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Finch knows that winning big means betting big, and it's still clear that Person of Interest is worth betting on.

"All In" divided the episode into two stories, allowing Reese, Finch and Leon to worry about a former card shark going up against a casino boss, while Carter was digging her way into the conspiracy that is the rebuilding corrupt police force known as HR.

The Atlantic City Case

I'm a huge fan of Leon and love how the show continuously has his number come up for Reese to swoop in and save him. Not only does he have a great personality that is smarmy and heart-filled, but Leon can contribute to helping out the case rather than be a useless nuisance.

The intro of the episode was a great way to get Leon involved this go around, while having a fantastic attack from both Bear and Reese on the bad guys. It was even funny that Leon knew exactly what was about to happen after he recognized that he was probably going to be killed.

The case of the week was pretty simple in its execution, but creative enough that it didn't feel like an overly cliche casino story of taking down the bad guy boss and winning money.

At the same time, rather than include poker, something that's been done repetitively, baccarat was played. It was simple enough to explain, and a classic game that's been associated with international spies. It's even the game that James Bond plays in the novel Casino Royale.

I also thought it was clever utilizing older players as the key to the money laundering scheme. You really never would ever suspect what was going on, although having a pile of medicine bottles in the trash might have been able to give it all away.

And while I liked the slight feel of an Ocean's 11 movie with Reese, Finch, and Leon,  taking down the casino felt far easier and less intricate than it probably should have been. That said, the whole winning back the money was made far more intriguing and something to root for because of the show's score.

The music on this series is very well done and adds to whatever mood the show is trying to convey whether it's suspense, action, drama, or even making money at the baccarat table. It works in perfect harmony with everything going on during the scenes. I think sometimes people really forget how much it adds.

Was there ever any doubt that Reese and Finch would succeed? Sure, some cliche thugs got in the way but classic takedowns followed.

Carter and slightly Fusco, who had the best line of "There's no Santa. It was your parents." were involved with HR, the villainous group that's been in the shadows after their previous defeat.

I had to look up the characters involved because of the variety of connections, and the fact it's been a while since we've dealt with the rebuilding HR. Interestingly enough, the head of HR was back trying to fix further partnership with the Russian mob while setting up good cop Szymanski.

Poor Szymanski. No more Geico commercials on this show.

Carter was once again digging her way into a situation that's going to get her in danger, and although she was able to help Szymanski get out of the setup, she wasn't able to stop him from being shot.

I had a feeling that Detective Raymond Terney was not around because he was another good guy. It was certainly a wild twist having the ending of the show finish out with the head of HR shooting Szymanski and his lawyer, but then having Terney shoot him to cover up the murder.

HR is a crafty corrupt force.

Although, I have to say that the real standout moment was the Reese and Finch talk about Finch not being able to be with Grace. It was such a sad scene and you could really feel Finch missing his love and Reese knowing there's not much more you could say. It's good that at least Reese and Finch have a friendship and purpose, but the price of being the hero is certainly a painful one to pay.

I still have hope that maybe one day, Finch can find a way to be with Grace again.


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I think you misunderstood one is "jealous" the show is based in NYC. Every show has to be based somewhere. The question she asked is on that I've asked myself more than once while watching POI: what happens to the numbers of the irrelevant people outside of NY? Obviously Finch and Reese can't save every person in the world, they are only two people after all. Would just be nice to have some acknowledgement of the "irrelevant" numbers outside of NY.


