The Vampire Diaries Review: A Pierce to the Heart

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Someone has to tell Julie Plec and company that they got Valentine's Day all wrong: it's a holiday where one's heart is meant to race out of love, not fear.

But following the concluding events on "Down the Rabbit Hole," most Vampire Diaries fans are now in full-on panic mode: Is Tyler really gone for good? Is Jeremy actually dead? Is Damon truly a decent person?

And is Matt at least getting paid for all this overtime at The Grill?

Charlie Bewley on The Vampire Diaries

For the most part, this was a strong - albeit far from spectacular - hour of The Vampire Diaries. It meandered in certain places, most of them involving the irritation that has become Shane and the annoyance that somehow, prior to tonight, NO ONE BOTHERED TO ASK ABOUT THE CURE.

Sorry, my keyboard got away from me there. But considering how big of a deal this little elixir became for all characters, it was a constant source of consternation that no one asked the obvious question: How much of a cure is there? Everyone just heeded the words of a professor who claimed to know all just by... knowing it all.

But that ignorance did at least lead everyone to the island and to the well and, by extension, to the developments that now have every Internet user buzzing. Let's break each down:

Katherine is back. Not entirely shocking, as one astute member of The Vampire Diaries Round Table did make this call two weeks ago after that intruder broke into Shane's office. But while we've often joked at TV Fanatic that they ought to changed Katherine's name to Plot Device, I'm intrigued by her appearance here.

Mostly because I can't imagine she wants the cure for herself. If anyone adores the life of a vampire, it's Katherine Pierce, right? She craves power and she's all about survival. No way she's take a sip of something that would guarantee eventual death.

So... why does she want the cure? For whom? Those are the questions we ought to be asking.

Tyler is gone. We all love Michael Trevino and we all hate to see Caroline cry, but this departure would have more impact if Tyler didn't also skip town during The Vampire Diaries Season 2... and The Vampire Diaries Season 3... and was absent for weeks until last Thursday. The guy spends more time away from Mystic Falls than Bonnie's dad.

So, yes, he'll likely be elected Mayor in a couple years. But his exit here doesn't have that great of an impact. We've seen it many times before, although sources do say Tyler will truly be gone for an extended period of time. Still, his goodbye (sorry, his Until We Find a Way) led to one of my favorite moments from the night:

Caroline basically admitting she didn't want the cure. Thank you! This is one human being who has seriously evolved as a vampire. As Klaus said, she's become strong, ageless, fearless. And also gorgeous, of course. Let's not forgot gorgeous. Really, really, really gorgeous.

But Candice Accola gushing aside, it was refreshing to hear a member of the undead admit that it's sort of awesome to be a member of the undead. And I won't even mind the Klaroline chatter that will inevitable follow now, considering Klaus is right: these two do have that affection for power and strength in common.

Jeremy is dead. I mean, he's not really. Right? Right?!? I just don't see the series going there, no matter what next week's preview implies. It would be a bold move for the show, killing off a legitimate main character. And the fallout, especially for Elena, could go in any number of directions.

But Jeremy has finally come into his own this season as a hunter and as a really good wearer of wife beaters. Heck, I've been more invested in his storyline than the repetitive love triangle. I never thought I'd say it, but I really hope Jeremy Gilbert is not dead.

Which, of course, is exactly why he probably should be dead. The more a viewer thinks that way, the bigger impact a death has.

So that's where we stand heading into next week's "Stand By Me." Were you shocked by Katherine's return? Jeremy's apparent demise? Tyler's farewell? Totally and completely turned on by Vaughn's accent?

Sound off now!


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Forgot to say I Love this show ..


well caroline needs to be with klaus that would Makes for a great story and I feel that Elena has to be with Damon that to me is true love.. Let Stephan find a new love or be with Rebecca.. Jeremy is alive...


That was 5/5 episode at last! It had it all! Katherine came back and ''kaboomed!''(3x09remember)them all! She stalked them-let them do all the work and stole the cure out of their hands.. and sacrificed poor Jer! The continue in this front will be magnificent and probably hilarious!
Poor Jeremy-it wasn't hust the death,but the way it happened and the impact this will have that schocked me!RIP he will be missed!
Klaus for once more,even in a cage,has proven to be the BOSS! Amazing scenes with both Accola and Trevino-JoMo was phenomenal! Also,we saw some Original siblings reconcilation kind of!
Stefan and Damon and Stefan and Elena were doing better for a change. Loved both of the brothers here! And lastly,Silas is awake! In what language will he threaten them? Aramaic? That should be fun! Again,great tvd!


Jeremy was wearing his ring when he died, so he's going to come back. I wanted to see more of Tyler and Hayley together, to push Caroline to Klaus. Sucks that Michael Trevino is gone again, love him! And Bonnie better not be dead, that would be lame.

Allison berry barbieri

Finally, Caroline and Tyler hold the least appeal for me but, that said, I'm not sure if he's coming back or really going or what the deal is... I want to see Klaus be redeemed in eyes of Caroline before he makes his exit to New Orleans.

Allison berry barbieri

I think that it's possible that she may want the cure so she could stop running from Klaus...even if she has to help him re-build an army of hybrids. Honestly, it's difficult to speculate on the motivation because seeing her was such a shock! I think now that the focus will be on the following: Jeremy's death and the fall-out it causes for Elena, Bonnie (who is likely to freak out), and the the consequences of raising Silas...the search for Katherine and the cure...the relationship implications of Damon's words to Elena/Rebekah's betrayal of Stefan/Klaus running Tyler out of town.


i think katherine wants to hand over the cure to klaus, so they'll finally make peace and she could stop running away from him. it's not like she can kill him because i think she's from his bloodline so that will kill her too, and also stefan and damon. and somehow, i've got a feeling that elijah is involved in this somehow. i can't really say that i was upset by jeremy's death. actually, i feel like the only ones keeping the show interesting for me lately are the originals, and well, two of them are dead, so thanks elena. we didn't even had the chance to meet finn and i was really starting to like kol, so jeremy had it coming from this perspective.

Allison berry barbieri

I think his death would be a catalyst for Elena to go dark, lose her a large portion of her humanity...pull away from both Damon and Stefan. Were Jeremy to die, she would TRULY have lost every last thread that ties her to her human life. That could lead to an interesting storyline. I am a little unsure of where things are going with Katherine. I guess she must have been following them, lurking around for a while. As for the cure, I am not sure WHAT her motivation could be, but I don't really think she DOES like being a vampire at all. She became immortal out of necessity...

Allison berry barbieri

Though I hate to say it, there is a part of me that believes that Jeremy just might be dead. I know, I's awful but I think Matt Richenthal just might be correct in saying that the ring won't work on a hunter...I don't remember for sure, but it's tickling at my brain that it might be true. My reasons for thinking Jeremy might actually be dead are that he seems to have served much of his purpose on the show (besides more gratuitous shirtless goodness), and I am not sure where his character can go from here. I mean, the writers can probably think of something but....


Can I just say I was not surprised about the fact that there's only one dose?

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