Body of Proof Review: The Trouble With Family

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Megan Hunt had "Mob Mentality" stalk into her morgue and threaten her this week - but in true Megan fashion, she didn't flinch. As much as I loved her bravado, perhaps she might want to take a little of Tommy's advice.

A Mob War

As Tommy tells her in this Body of Proof quote right before the bullets start flying….

Tommy: You might want to dress down when we go into a bad area.
Megan: Like I'm going to take fashion advice from somebody who owned a Member's Only tuxedo | permalink

Admittedly, anyone who wore Member's Only has questionable fashion sense, but he did have a point. Tight skirts and high heels are bound to stand out in dark alleys and sometimes it's simply smarter to blend in. But Megan really doesn't care about fitting in. She cares about getting the job done and luckily she's got Tommy there to protect her when the shots are fired.

I liked that Tommy asked Megan out and I was thrilled she said yes. But I should have known it was all too easy. Tommy may have made the reservation behind her back but I thought Megan over reacted. Although not knowing more about their history, it's possible she had reason to do so.

The two most interesting things about the murder of the mobster's son had to do with our two detectives. 

Tommy and Russo had quite a history going back to his time on the NYPD which obviously didn't end well. All Tommy would tell his partner was that he lost his temper and people got hurt. Bad people? And just how hurt? Apparently we'll have to wait for those details but it was clear that Tommy was trying to put it all behind him when he moved to Philly.  

Was Megan working in the same city simply a lucky coincidence or an overall plan in the hopes of getting back together?

Det. Lucas was back after having last week off and he looked even younger and cuter than I remembered. I never considered what having a close family member as a defense attorney might mean to a cop. Adam seemed very worried that his colleagues would shut him out. Unfortunately some probably would. There are far too many asinine people in this world.

Although if there was an award for stupid it had to go to the guy who shot Adam. I loved how he thought he should get a pass because he was stoned. As though getting high was an excuse for shooting a police officer. Apparently he thought the whole thing was so cool that he recorded it and posted it to online. Is there such a thing as criminally stupid? Perhaps he can ponder that while he faces attempted murder charges.

My only disappointment was that we didn't get much of Curtis. Both Ethan and Curtis are great characters on their own but they truly shine when they're paired together. Their adventures in the creepy basement last week just left me wanting more.

Now that Tommy's made his feelings clear is there any chance that Megan will give him a second chance? Do you want to see these two get together? What's your take on this week's Body of Proof?

Mob Mentality Review

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Body of Proof Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Tommy: You might not want to tempt fate although you obviously want to tempt me.
Megan: In your dreams, Sullivan.

Tommy: You might want to dress down when we go into a bad area.
Megan: Like I'm going to take fashion advice from somebody who owned a Member's Only tuxedo