Back to an entertaining episode where the viewer has to figure out if this week’s POI is a perpetrator or victim. In this case, it’s both. I enjoyed the story with Lou. It reminded of the recent Oceans movies and 21. I’m finally getting a handle on how Leon Tao contributes to our dynamic duo. With Zoe Morgan, I understood her role from the start. The first 3 times Leon Tao has been on POI, I couldn’t understand how he was helping Reese & Finch. The third appearance didn’t help because he was an EMT on the Sam Shaw episode. Now, I get it. He’s the finance wizard/playboy millionaire the duo turns to in cases like this one. The HR storyline finally gets a shot in the arm. Not that I like this storyline. I prefer the other one (The Machine/computer virus/government/Greer storyline). But the storyline is back and has my attention. HR does look like it’s getting desperate. How else would you explain Quinn killing Szymanski and the D.A. to get on the good side of Peter Yogorov. I hope Reese & Finch find out soon about HR trying to resurrect itself. With The Machine malfunctioning, they have no idea what is going on. The Machine should’ve spit out the SS numbers of Szymanski and the D.A. to save them. If they don’t know what is going on, then that will lead into the next paragraph below. Carter had better watch out. If she continues to dig deeper for more info on HR, Fusco was right. She won’t like what she sees. That new detective, Raymond Terney, is probably keeping eye on her for Quinn. Beecher looks like he can’t be trusted. I thought I read somewhere he was the nephew of Quinn. Beecher either is a part of HR or isn’t. If he is part of HR, he is playing innocent very well. I can also see Quinn trying to kidnap Carter’s son, Taylor, and use as a bargaining chip if she gets too much info. If HR does something to Carter’s son and Reese & Finch don’t get involved, Carter might question whether to keep helping Reese & Finch on their cases.


Not one of my most favourite episodes, but still a very fine episode nonetheless. I do feel that POI is one of the best shows on TV, whether on basic or cable, and I hope that it lasts many more seasons. I have been missing seeing more of Fusco, and I do hope that he gets some juicier story lines in the final episodes of the season. I will echo other people's discontent in the HR story line, enough already. Bringing back Elias would be great though.


@to lll
I was staring right at that scene and STILL didn't notice it. But it's amazing what people catch that others don't. Other than that my opinions remain the same.


★★★☆☆TV Pretty average. ..


A good episode all told although like a lot of people I am tired of the HR storyline which is a shame because Clarke Peters is a fantastic actor. I liked it when it was tied to Elias and Fusco was in the middle of things on Reese's orders but now it feels a little like they're trying to give the Carter character something to do. I wonder if maybe her story would have been better served if they had followed the original plans they had for her last season before the network asked them to bring her into the fold earlier than intended. It seems like she hasn't had that much to do this season apart from acquiring a shady boyfriend. Anyway bring on the high-voltage end of season episodes!


Up until very recently, I would have agreed with everyone who voted POI to be the best show on television. But that was until I got hooked on The Americans, which is become my number 1. Although that knocks POI to the number 2 slot, IMHO, it's still a great show. I don't have any problem with the parallel storylines, otherwise wall to wall Reese and Finch would soon become stale. And quite frankly, this week's episode that revolved around the elderly card sharp didn't exactly get my adrenalin pumping. We need a return visit from Elias, for one, and the woman agent from a few episodes ago, for another.


We have enjoyed watching this program from the beginning but last night when the good cop and his lawyer got shot like that and then one bad cop shoots HR or whatever that creep is, was the last straw.I went to bed with nightmares being afraid of how many bad cops there are in this world and in this program.We don't want to watch this program anymore.What is wrong with the writers of this program? You have such a unique idea for a show and with such outstanding characters as Finch,Reese,Carter and Fusco-why are you putting such trash in the storyline? We love CBS but not this new horrid killing spree on the part of bad cops. It is too scary to watch.


For everyone who thinks that the machine is malfunctioning because it did not spit out Syzmanski's number: There has to be more than one murder, or threat of murder, in a city the size of NYC. The machine gives one number that covers a whole episode's timespan -- that's usually one day or even several days. If if spit out a number for each and every potential violent crime, Finch and Reese could never stay on top of things. It is not necessarily a glitch with the machine. Also, I have to admit that this episode seemed to me full of cliche characters and situations. Even the scene between Finch and Reese at the end felt obvious and forced. I usually love the subtle signs of friendship and affection between these two damaged characters. But that particular scene felt like it was begging for my tears. Sorry, no sympathy here.

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