The Vampire Diaries Review: A Pierce to the Heart

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Someone has to tell Julie Plec and company that they got Valentine's Day all wrong: it's a holiday where one's heart is meant to race out of love, not fear.

But following the concluding events on "Down the Rabbit Hole," most Vampire Diaries fans are now in full-on panic mode: Is Tyler really gone for good? Is Jeremy actually dead? Is Damon truly a decent person?

And is Matt at least getting paid for all this overtime at The Grill?

Charlie Bewley on The Vampire Diaries

For the most part, this was a strong - albeit far from spectacular - hour of The Vampire Diaries. It meandered in certain places, most of them involving the irritation that has become Shane and the annoyance that somehow, prior to tonight, NO ONE BOTHERED TO ASK ABOUT THE CURE.

Sorry, my keyboard got away from me there. But considering how big of a deal this little elixir became for all characters, it was a constant source of consternation that no one asked the obvious question: How much of a cure is there? Everyone just heeded the words of a professor who claimed to know all just by... knowing it all.

But that ignorance did at least lead everyone to the island and to the well and, by extension, to the developments that now have every Internet user buzzing. Let's break each down:

Katherine is back. Not entirely shocking, as one astute member of The Vampire Diaries Round Table did make this call two weeks ago after that intruder broke into Shane's office. But while we've often joked at TV Fanatic that they ought to changed Katherine's name to Plot Device, I'm intrigued by her appearance here.

Mostly because I can't imagine she wants the cure for herself. If anyone adores the life of a vampire, it's Katherine Pierce, right? She craves power and she's all about survival. No way she's take a sip of something that would guarantee eventual death.

So... why does she want the cure? For whom? Those are the questions we ought to be asking.

Tyler is gone. We all love Michael Trevino and we all hate to see Caroline cry, but this departure would have more impact if Tyler didn't also skip town during The Vampire Diaries Season 2... and The Vampire Diaries Season 3... and was absent for weeks until last Thursday. The guy spends more time away from Mystic Falls than Bonnie's dad.

So, yes, he'll likely be elected Mayor in a couple years. But his exit here doesn't have that great of an impact. We've seen it many times before, although sources do say Tyler will truly be gone for an extended period of time. Still, his goodbye (sorry, his Until We Find a Way) led to one of my favorite moments from the night:

Caroline basically admitting she didn't want the cure. Thank you! This is one human being who has seriously evolved as a vampire. As Klaus said, she's become strong, ageless, fearless. And also gorgeous, of course. Let's not forgot gorgeous. Really, really, really gorgeous.

But Candice Accola gushing aside, it was refreshing to hear a member of the undead admit that it's sort of awesome to be a member of the undead. And I won't even mind the Klaroline chatter that will inevitable follow now, considering Klaus is right: these two do have that affection for power and strength in common.

Jeremy is dead. I mean, he's not really. Right? Right?!? I just don't see the series going there, no matter what next week's preview implies. It would be a bold move for the show, killing off a legitimate main character. And the fallout, especially for Elena, could go in any number of directions.

But Jeremy has finally come into his own this season as a hunter and as a really good wearer of wife beaters. Heck, I've been more invested in his storyline than the repetitive love triangle. I never thought I'd say it, but I really hope Jeremy Gilbert is not dead.

Which, of course, is exactly why he probably should be dead. The more a viewer thinks that way, the bigger impact a death has.

So that's where we stand heading into next week's "Stand By Me." Were you shocked by Katherine's return? Jeremy's apparent demise? Tyler's farewell? Totally and completely turned on by Vaughn's accent?

Sound off now!


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This was one of the better episodes of TVD lately. The last few weeks have left me frustrated as wondering if I'm going to continue watching but I think this week pulled me back in. I'm so over Delena, mostly because she's been a whiney twat on the show lately. I'm all aboard the Klaroline ship so I think that has been keeping me going these past several weeks. Seeing Tyler on the run again makes me happy. I was surprised by the appearance of Katherine and I'm also left wondering what she wants the cure for. As for the death of Jeremy... I didn't see that one coming. I like is character (and all his shirtless scenes) and would hate for him to be dead dead. (I'm forgetting, does he still wear his ring or no?)


I think Jeremy is Dead. All the relatives of the vampires in Mystic Falls are dead. So now Elena is officially a vampire now because she has no living relatives. She is the last Gilbert. As anyone notice that all of the Founders children are vampires? I'm thinking Indian burial ground. As for Katherine I think she wants the cure for Elena. She doesn't like the competition. And probably because the doppelganger isn't supposeto be undead.Or if Elena takes the cure it will probably cure Katherine to. And I think she like being a vamp. It will probably be likeHarry Potter & voledermort neither can live while the other survive something to that nature.


I am almost sure that katherine is looking after her again, she wants the cure to kill klaus so she will be free. And Silas, is he so terrible, monstrous?


Seriously this was one of the best episodes EVER!
I'm so confused and shocked and surprise after this I can't wait to see
the next episode!

Sarah silva

I liked this episode!
Jeremy can not be dead, he was wearing the ring, dosen't that still mean he will be fine? I also do not think they would kill off Elena's last family member.
I think Bonnie is the one that will end up dying.
I am sad to see Tyler go. I was actually upset about that.
I think maybe people did not take Shane too seriously so they did not think to ask him how many doses there was.
I also hope that Stefan now realizes that he can not trust Rebekah and no matter how hurt he is now that Elena is with Damon, he can still trust her.
I am glad Damon ended up being okay.
I predict that Klaus will sleep with Caroline, she will be distraught over Tyler.


I think Jer us dead, and I believe this will result in Elena eading out at Stephan and Damon. Ours going to be one of those situations where she going to say I wish I never meet you two did nothing but bring me pain, blah blah blah. As for the cure, I don't think it cures Vampires, I think it kills them. I know I know, a very fast fetched idea they never really bothered to research about the cure and basically is just assuming which is a bug no no in my book.


@Rachel I was wondering about the ring too, or did it stop working for him when he became one of The Five since that would make him a supernatural being? Like it wouldn't work for Elena even when she was human because she was the doppelganger?


I felt dissatisfied with the episode.
It was pretty good. Far better than the majority of episodes this season but I felt as though something was missing.
Katherine coming back was obvious and I don't think anyone would have been surprised. I'm actually not that excited for her return. I never found her character very compelling.
The only scenes I really enjoyed were the ones involving Klaus.
I'm done with this show at the end of the season. I just don't care about the characters anymore and find myself rooting against them every single episode. I laugh when Elena complains or when the writers try to make you feel sympathy towards Damon even though he is actually a horrible person.
Everyone is simply too selfish for me to care about and everything they do is for Elena, even if it has devastating consequences. I hate the fact that Elena hasn't been confronted about her killing thousands of vampires around the world without a second thought. She doesn't even feel guilty.
Next week will be the last episode I ever watch to see if Jeremy is alive.


I didn't say Katherine's choice was a GOOD one ;-) It's just what I think she's planning. Or maybe Klaus called her to get the cure so he can destroy it - and promised Katherine to never go after her again.
Either way, I agree with you that they should've killed Silas. I'm still wondering why on earth no one listened to Kol... but I guess that's just the writers being lazy.


Does Jeremy not have his ring anymore?

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