The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Friends... Not Forever?

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Attention, Stelena fans: you'll want to click Play on the following clip from this week's new episode of The Vampire Diaries.

While "Down the Rabbit Hole" will largely focus on the introduction of a new hunter named Vaughn - someone who takes to torturing Damon - the installment will also stop for a few moments and give Elena and Stefan some time to bond.

Over their relationship? Not exactly. Over Stefan's desire to take The Cure, to feel "normal," to do away with the "misery and guilt" that goes along with being a member of the undead.

As for the status of these former love birds? Might their be a regular friendship in their future? Watch the clip to find out:

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Stefan does not need this pitiful friendship he suddenly has with Elena..please. They keep doing this to him, always leading him back to Elena. I get he was with her for a long time now but really after everything that's happened I don't think Elena deserves the friendship. At least not this quick. I'm not a Damon&Elena fan. I'm not even a Stefan&Elena fan. I'm just a fan in general.

David and sabrina 2014

Even if they do get back together,the marks of the previous sire bonds will be left as a mark but who knows if us Stelena fans will even like it again even if the show manages to get normal again. ;P =|


Ive read a lot of negative criticism about vamp Elena this season, but really people seem to forget that Stefan was responsible for nearly ruining Jeremy's life early on in the season when he tried to force him to become a vampire hunter. His actions this year have seemed like the act of desperate man trying to fix an impossible situation, if it was to 'cure' Elena shouldn't he have discussed it with her first. He didn't even try to protect Elena when Rebekah kept attacking her at school and then at her house, surely he could have warned Rebekah not to keep bothering her.He actually seems quite disgusted that Elena is now a vampire.
Elena herself, is not a perfect character. She did seem to jump straight into Damon's bed after breaking up with Stefan (living up to her Petrova heritage), and has not handled being a vampire very well, but the writers did warn us about that.Maybe she needs a few pointers from Katherine about looking after herself instead of trying to be perfect all the time (because that always works so well).
These are vampires on this show not Timelords or Slayers, they don't actually have a moral code to live up to. Maybe if the writers focused the storyline on some of the other characters, like Bonnie and Jeremy for instance or gave Caroline a decent storyline, we might get a breather from
the whole Stefan/Elena/Damon/cure saga. They've lost all their intrigue.
I'm hoping the cure will actually turn them all into something even more hideous like otherworld demons or something.


Elena is not worth it Stefan, just let her be Damon's sire bond sex slave....You are way more awesome when you are not with selfish please move to the spin-off and be awesome with Klaus, k?


omg rebecca gets on my nerves!! I want Stelena back together asap...gosh this show is going to end


@justsaying I honestly don't get the blind obsession with Delena. Damon yes, Delena no! As for Elena having selective amnesia I agree totally but at least I can blame it on the sire bond...on what does one blame the selective amnesia rabid Delena fans have? Sigh!


@V,Thanks, finally somebody with some sense. He wanted to fix the situation, not Elena per se. Big difference if people would interpret the meaning behind what was said. Instead they spin it to mean something else to discredit the character. Even Elena is confused about what he was trying to do for her. I guess that she had selective amnesia too. Then why is she their trying to find the cure and not back in Mystic Falls living off of blood and living her life.


It's awesome that Stefan wants to be friends with Elena! This will make it a little easier for all 3 of this triangle & of course there will be less tension. It will take some time for Stefan to get over the fact that Elena is in love with Damon but it's a start.


@Relbelle, that's what I'm talking about. You hit the nail on the head. People seem to forget all of the conversations that SE had when no one was around except for us who have watched and heard what they shared with each other. I'm not saying that Stefan is perfect, but what I am saying is that the crazy things he did do and said was because he was either trying to protect Elena or his brother. He started drinking human blood to save his brothers life and that addiction was one he had been running away from for years, but he had to do what he had to do for his brother. Klaus had to compel him harder in order for him to attack Elena. It's so much about his character that is not all black and white.


@mg So you do admit that you wear rose colored glasses. Oh, that's what I thought. For someone who admits that they don't watch sci-fi for reality, it sure does seem like you have a lot to say about a character(namely Stefan) and about a relationship(Stefan/Elena). And as far as you not judging, well love, that's simply not true. Proof is in the pudding by your comments and by what other posters had to say about what you had to say. Listen, if you can't take it, don't dish it out. Now, tell me exactly what episode it is that Stefan said he wanted to fix Elena. Don't send me a www.crap. I got Netflix. I'll be the first to admit that I was wrong that Stefan didn't said he wanted to fix her, not a statement taken out of context just to benefit the bias person.

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