The Vampire Diaries Review: The Five Stages of Grief

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Wow, I need a minute. It's amazing how an episode can be so dull for the first half... and by the end you are totally speechless. "Stand By Me" was definitely one of those episodes. Before we dive into our review, I want everyone to take a moment and say goodbye to Casa Gilbert. 

As for Jeremy...well, that's gonna take a little more time.

A Plotting Foursome

Thirty minutes into this installment and I was thinking "ugh another filler?!" Bonnie was acting stoned and brainwashed, Professor Crazy was spouting his psychobabble, and Rebekah was threatening lives. Blah blah blah. Actually I'm only semi-kidding about that last one because does anyone threaten torture better than Damon and Rebekah? I thoroughly enjoyed that bit. I think they do a better job than Klaus at this point!

Then we had the turning point: annoying April calls and for lack of a good excuse or lie, Elena finally admitted Jeremy was in fact DEAD. Boom. Okay so now let's hit the five stages of grief:

Denial: Obviously this was the first 30-40 minutes of the episode. Everyone else could smell Jeremy's body starting to decompose. Caroline was scrubbing the floor from where Kol got torched to keep her mind from Tyler's absence. Jeremy just could not be dead, right? Wrong, he's a supernatural so the Gilbert ring couldn't work on him anymore. 

Anger: Enter Dr. Fell, who calmly tries to tell Elena to hand Jeremy's body over to the morgue and set up a private viewing for friends and family to say goodbye. I thought Elena was going to bite her head off. At this point, the only person who could maybe reason with her was Damon. We needed that sire bond and we needed it fast. Since Elena still thought Jeremy can be brought back, she was begging for Bonnie. Damon finds Bonnie who looks brainwashed out of her mind, because duh she is.

Bargaining: Bonnie and Damon return to Mystic Falls and Bonnie introduces her psychotic plan to break down the veil between the mortal world and the other side. Only 12 more people need to be sacrificed, no biggie right? Elena was almost considering this as Caroline, Bonnie and Matt argued. She had hope after her touching scene with Matt in the stoner pit. But does she really believe that Bonnie and the sacrifice can bring him back? Then the aforementioned call from April and Elena snapped. Jeremy is really dead. There was no more bargaining.

Depression (and a buttload of anger): Honestly, Elena's meltdown was almost four seasons in the making and it was epic. I truly think that scene in the living room with the lighter fluid and the throwing of objects was Nina Dobrev's best work on The Vampire Diaries to date. Just think of the amount of loved ones she has lost and tell me how that girl is still standing. I know everyone makes fun of her that she can be whiney and she's always the victim, but in all seriousness she has lost a lot. 

Every inch of this house is filled with memories of the people that I loved that have died. My mom, my dad, Jeremy, and Jenna, Alaric, John, even John. They're all dead. Everyone is dead. | permalink

Acceptance: I don't know that I would call this stage acceptance so much as sire bond compulsion, but they served the same purpose. Elena is numb. Her humanity is gone. She knows Jeremy is no longer coming back. The Gilbert house isn't a place she can stay anymore. It's over and it's all gone up in flames, literally.

A couple of notes before we turn it over to you readers. So... is Shane dead? Was Bonnie communicating with his ghost? Where is Silas? Was that Silas?!? Most of all, are the writers really telling us that our favorite little Plot Device Katherine Pierce has been running this show from the get-go? Working with Hayley and the Professor before he even got to Mystic Falls? Well I'll be damned.

One last thing: if Bonnie can raise the dead and Cult doesn't do well, can we have Alaric back? Sorry, had to ask.

Time to share your thoughts. Hit the comments!


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Es la mejor serie espero con ancia el capitulo 16�😄
Son muy buenos actores dios Elena me iso llorar 😭c
Cuando se dio cuenta que estaba muerto su hermano
Espero y halla una 5 temporada �💗💜💙💓


This is so heartbreaking. Jeremy's really gone? I can still picture his queit reassuring whisper to Bonnie when they were together, and his close relationship with Elena. We'd always look up to big, kind, not to mention hot Jeremy to look after everyone. Make things okay.. and now he's just gone, like Alaric (another character i miss so, so, so much.) Can't really face Jeremy being dead. Alaric was hard enough. Now JEREMY?! Guys get a grip on, its Jeremy, elenas little brother, the one we love so much on the show. He just can't stay dead. Elena and her humanity off switch? That is something I didn't expect Damon to suggest. I hope it doesn't go on for long, her humanity and love is the heart of the show. I love her relationship with Damon, but Elena is meant to be with Stefan. It was how it was in the beginning, it was her choice when she went off that bridge. Don't you remember the loving scenes with him? On top of the Ferris Wheel, happy to be with him in spite of all the troubles of the world, with One Republic's "All This TIme" playing. If Elena's humanity is gone for too long, there's really no love left in this tragedy and it just becomes heartless and cold.


Sucks Jeremy is gone along with Alaric. Tell me again, why did these two fantastic characters get killed off, yet Matt, who serves no real purpose other than keep Elena stay grounded to humanity, is still alive.


I love reading these comments because you all come up with things I never would have though of. 1) Katherine was always working with Klaus 2) Tyler is already dead 3) The sire bond might be gone because Elena no longer feels anything for Damon Cannot wait for the next episode. (Hate that it's on break)


This show is getting crazy & out of control. The writers are writing any damn thing because somebody is getting lazy & weird in not knowing what else to do to try to keep it interesting. They keep killing off family members to give the main characters something to trip out about. It's getting sad to watch. Then they go on a hiatus, using all these damn breaks to keep us up & down like a yoyo. I'm really beginning to lose interest. They're acting like they want the ratings to go down on purpose.


@kayla i think he did. He said to stefan he wasn't enough since elena lost her brother. If he could help her any other way he would do it. Plus when Stefan told him that they've been through some rough patches because of Elena he said it didnt matter anymore. The ploblem now is that he cant make her "turn on" the feelings , he doesnt have that power now.


in order 4 the sire bond to work elena has to luv damon right? but she turned off her humanity including her emotions meaning she can't love, so wouldn't that mean she's no longer sired to him? if so she might be like that for a while damon really didn't think this through did he?


this episodes wasnt one of my klaus, no more jeremy, and a total cliff hanger. i just want to see elena go crazy and turn into a damon 2.0 and some more klaroline scenes


It sucks that Elena's brother is home mb for now who knows but Matt isn't the only human you got April and torey Paul's wife and Caroline's mom so I mean enough of that. TVD is about to get alot more interesting can't wait to see a different Elena and I hope she kicks Katherine's ass pardon my cussing


Hayley and Katherine are on the same team? And Tyler might run just into them (or at least Heyley, cause I'm sure when he left MF he went straight looking for her despite everything she's done)? That could become interesting! Kudos to Nina Dobrev and Zach Roerig! Great acting! On the other hand ... seriously, Bonnie was annoying as a character, acting incredibly stupid, and Katerina Graham's acting was sooo bad. Oh my god. Can the witch please FINALLY be killed? My guess is that Rebekah healed Shane in the woods - or he just told her that Silas is using his body and she runs back to MF (hopefully) to tell the others. Maybe her and Klaus will join Team MF to fight Silas, yay!

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