The Lying Game Review: Runaway Bride

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After last week's shocking ending, it should come as no surprise that Theresa was a no show at her wedding. The real question on "Bride and Go Seek" was this: did she run or did someone take her?

I think we're all betting on that latter one. As Dan pointed out when he read Theresa's vows to Ethan, those words didn't seem written by a person who couldn't commit.

Will There Be a Wedding?

Even though the whole town may think that Dan is in denial and has gone off his rocker, everyone involved with the twins mystery knows better. Theresa got too involved in solving the Derek Roger's murder and someone went after her. Whoever did it was really damn thorough, too, cleaning out her apartment, car and leaving the ring. 

I know I used the term "whoever" because even though the ending brought us to Ted at Derek's grave facing Emma who found his missing hospital badge, it still doesn't all add up. Or does it? Is it too easy to assume that Ted wanted to protect the secret so first he bribed Derek and then he attacked Theresa? Also, doesn't Ted not even know there is a twin?

Last week, Theresa addressed the person with a shocked and disbelieving "you?!" before the credits rolled. If it were Alec, I think she would've said Alec. Then this week the footsteps left by the grave were from a man and a woman. But since Dan attacked Alec and the investigation got shut down, just how many sets of footprints were there? More than one man? Or more than one woman perhaps?

I know some of you readers were tossing around the idea of Jordan being the killer. I gotta say that I'm just not getting that vibe. He came clean to Mads too quickly this week. He seems scared of Rebecca. He made the call from Flagstaff but obviously it's because Rebecca was framing Alec. There are still so many questions here.

Did anyone else think that Thayer seemed awkwardly suspicious this week? Do you chalk it up to his insecurity that Emma may still have feelings for Ethan or do you think something's there? Right now my money is on Ted, Rebecca or maybe even Thayer as the wild card. I think Alec is off the hook.

There were some sweet moments this week, mostly involving Laurel and Emma. 

You're my half sister Emma. Despite it all, if you and Sutton hadn't been asking those questions we never would've found each other. | permalink

I also found Alec comforting Kristen to be kinda sweet. Isn't it weird that Alec went from public enemy number-one to maybe being kind of a good guy? Crazy how things can change when you get more to the story. Call me greedy, but I still need more answers! How about you guys? Hit the comments! 


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Ok Ted has to be up to something else like he was getting drugs from Derek that explains the money and the guilty conscience. There's just no way he killed both Derek and Theresa. I also don't think he knows about Emma he would have adopted both. As far as Theresa's dissapresence I believe Alec is the one who made it look like she left Dan In order to protect Thayer. I think that based on the conversation Alec had with Dan .


Rebecca is the guilty one. Remember she had the pic of Alec arguing with Derek and she has been trying to frame him all along. Plus, wasn't the first scene of the first episode the police confronting Emma about Sutton's murder?


I have always gotten a creepy vibe from Thayer, but am not sure if he killed Derek I don't see why he would.


I agree Thayer has been acting weird. Like when he said to Ethan "We've said all we're going to say, we're done here." He is constantly speaking for Emma and been trying to involve himself more and more. HOWEVER, if he is guilty...of anything, why did he pick up so willingly and leave back to L.A a few episodes ago? Emma had to go to L.A and drag him back to Scottsdale. And I'm most curious about whats up with Ted. Besides the fact that he lost his badge at Derek's grave, he was so irritable during this last episode. To Rebecca, Sutton, and everyone else he just couldn't pull himself together and there has got to be more going on there.


Storylines are converging.


Always epic episode as always. I think TED is the one who murdered Derek still ._.


All the clues, all 28 episodes, point to only one murderer. The person that does not have an alibi for their location at the time of both Derek's and now Theresa's murder. Only one person has motive, means, and opportunity. Only one person continually controls conversations, places other in the position of being a suspect while keep other from even thinking it could be the real murderer. And that person is Sutton. In the book series, Sutton starts out already murdered. In the TV show, Sutton IS the Murderer!


I am also suspicious of Thayer, he was in LA and that is were Rebecca was so they could have agreed earlier to a set up of Alec, but then if so he would still be in contact with Rebecca now and wanted Jordan to find out more info so maybe they are not a team. I still don't trust Alec 100% as he easily could of had manipulation over Ted, Derek could of been asked by Alec to blackmail ted, as i don't think Rebecca would want to blackmail him.


when was that picture? Is that from the last episode or the one before?


@wednesday, you are right. I totally found that conversation weird, too.
And I think Thayer is acting waaay suspicious.

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