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I was really into this episode until the always inexplicable (to me) decison to have a cast member spontaneously break into song, lol. Little girl can sing? Fine, when they make "Walking Dead: The Musical", I'll sit front row and watch her. Until then, please stop it! It totally pulled me out of the story. Plus, my ploy of simply muting the sound was thwarted when they ran dialogue over the singing, g.

I, too, enjoyed the Daryl/Carol scene and I wasn't surprised at Carol's solution to the Governor problem: she probably (and rightfully) had that thought a million times while married to Ed. Merle's moment of humanity made him seem even more dangerous. Good ol' Andrea retained her title of "Most Stupid Woman To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse". Also, if we're gonna keep having nekkid woman scenes, I'd like equal time. Daryl or Rick are gonna have to shuck some duds. It's not just straight fanboys who watch the show.


I was even pleased with Michonne for calling out Andrea drinking the Governor's Kool-Aid. The conversation between these two showed some real emotion from Michonne, as she made perfect sense with each point she gave to Andrea.
I wasn't a fan of Michonne until that scene! It was just great. Everything she said was right on the spot and needed to be said. "You chose a warm bed over a friend." Wow!
This part and the scene with Carol and Daryl (my favourites) were awesome!

The rest of the episode didn't grow on me, although it was a good build-up for next week.


Blah episode. Several things were set up for the next episode -- Rick, Michonne, and Carl are going to take a day trip; the Woodbury Army is gearing up; Tyreese and friends are in Woodbury -- but Andrea's visit was not especially consequential.

I would have been shocked had Andrea actually killed the Governor. She's not an assassin and, more importantly, she feels affection for him and she doesn't fully believe that he's as evil as they say. She may be in denial, but she doesn't want to believe that a bloodbath is inevitable. Which, frankly, makes the whole visit thing a waste of time.

As for Rick's run ... what is he hoping to find? A few more rounds of ammo are not going to make a big difference.

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