NCIS Round Table: "Prime Suspect"

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Our NCIS review broke down "Prime Suspect," this week's episode, in detail.

Now, TV Fanatic staff members Steve Marsi, Douglas Wolfe and Eric Hochberger have assembled for our weekly Round Table Q&A discussion of various events and topics from this installment.

Join in as we analyze another multi-layered hour of TV's #1 show!


1. Describe this episode in one word (or two, or three, or four).

Steve: An enjoyable, if unexceptional hour.

Doug: A lighter change of pace.

Eric: Old-school whodunit caper.

NCIS RT - depreciated -

2. Favorite quotes or scenes from "Prime Suspect"?

Steve: Gibbs at the barber shop talking with his old friend. I love any insight into how the man spends his time, even if it's just a few quick scenes of Haircut Tuesday. Also when he called his dad.

Doug: I enjoyed watching Dorneget and Tony fighting it out while Melissa watched them, interpreting their spat as a lover's quarrel. That was fun.

Eric: Vance asking Abby to help with his daughter. It's about time. Also some more subtle moments like Tim tripping over himself to tell people Abby's friend is NOT her boyfriend.

3. What was your biggest problem, if any, with the episode?

Steve: The case and some of the details therein were definitely a bit of a stretch, but that's hardly cause for alarm as any show has to be granted some element of artistic license. I enjoyed it overall.

Doug: Most TV crime shows require a suspension of disbelief, which the audience is happy to provide. I just could not get my head around the notion of the reporter actually murdering anyone (in this case, three) in order to advance his career, unless he's a psychopath. It's understood that psychopaths would have no compunction against doing so, but then again - aren't most of them fairly organized and intelligent? This just did not make sense. I couldn't buy it.

Eric: I agree with Doug. While it made for nice misdirection, there's no way that reporter was so desperate to revive his career that he'd start KILLING people, grotesquely and systematically at that. Really though it's all about the characters and we've had so many great moments this season to make up for any holes like that.

4. Did Gibbs do the right thing in helping his friend?

Steve: Can you even answer that? It was pretty much vintage Gibbs. He stands by his convictions, even if it means breaking the rules. It's not always admirable (though often it is), and it usually gets him in trouble, but that maverick streak is one of the many reasons he's such a beloved character - and leader.

Doug: Morally, he did the right thing. Legally? That seems a little grey. Wouldn't he have been legally obliged to hand over any information to local police? Such as the fact that the barber's son was left-handed - in addition to being a dead-ringer for the artist's sketch? I honestly don't know.

Eric: I understand why he tried to conduct his own shadow investigation, but once he began to suspect his guy was in fact the killer, impeding Metro's case was a bit shady. Just Gibbs being Gibbs, though.

5. Who was the NCIS team MVP of the week?

Steve: Dorneget, for putting up with Tony, and Vance, for pranking Tony. Sorry Tony.

Doug: This one goes to Vance: the way he handled his irritation with worry-wart Abby by asking for her help with his daughter, effectively resolving two issues at the same time. And for pranking Tony. I hope we continue to see him evolving like this: it makes him more accessible and likeable.

Eric: Leroy Jethro. If you're friends with that guy, he's always got your back.

6. Tony's antics in the Bahamas: Funny or over-the-top?

Steve: I love Michael Weatherly at times like this, but hope it doesn't become overdone, because he's capable of so much more. If it's balanced out by some Tony episodes with more depth later, I'm okay with it.

Doug: Vintage Tony for the most part: he was in his element, being on a beach and surrounded by women. Plus, he thought he had his very own probie servant in Dorneget. His misinterpretation of Melissa's interest in him funny but... the shtick is getting to be too formulaic.

Eric: Funny. I know people may have gripes but I laughed!

7. Is Ziva off her game?

Steve: They did lead you to believe that, didn't they? I'm guessing the various hints at that will manifest themselves in the big arc to conclude the season. Ziva's drama hasn't unfolded quickly thus far because they're setting the stage - at least that's my prediction. Can't wait to see how it plays out.

Doug: I can't decide this one. It could be that the writers forgot about character continuity in allowing the detective to read information from her desk: the normal Ziva would have not allowed that mistake. Or it could be a setup for the fact that she really is off of her game. I haven't seen her make any other overt mistakes, so I'd have to say "no" at this point. (Now watch: the next episode will feature Gibbs calling her out on that goof. Or worse: Tony.)

