Archer Review: Coyote Lovely

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This week, Archer headed to the sun-blasted shithole that is Texas to stop some a "Coyote Lovely," which is espanol for people smuggler  Also, coyote. 

Archer's Coyote Adventure

But in the end, really after klumping around Turkmenistan just two weeks ago, Archer spent yet another adventure in the dessert nearly dying.

Replace some Turks with some Border Patrol Texans, Lana out for Ray and some dictator satire for some illegal immigration and you basically have an eerily similar episode. Just without all the hallucination of a snake bite.

Once Lana and Cyril were sent back with some Archer-inflicted injuries, we were treated to some all-too-brief scenes at ISIS. Just some brief moments of Pam and Cheryl with only a hallucination of Krieger? Boo!

Luckily, Archer and Mercedes kept things pretty entertaining on the lamb. From drunken veterinarians to Archer's endearing racism and interaction with Lupe, our lead character managed to cover for the lack of usual supporting goons.

Unfortunately, even with a pretty clever ending, the episode felt too eerily similar to Sterling's last near death experience for me. What did you all think?

I'll leave you with my favorite Archer quotes and moments:

  • Liberal hippie Lana is anti illegal immigration?  Never saw that coming..
  • Maybe Archer is autistic?
  • So glad Chewy fixed that 8-Track.
  • So THAT's how Malory killed the Hobbit.  Damn you network rescheduling. Figured I missed something.
  • Who would you trust more? An alcoholic, unlicensed veterinarian... or Krieger?
  • Any idiot can got shot cyril. Ask Brett.
  • Geesh, Lupe, in America we just imply our racial profiling.

Coyote Lovely Review

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