The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 147

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Forgive us. We're still cracking up over the idea of Stefan Salvatore with a mullet. But that's exactly what a reader named "Mira" suggests in this week's winning Caption Contest entry.

As always, we thank all who participated, but we think it's fairly obvious why we had to go with the selection below as the winner. Seriously... Stefan with a mullet?!? Just picture it, TV Fanatics.

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Stefan and Beks

Stefan: Such a shame you missed the Eighties. You would have loved me with a mullet.

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I think this is the part where the blood pours down over your head and drenches your prom dress!


Stefan: If I have to be stuck at this dance with Rebeka, I should have compelled Bon Jovi to come!


Stefan: Where is Elijah when I need him?


Stefan: I really hope my plan works..nothing good ever happens in this gym, especially not at dances.


stefan: i told you not to put our fingers in a Chinese finger trap , how are we supposed to get out now!


Did you get that dress from Shacocouture.


rebeckah: i didnt know tom cruise went to mystic falls


Rebekah: You really want to sleep with me in the school gym? What if someone comes?
Stefan: It's Mystic Falls. No one ever goes to school here.


Rebekah: Shall we??
Stefan: Of course. I promised you I'll show you how to make as cool hair as I have. Plus, I saw your fingers and I think I must teach you how to do a manicure.


Shall we dance?

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