Eric: Maybe, but if so, isn't that to be expected as normal, human behavior?

What's your take on these issues of the week on NCIS? Discuss below!

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You telling me to grow up is classic. I have given a thoughtful, well thought out response to your offensive, racist comment, and you tell me to chill out and grow up? This just proves how unreasonable you are and how ignorant and arrogant you are. You never stated "black actor", you said "black people". And both of those statements are offensive. To say that Tony is treated like a black actor is just as wrong as saying a black person. You are still comparing a fictional character to a real life human being. Both of them are highly uncalled for just as your "rape" statement was a few weeks ago. I feel that you are using these pages to feed your much lacking ego and to find some gratification and acknowledgement that you are obviously not getting in your real life. The only attention you can get is the negative attention you get by inciting anger in people on these fan message boards. So, I am no longer going to feed your addiction. I will no longer be responding to you and your disgusting, unreasonable rants and comments. You are a sad, little human being with no regard for other people and I feel bad for you. People have tried to be friendly and reasonable with you but you don't want that, you want negativity and I, for one, am no longer going to fill this need in you. Good luck in life.


"Ziva just see Tony as a worthless loser who should end his life because no one care if he alive or dead" If you can find an exact quote where Ziva said those words in some shape or form, I will give you a cookie.


Except you didn't specify actor. You said and I quote, "Black People" which means you are obviously talking about the African American community as a whole. And even if you did specify, the comment is still inappropriate. Just like your rape comment a few episodes ago. Face it Michael. Even Ziva haters don't want to associate with half the things you say. I'm sorry, but idiotic, hateful comments make you look like an idiot. I know I shouldn't call anyone an idiot, but an arrogant person like you deserves it. *Feel free to delete my comment moderators if you found this comment offensive, but Michael's need to be deleted too.*


Dude what are you talking about I was talking about how Tony was treated a lot like a black actor is treated take a chill pill and grow up


part 2
before you post them.


Your comments are so highly offensive that I don't even know how to reply to your statement. To compare the treatment of Tony today on NCIS to that of a black person just shows how truly ignorant you are. Do you know the types of atrocities that were committed against people of other races during the days of slavery and the civil rights movement? Perhaps you should go back and study this part of American history. Please tell me how Tony is treated in these ways. When was the last time that Tony was beaten with a whip, hung from a tree or had dogs attacking him and ripping him limb from limb? When has Tony ever been made to sit in the back of the bus or not allowed in certain areas of the squad room or not allowed to drink from the same water fountain? To compare the treatment of a fictional character to the plight of real human beings is such a gross analogy that I am truly offended and horrified. Find a new hobby Michael and be aware of how offensive your comments are and think of that before you post them.


*kate Its like kate sister said back in her debut Kate saw that Tony could be a great agent where Ziva just see Tony as a worthless loser who should end his life because no one care if he alive or dead


@Guest because back then he was still a young cop so it was okay for him to make a mistake and Gibbs treated him and Tony as the same now she gibbs treat tony like the black people use to be treated and Ziva like she a god.


I just re-watched seasons 1 and 2 and I am really trying to find how Tony was so much more superior back then to the Tony of today. If anything he was more immature and more of a womanizer than he is now. He was always doing stupid stuff and being called out for it. Do you not remember him oohing and awwing over the woman who turned out to be a dude? All he could focus on was kissing her and getting in her pants. How is that behavior superior to the Tony we have now? I, for one, am happy to see a Tony that is not constantly talking about his conquests and his one night stands. In the last couple of years that type of talk has greatly diminished. In those earlier seasons too, Kate was always viewed more highly than Tony and could do no wrong. That has not just been a trend with Ziva. And here's the 411 for ya-Gibbs is the lead of the show. He will always be the center of the show. He will always be portrayed as above everyone else on this show. It has always been this way and it's not gonna change.


They seem to need to keep Tony subordinate and inferior to absolutely everyone. Ziva, GIbbs, and McGee constantly correct and insult him. I love Tony but the writers have really screwed MW and his fans in order to turn Gibbs and Ziva into the shows exclusive super heros and recipients of the huge multi episode dramatic stories, Tony just serves to be the butt monkey and advance the stories of, and to flatter Ziva and Gibbs at this point. He has very little significance in any of the big story lines. They've pretty much destroyed the clever, sharp witted, dedicated, heroic Tony of the DPB days.

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