Body of Proof Review: The Devil's the Excuse

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"Lost Souls" was a creepy thriller that even persuaded a skeptic like me to ponder the possibility of a very unscientific option.

Much like Megan, I took one look at crazed Rebecca and thought her death was caused by a drug overdose, although my first guess was PCP. The girl broke her own arm, for goodness sake. But when the toxicology screen came back clean, I was stumped.

The Devil Attack

I never truly believed she had been possessed by the devil, even when the nurse swore the room turned several degrees colder when Rebecca entered. Our minds are incredibly powerful things and at times are capable of twisting reality to fulfill our beliefs and fears. 

It's not that I don't believe that other worldly possibilities can exist, but much like Megan I simply have faith that 99% of the time there's a more logical explanation. 

Rebecca's family history was beyond frightening. Her great-grandfather murdered all three of his daughters by taking a sledge hammer to their faces because he believed they had been possessed by the devil. Now that's a scenario worthy of a horror movie.

I actually felt some sympathy for Rebecca's father, Caleb, and kudos to Tim McKay for doing a wonderful job in that role. Caleb could have easily come off as a crazed, religious zealot but instead I regarded him as a father challenged by his faith and his love for his daughters. Much like Chelsea said at the end, her father did the best he could with what he knew.

I wished that Hannah's actions could be blamed on mental illness the same way their great-grandfather had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia but she seemed to be in her right mind. Hannah was selfish, vengeful and cunningly evil.

Ethan and Curtis were once again powerhouses of humor among the darkness and death. They were both funny and completely relatable as they practically clung to one another approaching that creepy house. 

When they split up while searching the basement, I kept wondering: what happened to having each other's backs? But at least they made it back together for the most chilling discoveries of the bed and the 80-year old tooth.

Kate once finally seemed a part of the team and helped solve the case of the phantom PCP in the girl's systems and why their bodies would mirror signs one my equate to possession. She hasn't given up on her political career, but it was comforting to know her new aspirations won't mean she's leaving the morgue behind, at least for now.

I was impressed with Megan and Tommy. Their chemistry's definitely still present but there's also a trust that seems to be growing. Even though she turned the comment into a joke, Megan does have faith in Tommy. She didn't hesitate (at least not much for Megan) to tell Tommy that the words Chelsea had spoken had been those of her father and she didn't try to hide that she found the incident bewildering.

These two certainly made a good team. I've got my fingers crossed that their partnership turns out to be more than professional by season's end.

As for Chelsea's words, I kept expecting a rational explanation to come to light but there simply wasn't one. Much like the revolver misfiring, sometimes things can't be explained. 

The moment that shocked me was the end when Chelsea told Megan, "Now go learn something." That was eerie. 

Will it send Megan down a path where she finds the courage to shed more light on her father's suicide? I hope so. That could be quite a compelling story and it's only one of the reasons why I'm looking forward to the continuation of this season of Body of Proof.


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The premise for the episode was interesting but Megan Hunt is so superior and snotty that she makes the show unwatchable. The writers made her boss seem more approachable, but I lasted about 30 minutes and then deleted the episode. I also removed it from my list of recorded shows. It is one thing to make Megan focused but another thing to make her nasty to her associates and to the victims' families. It strains credulity to have a medical examiner so involved in an investigation. It has been done before with the same passion and a nicer personality in Crossing Jordan, Rizzoli and Isles and Quincy. Unless they soften Dana Delany I won't be back.


This episode was hard to watch. It convinced us to drop it from our DVR's "series manager". I'd compare it to Fonzie jumping the shark, except 25 years from now, no one will have any idea who any of the characters on this show were.


I like the show but the good doctor is starting to act like a see you next isn't appealing at all.


I think they need to "soften" Meagan a bit. She is way over the top. They may need to get her to Psychiatrist to allow the character to humanize a bit. This episode was awesome and really different. The end was especially eerie. I wonder if they will deal with those statements in later episodes.


I agree, they have Megan being a little on the mean side.....this last episode was really bad...I almost didn't want to watch it, she made me so mad on how incentive ahe was acting. SMH


I agree. A little cocky can be cute, but Megan's character is hateful. After all that she went thru at the ned of last season, and she starts out this year saying that she missed everyone, and then taking it back. I'm looking for a glimmer of tenderness, other than towards dead people.


You should probably change your picture at the top as some of the characters are long gone from the show.


The final line made the whole episode! But I'm left feeling like Dana Delaney just sleep walks through the episode, maybe some flats and a fanny pack could make her more human.


I agree, the show was amazingly erie... that scene with her stabbing her lung with the cross and throwing it across the room to stick in the wall was so spooky. Also her last words to Megan... had her dead Father made contact somehow? My complaint is, again, with Megan's character...way to cocky and actually nasty in her relating to others. Hope she mellows out.


I was so glad that they explained the behaviour as the pcp..but the ending was confusing. The girl just finished a speech about her God is not a god of fear, etc. , then in a creepy way says "Now go learn something", which appeared to be demonic. That does not make sense - good and evil cannot both dwell in the same place. Very creepy...still bothers me.

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