howard: Hey, you can tell what to do or you can tell me how to do it, but you can't do both. This isn't sex.