90210 Review: Brothers and Sisters

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What would an episode of 90210 be if Naomi and Annie weren't trying to interfere in or control someone's life? In "Life's a Beach," the ladies went head to head about getting involved in their newfound half brother Mark's world.

This guy has definitely gotten a crash course in life with sisters, that's for sure!

Naomi Talks to Annie

Annie randomly got Mark an amazing interview at a hot restaurant in NYC. Naomi was pissed because there was a possibility that her long lost half-brother could be taken away. This is her only sibling. Who else is she supposed to bond with? Jen Clarke?!? No thanks!

Naomi used the best tool at her disposal: sexuality. Obviously she isn't going to flirt with her brother because, ewww, but it seems he had eyes for Adrianna so that could work. Now all she had to do was flatter Ade, get Mark to her house, put Ade in a bikini and heels and find a way to make a quick exit. Hormones would take care of the rest.

Leave it to Naomi to contrive some totally absurd situation and somehow get away with it. Can we just talk about this bikini and pumps thing, though? Nobody does it unless you're Brandi Glanville, so let's just stop.

Annie, on the other hand, uses her self-righteousness and tries to get to Mark to rat out Naomi. Annie is always right, right? Obviously both of these plans led to more squabbling, which freaked out their new bro. Luckily, Mark had Liam to talk some sense into him. He's staying because he wants to, not because his sisters meddled. Don't these girls ever learn?

Maybe the reason we fight like we do and we can say anything to each other, which we normally do, is because we're like sisters. | permalink

Well, that was a very sweet sentiment from Annie. These two have come along way over the last five seasons. I think the person who got hurt the most out of their fighting was actually Adrianna. How would you feel if you heard your best friends talking a bunch of smack about you? Regardless of the truth to it or the apology they later gave, that still hurts like hell. I only hope her pact with Silver holds up.

Silver has something else to focus on because Michaela is finally officially pregnant! She also just directed a cheesy but likely to be popular music video with Dixon and Michaela. Is it me or is The CW obsessed with group dance or performance numbers lately? I'm so glad Silver was able to make things up to Dixon and now hopefully they can both achieve their dreams.

Dixon got his music video and Liam could have a hit on his hands with his surf shop. Navid did snag an awesome trainee job but there's also the problem of Campbell and the Cronis guys who are going to place the blame of test tampering and cheating on him. Thank goodness Liam overheard what Campbell was planning, but will they be able to stop it?

Since we got the news that 90210 is going off the air after 5 seasons, I think we should spend these last episodes listing what we will miss about the show. I will list one thing each week, starting with the most obvious: I will miss Liam Court's abs.

How about you? What did you think of this week's episode and what will you miss?


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I can't believe they didn't kill off Annie yet. I'm still hoping that they end the show with that. I'll tune in for that.

Zaidah rahim

I have nothing to say about this episode.
I'm going to miss Max Miller and Naomi Clark so much. :(


Okay this show is a mess. Maxomi needs to end up together or else I'll be super bummed. I'd like Dixon and Silver to end up together cause the started off together. Or else Silver and Navid. BTW I don't thik Michaela baby will end up being Silvers it will probably be Navid's since they hooked up classic 90210 Adriana can end up with who ever. Annie needs to end up w/ Liam Also I get the vibe that Annie and Naomi's brother is to hot to be their brother and I keep thinking he is going to hook up with one of them. Then I remember he is suppose to be their brother.


I'm going to miss Liam working with Power tools without a shirt on, come on who else does that! (In other words, yes Liam's abs)
Annie and Naomi's fight is always about a guy. As much as I love their rivalries, I love their friendship. They are like sisters.
Silver/Dixon great chemistry. And Michaela's pregnant, so glad the baby stuff is moving forward, I hate how long it's dragged out.
Adrianna is totally out to sleep with all of Annie's brothers. Haha, she was so innocent saying "Apparently I'm a whore". Yeah apparently.
Liam, this is the second time he's banged a married woman. The only semi interesting thing about this is Campbell being Sydney surfers stepson.
Navid trying to get a job. He's the only one we see who's taking classes, and yet he can't get a job. Everyone else has a success story 3x over. (Maybe not Silver either...)
It was an okay episode, hoping next weeks takes a step up.


Jessica Lowndes looked absolutely stunning in this episode, especially in the one piece bikini at the beginning. Why does she always get snubbed on "Sexiest Women" lists?

Sarah silva

I really enjoyed this episode. It made me sad watching because I know we will not get a shortened season 6 to wrap things up the proper way.
I will miss everything, I really like this show!
I think Mark will end up with Ade. I know they made a pact but I do not see that pact sticking.
The music video will be a big hit and Dixon will become a sought after music producer.
I am happy that Silver will get her baby.
Not liking the surfer chick that is all over Liam they have to have him and Annie get together, all the other girls they have him with are super annoying! (Silver was the one exception). You can tell Michaela and Dixon will become a couple.
I knew as soon as sufter chick mentioned a step son that it was that Cronis jerk. Liam will infiltrate Cronis to take them down and clear Navid's name!


I will miss Adrianna's really intense storylines, Navid's jokes, Liam's mysteriousness, Annie's innocence, Dixon's coolness, Silver's likability and Naomi's love life. Oh wait, they abandoned all of those years ago!! Never mind then. I will NOT miss, however, the TVFanatic 90210 recaps which always get passed off as reviews.


The episode was good but seriously, Dixon and silver were the worst. I'm begging the show to not put them back together! I don't really care about her pact with Adrianna. I'd rather see silver and mark hook up. And Annie was a huge snob in this episode. I don't care if she realized it in the end, but it was a big turnoff. She's incredibly selfish. I'm sill holding out for some way for silver to get to carry her own baby. Having two can't hurt. Just not with Dixon! And surrogate or not, there's too much focus on McKayla this season. She's not interesting at all. And they're wasting way too much screen time with her. She can still carry the baby and stay in the background.


Liam's abs. *_* Yes, I will definitely miss those.

Spindae 2o

o good episode, and it's not a surprise S05 is quite good.
Sixon or Dilver fans. this was an homage to S01. they 2 have real chemistry. but let's see where it goes with the promise Ade and Silver gave to each other. Liam hmm. it is such a mess with him will he ever have some issues not women related. Navid. hmm really disliking him. he was sweet with the surrogat but that's it. naomi and annie where great. really hilarious. ade was sweet as well.

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