The Vampire Diaries Return Scoop: Who's Coming Back?

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The Vampire Diaries is about to feature a pair of happy returns.

First, as previously reported, Torrey DeVitto will reprise her role as Meredith Fell on the February 21 installment of this CW smash, "Stand By Me."

And now Zap2It confirms that an upcoming flashback will feature the appearance of another fan favorite: Lexi!

Return of Lexie

Details on Arielle Kebbel's return aren't known at this time, but Stefan did drop her name in the latest Vampire Diaries episode. Might we be seeing her in New Orleans for the April 25 backdoor pilot of The Originals?

Let the theories fly and visit Zap2It for more scoops and spoilers.

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I hope their is no love triangle involving hayley and the original brothers


I would like to see some flashbacks of lexie and elijah as a couple living a domestic partnership. They share values and an honor code. As a recurring theme in the originals. I would like to see stefan try to cover up the fact that Damon killed her, since elijah is big on revenge.

David and sabrina 2014

That would be cool to see Lexi again but I don't know if there's any interest seeing Meredith appear again and how she'll help solve the problems. ;P


Oh. Lexie is coming back, so there will be more Damon-Insult scenes? I don't give a damn about Lexie after 408.? Huh. GTFO.


Lexie is so beautiful :) I truly love her+ Kol & would love to have them back but I think the writers need to take back control of their show and stop pandering to fans especially those who claim to be bigger than others thus want things to go their way. We saw what happened to GG so 'fans' who want to buLly their way into getting favourable storylines for their 'idols' need to SIT DOWN!some of us are suffering through a crappy Delena storyline cos of that #sigh


Yes, bring Lexie back so that she can smack some sense into that selfish whorelena!


Ahhh yes, the return of the dish trolls. like I said before I am glad "COLE" is dead... good riddance to that annoying brat. all of these Lexi cameos, you can see that the writers regret killing her character off


NO WAY! They NEED to bring back Lexi, Alaric and maybe Anna. Lol Kol is okay too a long as he isn't trying to kill everyone! LEXI AND ALARIC!!!!!!


they need to bring Kol back! He has a much bigger fan base than lexi!


I wish Damon never killed Lexi. What exactly is the character Meredith coming back in town for?

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